Disney Cruise Food (Vegan, Gluten Free) Fitnessnacks

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    Looking for vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free dining options on your Disney cruise? I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide that covers it all!

    Indulge in a variety of amazing vegetarian, plant-based or gluten free meals. The accommodations for all dietary preferences on a Disney cruise are second to none!

    A family of five standing in a room around a live Mickey Mouse character dressed in a yellow hat and fisherman pants taking a photo.

    The chefs pay special attention to all dietary needs and take them very serisously. Sail away worry-free and enjoy the ultimate culinary experience with our vegan and gluten-free options.

    Dietary Accommodations on a Disney Cruise

    Disney cruises are truly magical experiences that offer those on board the opportunity to sail away to exotic destinations, indulge in delicious dining options, and make unforgettable memories.

    For those with dietary restrictions or food allergies, it can be daunting to consider eating on a cruise. However, Disney Cruise Line is committed to providing exceptional dining experiences for all guests, including those with special dietary needs.

    With a variety of options, ranging from vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free and even halal, there is something for everyone on board. And the special care they take to accommodate guests is second to none!

    Every time I ordered from a quick service counter, I was personally attended to by a manager or head chef. They asked me all of my info and then wrote up a special ticket with my order.

    When they made my food they made special precautions to avoid any cross contamination and ensure I got the dietary attention I needed.

    Another cruise guest who ate halal had the same incredible experience. She let them know before the cruise and every night their servers made sure to cater to their dietary needs perfectly.

    A man in a blue jacket holding up a pink slip of paper with a persons info and dietary accommodations needed.

    Vegan and Gluten Free Options

    The experience I am sharing focuses on the Disney Wonder ship. While all Disney Cruise Line ships take the same precautions, the detailed options are from the Wonder only.

    I focused on my gluten free needs and Joe mostly ate vegetarian. The kids ate a wide variety of meals.

    You can also read about our experience with vegan options and Disney Parks and Gluten free options at Disney parks along with all the options for the Disney Food and Wine Festival.

    Quick service

    These counter service food options were a great way to grab a quick bite. While there are dinners set and planned each night, breakfast and lunch are on your own.

    Every service counter offered gluten free options for most things. They easily swapped bread for gluten free versions, and pizza crust for gluten free pizza crust.

    They also had dairy free cheeses to swap into any item with cheese. And dairy free milk options too.

    Daisy’s De-Lites

    This was a counter service place that had healthier options like sandwiches, salads and a make your own bowl area. I loved the make your own bowls because you could pick a base and build from there!

    • a variety of sandwiches
    • daily soups
    • build your own bowls with picking a base and loading with toppings and sauces
    • fruit
    • salads

    There were tons of gluten free options in the make your own bar, I lived the quinoa base the best.

    A white sign with orange writing saying Daisy over a sandwich counter service cafe.

    Top view of a white bowl filled with a salad with nuts, veggies and quinoa.

    Pete’s Boiler Bites

    This was a grill quick service area that had specials that changed each day. One day they had a plant based BBQ slaw dog that was so good! Other things you can order are:

    • burgers
    • veggie burgers (not gluten free)
    • fish burgers
    • hot dogs
    • sausages
    • chicken tenders
    • fries

    They had gluten free buns for anything you ordered!

    A yellow sign with pipes framed around with grey writing saying Boiler Bites and a list of items under.

    A white sign with blue writing for Today's menu listing grill items like burgers and hot dogs.

    A white sign with blue writing saying today's chef specials and listing a sandwich and hot dog.

    A square white plate with french fries and a sausage dog covered in a red sauce.

    A man holding a burger with toppings on both sides over a white plate of fries.

    Pinocchio’s Pizzeria

    This was a make your own pizza bar or you can get premade pizza by the slice. They had both a gluten free pizza crust option and a dairy free cheese option. Plus loads of toppings to pick from.

    A chef handing someone a pizza on a yellow plate over a glass covered counter.

    A round pizza with veggies on it on a a yellow plate sitting on a blue speckled table top.

    Cabanas Buffet (breakfast and lunch)

    The buffet was all encompassed. It had just about everything and anything you could want, but the mickey waffles at breakfast were a huge favorite for the kids!

    Here is a sample of what you can find for breakfast:

    • eggs, scrambles, etc
    • sausage, bacon, etc
    • breakfast potatoes and hashbrowns
    • pancakes
    • waffles
    • fruit
    • breads, bagels, biscuits
    • donuts, muffins, etc
    • oatmeal
    • yogurt
    • asian style breakfast items
    • smoked salmon
    • cold cuts
    • cheeses
    • veggies

    Although you have some gluten free options (like fruit, vegetable, eggs or meats) and some vegan options (oatmeal bar, fruit, veggies) you can always pre order a gluten free or vegan breakfast to make it easier. They have vegan egg options and loads of gluten free options for the breads, etc.

    Here is a sample of what you can find for lunch:

    • salad bar
    • fruit
    • burgers
    • chicken nuggets
    • french fries
    • pasta
    • pizza
    • mac and cheese
    • soups
    • veggies
    • sandwiches and wraps
    • grilled meats
    • assorted baked goods and desserts

    Some of the things are gluten free by default (grilled meats, veggies, salad) and some vegan (salad, pasta, veggies) but pre ordering is the best way to ensure you get something you like. Things like veggie sandwiches and wraps, vegan chicken nuggets, stir fries, etc.

    A boy wearing blue Mickey ears and glasses smiling big in front of a plate with mini Mickey waffles and fruit on it.

    Top view of Mickey Mouse shaped waffles on white plate with fruit on it too.

    Eye Scream Treats

    This area was a soft serve machine with a variety of flavors, with a special flavor each day. You could get cones or cups.

    This did not have a dairy free option but you can get dairy free ice cream or sorbet in the buffet area!

    Sulley’s Sips

    The smoothies here were really good! I loved the juice tonic packed with greens, it was actually much better than anticipated! You can also add plant based protein powder for a great filling breakfast or snack.

    Here are some of the smoothies they had:

    • Juice tonic
    • Get up
    • X-press
    • Fruit palace
    • Tropicale
    • Super berry

    But one of my favorites was the Dole Whip with a rum floater! You can get it without too but the added rum made a great adult cocktail to sip by the pool. They also had coffees and ice teas.

    A blue sign of Sulley from Monsters inc with menu items for smoothies.

    A hand holding a yellow frosted drink with whipped cream on top in front of a cruise ship table area.

    A hand holding a green smoothie in front of a cruise ship pool area.

    Two containers of protein powder on top of a glass case of canned drinks.


    One of the best things on the Disney Wonder was all the snack stations around the ship. From popcorn stands to mini snack bars. There was always something for everyone! The popcorn is vegan and gluten free friendly.

    A boy in a grey shirt and jeans in front of a red tablecloth covered table with a popcorn machine on top.

    Bars and Coffee Shops

    Along with snack bars around the ship, there were also a handful of bars to grab cocktails and one amazing Coffee shop called Cove Cafe!

    Our favorite cocktail was the Frose (a frozen rose drink made with strawberries). I love making them at home so when I saw it on the menu I had to try it. It was fantastic and not overly sweet!

    The coffee shop not only had plenty of dairy free milk options, but also made these awesome Mickey and Minnie characters on the top! It was a machine that did it but we were blown away.

    All of these places had plenty of both gluten free and vegan options.

    A dark grey counter top with a variety of colorful drinks and signs in front of each one.

    A bar cocktail menu with peach gradient colors on the left and blue on the right opened up on a tan surface.

    Hands holding glasses with red frosted drinks in front of a pool and saying cheers.

    A bar top with a wine glass with yellow liquid and a shorter class with a clear bubbly drink in it.

    A black cafe menu with a wooden frame sitting on a grey table top.

    Top view of two mugs of coffee on a table with designs of Mickey's face on them.

    Room Service

    Ordering food to your room was also included in our cruise. Just like in a hotel room, you can dial room service and order anything you want off the menu. A little tip is that you can order a mickey ice cream bar any time all day!

    The room service menu options had many gluten free and vegan options from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

    Along with being able to order food to your room at any time, we also get little treats each night of the cruise. If you have specific dietary needs make sure you let your stateroom attendant know.

    A while plate with four macarons in peach and pink colors and a chocolate circle on top.

    Top view of a blue blanket and white sheets with a plate of cheeses and fruit on top.

    Sit Down Restaurants

    Each night on a Disney cruise you select a dinner seating time, our choices were 5:45 or 8:15. For each seating, you rotate around to the different restaurants.

    We started with Triton’s, then went to Animators Palace and did it again for Pirate Night, and the last night we ate at Tiana’s. There is also a fourth option, Palo, but this is an extra cost option that you book on your own.

    Every single restaurant had multiple vegan and gluten free options to choose from. They also were able to modify many items to be vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.


    This main dining room is on the upscale side. It features American food with a French flair. Menu options include:

    • appetizers including duck, lobster and shrimp, escargot, and brie
    • soups
    • salads
    • French country bread with olive spread
    • pasta
    • seafood
    • meats
    • deserts including soufflé, crème brûlée, tart, and sundae

    For vegan and vegetarian options they had an impossible burger, mushroom pasta, and grilled tofu. In the past menus have included vegetarian stir-fries and falafel.

    Many of the entrees were gluten free, as well as the duck confit and lobster and shrimp appetizers. The leek and potato soup and the pear salad were also featured without gluten.

    A white plate with a green salad topped with radish slices and a whiteish dressing.

    A white plate with a brownish sauce and raviolis in it topped with greens.

    A boy with blue Mickey ears taking a drink from a straw in a glass with yellow juice in it.

    A white plate with fries and veggies and a ketchup area shaped like Mickey.

    Animator’s Palate

    This super fun restaurant featured a savory fusion of Pacific Island, Asian, and California flavors. Other than the yummy food, the unique dinner show was a blast!

    • appetizers like smoked salmon tartare and serrano ham
    • soups
    • salads
    • focaccia with roasted garlic dip
    • pasta
    • tuna
    • meats
    • desserts were cake, cheesecake, pudding, and a sundae

    The vegetarian appetizers and mains when we went were Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes and a Tomato Tarte, and Black Bean Chipotle Cakes and Halloumi.

    A number of the mains were already gluten free, as were a couple salads, and the potato cheddar soup.

    Top view of a white plate with Mickey shaped holes filled with pasta, apple slices and broccoli.

    A boy in a light green blue hat holding a chocolate covered mickey shaped ice cream popsicle.

    A purple tinted photo of a white plate with spaghetti and veggies in it.

    Tiana’s Place

    While we wait for the restaurant at the parks to open, we can already get a taste on the Disney cruises! Enjoy the jazz music and story telling while you enjoy the fabulous Southern cooking.

    • appetizers include sausage fritters, a cajun charcuterie platter, and shrimp and grits
    • tomato soup
    • salads
    • pasta
    • seafood
    • meats
    • brioche with roasted onion dip
    • desserts were beignets, layered sponge, bread pudding, and a sundae

    The vegetarian items on the menu were an artichoke ravioli and roasted butternut squash. We also tried some amazing vegan Indian dishes that our waiter brought us to try and they were delicious! My fave was a curry with eggplant and rice.

    There was a gluten free tuna tartar for an appetizer, a seafood pepper pot, wedge salad, shrimp salad, lobster salad, and entrees, even gluten free beignets and New Orleans Bananas Foster Sundae!

    A boy in a purple polo shirt and jeans under a sign saying Tiana's on a bring wall.

    A green tablecloth with a bright yellow and orange menu next to a cut out of a saxaphone.

    A hand holding a white menu with breakfast items over a green tablecloth.

    A white plate with a bowl of chocolate sauce and a bowl of two powdered sugar covered beignets.


    This is an adults only upscale restaurant that offers Italian food with a modern twist. We didn’t go this time around but the menu includes:

    • caprese salad
    • antipasta salad
    • other salads
    • calamari
    • soup
    • pastas
    • pizza
    • seafood
    • meats
    • desserts like a cheese plate, soufflés, a tart, tiramisu, and panna cotta

    Vegetarian options include a grilled mushroom and saffron arancini. While a variety of entrees, sides, and salads are gluten free. Speak with your server to discuss more options, or order ahead to ensure you get what you want!

    Cruise Experiences

    Another thing you can do on a Disney cruise is book special experiences. From a brunch at Palo to cocktail tastings and mixology classes, there are many options for all types of dietary preferences.

    The experience we chose was a chocolate and wine tasing. There were options for dark chocolate to meet the needs of those who don’t consume dairy. It was super informative and delicious!

    A couple sitting on a red couch in front of two low tables with lined up wine glasses and chocolates on them.

    A small round table with wine glasses lined up and chocolates in front of them.

    Tips for Vegan and Gluten Free Dietary Needs

    • Disney cruises do a great job of providing multiple options for plant based, gluten free, and other dietary preferences. However it’s still important to talk to each restaurant and counter you eat at to communicate your dietary needs.
    • Be sure to let restaurant staff or chefs know that you a need vegan or gluten free options, and ask about their procedures to prevent cross-contamination if you are concerned about that. If you say you have an allergy, versus a preference, a chef will come out to talk to you personally.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they’re all more than willing to help you find vegan and gluten free options. You can even ask for the specific ingredient information.
    • When your food is served, especially at quick service spots, you can also double check with the cast member that is handing it to you that it is vegan or gluten free.
    • Some menus and menu items have distinctions to address certain diets, but make sure to ask the cast member what the distinctions mean for that item.

    Disney Cruises and Environmental Impact

    While accommodating dietary preferences is amazing for those that have medical or personal reasons for eating a certain way, Disney also makes other efforts to be environmentally friendly.

    Here are a few things they do that blew me away:

    • Their fireworks are made from biodegradable material
    • All ships have dedicated Environmental Officers
    • the ships save all of the used cooking oil to recycle in ports of call. How amazing is this, in the Bahamas they convert the oil into biodiesel fuel for local vehicles!
    • The water that is collected from the air conditioning condensation is recycled onboard for other uses like laundry.
    • And easy and simple yet effective, both trash and recycling bins are available in each room!

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