Episode 178: Father of the Bride – Comfort Rewatch Fitness & Sports

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    This week, we’re dissecting a favorite comfort watch movie for decor and home inspiration.

    This is an ongoing series for us, and this week’s selection is Father of the Bride (1991). A Nancy Meyers classic!

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    Show Notes:

    Elsie mentioned the blog Hooked on Houses

    Favorite Parts of The Father of the Bride House:

    • Shutters on the exterior of the house.
    • Lots of vines growing on the house.
    • The basketball hoop.
    • Outdoor eating area with candles.
    • A cluttered kitchen that makes it feel like a real family cooks in it.
    • A white couch with a slipcover so it’s not the focal piece of the room.

    Image via Modern Classic Style

    Favorite Scene from the Movie:

    •  The swans in the bathtub

     Other Cozy Inspiration From the Movie:

    • The opening credits that’s just champagne bubbles for 5 minutes! 
    • The wedding tent 
    • Steve Martin’s little car that he drives around
    • Dad shoes

    What Aged Well vs. What Didn’t:

    • Aged well – the story
    • Didn’t age well – Martin Short’s character and the father of the bride paying for the wedding tradition

    Rate the Movie from 0 to 5 White Colonial Houses:  

    Emma – 5
    Elsie – 5

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    Episode 178 Transcript:

    Emma: You’re listening to the Beautiful Mass Podcast, your cozy comfort listen. This week we’re dissecting a favorite Comfort watch movie for decor and home inspiration. This is an ongoing series for us, and this week’s selection is Father of the Bride, 1991, and Nancy Myers Classic. You have to say what year because it’s a remake, which I don’t think I realized when I first watched it because I’ve actually never seen the original. So that would be a fun one to do too. Which wouldn’t be a re-watch for me, it would be a first watch.

    Elsie: It’s made from a movie from 1950. And then also it was remade like last year there was a Robert DeNiro father of the bride that you watched. I didn’t see it but I remember you told me about it.

    Emma: Yes, I watched it with my husband and he loved it even more than I did, I think, and we both loved it. It’s so cute. 

    Elsie: Well, I cannot wait to get to Father of the bride. I think we’ll probably do a separate episode someday in the future for part two, which is the like they’re having babies. They’re both so good, I can’t pick which one I like more, I like them both equal. 

    Emma: Yeah, I probably like them both equally, but they’re different. I like them for different reasons. I feel like Diane Keaton gets more time in the second one and I really like that. She’s great in this one too, but I don’t know. Anyway, if you’ve never seen this one, we’ll tell you a little bit about the plot. You can also Google it, but essentially it centers around George Banks, played by Steve Martin, who is a father. His daughter kind of quickly and unexpectedly gets engaged and he’s having a hard time letting her grow up, and that’s sort of what’s happening in his life. So he’s the father of the bride and they decide to have the wedding at their house, in their backyard. And he’s dealing with his daughter growing up, accepting this young man who’s gonna be a son-in-law paying for the wedding and kind of all the like funny little, you know, well I’m the father of the bride, I gotta pay for, you know, all those kind of, I think a little bit old fashioned, but I also understand it. 

    Elsie: He’s got this huge amount of complaining about the price of the wedding and money, which is very cute. And yeah, just like Steve Martin having his like freak-out scenes, there’s a very iconic scene where he starts ripping up the hotdog bun package because he only wants the same number of hotdogs and hotdog buns. And I mean, I just have to say upfront, this movie brings out my Steve Martin crush like no other. It’s really intense for some reason in this movie. I think it’s one of his best wholesome movie performances. I’ve always loved Steve Martin. We currently watch Only Murders and I love him so much, no matter what, and Martin Short as well. But this movie, there’s something about it, it’s like it was written for, you know how sometimes they write a movie just for the actor. I didn’t see that in the trivia, but I feel like they probably didn’t really consider a lot of other actors besides Steve Martin. He’s perfect. 

    Emma: Yeah. I have no idea but he is perfect at this. 

    Elsie: So do you have any memories from the first time you watched? I don’t, I don’t remember the first time I watched it. 

    Emma: I don’t, I remember rewatching it probably like five or six years ago and my thoughts then, but I don’t think that was the first time I saw it, I doubt it, but it could have been. But one thing I remember thinking was like, oh wow, narration because it really opens with a lot of. It really almost feels like a book because Steve Martin’s character, George is very like narrating. You know, we live in this house we blah, blah. He’s just very much like giving you a set of the scene, which doesn’t happen a lot in movies. I don’t feel, it’s not super, super common. 

    Elsie: I was already crying on his first opening scene when he’s like, I never wanna move, I love that we went camping in our backyard. All those little things that he was saying, oh my god. 

    Emma: Yeah, he’s reminiscing about all his memories with his children, which he also has a son who’s not fully grown yet, so there’s still like that in the movie too. But yeah, he’s just coming to terms with aging and his kids aging and life-changing, which is hard. But it’s really sweet. So for me, we’re gonna talk about decor and all that, but I also feel like this is the movie, not even just the Nancy Meyers one, but of all the movies, that just feels to me like it could have been made in my town. I don’t necessarily think it is made in the Midwest or I don’t think people would be like, oh, this feels very midwest.

    Elsie: It’s supposed to be a small town in California. 

    Emma: Yeah because the other house that’s like, you know, the son-in-law, their parents feel a lot more California. And he drives around, I think you see palm trees but there’s just something about this house and I just guess maybe the family sensibilities and things, which is something that’s all over the country, but it just felt to me very like, oh, this could be where I’m from, which I don’t feel that a lot in movies to be honest, especially in movies from certain eras, as it feels like a lot of California, New York, it doesn’t always feel very middle of the country. I never feel like this could have been in Missouri, so it just has a very classic, could be anywhere very relatable, even though the house is quite big and lovely, but it just feels like not a completely unrelatable thing. 

    Elsie: Yeah, it’s definitely one of my favorite movie houses of all time. If I were living on an unlimited budget in LA, this is the movie house that I would try everything to get, it’s so amazing. It’s such a great house, but I think that our new house, one of the things I liked about it is that I was like, it has a little tiny bit of father of the bride. I think it looks a little bit more like a different movie house. It has a little tiny bit, and I will add more over time, especially the picket fence, I think I can add that this year. It’s really a classic, beautiful home. I will link in our show notes, there’s this blog that I like to look at called Hooked on Houses, and they have a whole post about the father of the bride house and they just do movie houses and they kind of just explain what’s real locations, what’s a sound stage. It’s just kind of interesting for nerds like us. So, yeah, I’ll put that in there and you can look at pictures if you haven’t seen it in a while or you need to refresh yourself. It’s a beautiful, iconic white clapboard house. So let’s talk about the decor. Oh my God, there are so many good parts of it and I will say that they do show the interior kind a lot more in the second movie. When you look at the pictures, just look at both of ’em because it’s great both ways. But my favorite thing about this movie is that they show a scene where the house is covered in snow, and it’s like you really haven’t seen a house until you’ve seen it covered in snow, right? So the exterior of the home, one of my favorite things about it, has shutters. It’s so cute and it has a lot of vines growing on the front of the house, and a lot of flowers growing, which I think is so classic and beautiful. Anytime I’ve ever talked to a landscaping person, they hate it and they recommend against it and I guess it potentially has its issues. But sure this house, looks so good on there that it just makes me wanna like grow vines on my house. 

    Emma: Yeah, I mean, they’re throughout the movie prepping to have the wedding outside, or at least part of the wedding is outside, so they’re wanting it to look really manicured and all that. But I also think the exterior, they do such a great job of doing the same thing with the exteriors, they do the interior, which is, it just feels like very lived in. It doesn’t feel like they just bought this house, or this movie crew just pulled up to this new house and it doesn’t really have much character. I don’t even know if it was someone else’s house, I don’t know. We’re probably gonna talk about that in the trivia, but I just feel like it feels like people have been living here for 10, 20, 30 years, it feels like that. It feels like they planted these roses years and years ago and now they have the whole bush. It feels very cozy. I personally am not much of a landscaping exterior plants person because we don’t even mow our own yard. We hire someone to do that. I just do not have a green thumb, but I do love walking by people’s houses who do. So I so appreciate it and I aspire, but man it’s not my era for it. Maybe it never will be, I don’t know, we’ll see what happens in life and keep my mind open to it. But I would love to walk by this house because I think it would smell amazing. I just think it would look beautiful and yeah, they show us a scene where it’s snowy, so you kind of get to see the different seasons and that’s fun. 

    Elsie: Next time we go to LA we should try to take a picture there and just be that loser for one minute because it is my favorite house. I know it’s annoying that people do that, but one time for your very favorite one maybe. 

    Emma: Hey, I never promised to not be annoying.

    Elsie: That’s true. It is in Pasadena and according to Hooked on Houses, they use two houses to film. I think that the backyard is a different house and then the front yard is this house. So, the basketball is actually from the other house, but I feel like that’s a huge part of the nostalgia of this house is the scenes where they’re playing basketball together and the movie has a lot of little flashbacks where it shows his daughter Annie as a little girl, and then he realizes she’s a woman and it’s going back and forth and it’s tugging at your heartstrings. Recently our daughter asked if we could get a basketball goal at our new house, and I just like about lost it and I was like, I’m gonna make it look just like the father of the bride. I kind of just wanna make Jeremy into Steve Martin from Father of the Bride, is that bad? 

    Emma: No, you should do it. If you could do it, do it. 

    Elsie: It’s an aspiration. It’s so romantic. I love the basketball scenes. It’s one of my favorite stills. It counts as its own room, I think because it’s so special. 

    Emma: It also has the added benefit of all the things you just said, but also it shows off the shoes because he owns a shoe business called Sidekicks. So you’re seeing the tennis shoes as they’re playing basketball. But yeah, we also had a basketball goal in our driveway growing up. I remember playing with our dad, we would play horse a lot. Where you’re like trying to make the baskets and spell out horse, things like that. You were more into basketball than I was, but I have memories of that. So I think that’s part of it too, is I’m like, yeah, that’s a thing. All families have the basketball goal in the driveway. That’s not necessarily true but in this movie, you get to see it and it kind of hits home. 

    Elsie: I love it. Another favorite part of this home is the kitchen. It’s talked about often. It is sort of just like the idyllic American kitchen, when you analyze it when you’re really looking, it’s very cluttered. It’s not that great, but it’s the feeling that it gives you when they’re having scenes in there is really, really good. So yeah, I really wanna understand what it is that makes that perfect kitchen feeling.

    Emma: Yeah, I agree. When you really look at it, it is a big kitchen but you can kind of tell from the outside of the house, it’s not gonna be a small kitchen. So that’s not necessarily surprising. It doesn’t feel like there are any super-expensive finishes. It’s not like they have these crazy marbled countertops or anything. It feels kind of relatable, although it is a very large kitchen. 

    Elsie: Kitchens in the 1990s were really different than now. There were different countertop trends, I think there are butcher counters. And they really didn’t have a solid surface and marble. 

    Emma: Yeah. It was more like tiled countertops. That was more in.

    Elsie: Yeah, it was like tiled or butcher or whatever the other kind of fake-looking marble is called.

    Emma: Laminate. 

    Elsie: Yeah, laminate. If you really look at nineties movies, you really don’t see granite or quartz or marble unless they’re showing that it’s like an antique kitchen.

    Emma: And even like the appliances in this house, the oven and stove top looks really nice, I don’t know the brand. It kind of looked like a KitchenAid to me, but I don’t really know. But then the refrigerator is like this black side by side. It doesn’t really look like anything, all that special. It doesn’t look crappy or anything, but I just mean it all looks relatable, nice middle class, not like crazy fancy, not like, oh, this is a restaurant kitchen and chefs live here. It doesn’t really feel that way, but at the same time, it does feel like a real family there who cooks because it is a little cluttered. In a good way, I think in a homey way, there’s like pans hanging above the island and they look like they’ve been used. They don’t look like a brand new set that some set person hung up right before they started shooting. Just doesn’t all look super matchy, matchy. So it feels real, even though it’s not, it’s a movie.

    Elsie: Yeah. It’s a very good feeling kitchen. Another thing that is kind of always in a Nancy Meyers movie is an outdoor dining scene, and they have a beautiful outdoor dining scene with candles and it just every time see them, I’m like, why don’t we eat outdoors with candles? We just don’t do that and I wanna do that. It’s like an aspiration that’s so attainable. It’s simple, but I just don’t do that. So yeah, it’s something that I really want to incorporate. 

    Emma: Yeah, I bet your girls would really wanna do that too. They love eating outside, candles make it even more special. 

    Elsie: Yes. Okay. So about the living room. Recently I asked my husband, Jeremy, what do you think about this type of sofa? And I showed him a white slipcover sofa, like a Nancy Meyers. It’s kind of in all her movies. There’s kind of never any other kind of sofa besides these white slipcover sofas. It’s very classic. I don’t see as many of my friends using them though. It’s a little bit of an old-person thing, right? I asked him, you know because they have them around and it’s interesting. It’s definitely an interesting thing for someone like me who switched sofas so many times, this seems more washable, something different, seems more long-lasting. Seems like it’s not trying to be the statement of your room because I have a thing for colored sofas, which doesn’t always work out as the most long-lasting purchase decision. So anyway, I showed him the picture and he was like the strongest reaction. Absolutely not, he was like, no way and he never does that. So yeah, I was curious what you think about them because I think I’m 50 50 actually. I wasn’t trying to talk him into it, I probably could have. I was just gauging the temperature and it was cold as ice. Yeah. I’m curious, what do you think about the white slipcover sofa thing?

    Emma: I would love to know more from someone who has one or just reviews, I guess because my impression is that they would be easier to clean as well. So if that’s actually true, then I’m like, Ooh, that’s pretty interesting because we’re a household that has kids and dogs and I let Oscar eat snacks on the couch sometimes and you know, we get crumbs, all that. So yeah, I want things that are pretty washable. I also don’t have a strong sense of what those costs are versus some of the other couches that we tend to gravitate towards. But the main thing that puts me not ice cold, but more in the middle or maybe a little hot, is I like the idea that the couch is not necessarily the statement in the room because I just tend to wanna have art or colorful throw pillows, or honestly, I’m one of those people now where I like wanna put out my Halloween throw pillows and then my Christmas throw pillows, my all year round throw pillow. So I kind of like a couch that’s gonna show off my seasonal decor and like the other things in the room, I kind of liked that idea. But when I’m shopping, I haven’t shopped for a couch in quite some time, but I do kind of move towards the colored ones or more of a statement piece because they just really stand out. They just look more interesting than a boring couch. I guess not, these are boring, but you know, less of a statement.

    Elsie: Yeah. Well, that’s interesting. In the nineties decor books, you know how Elise has the nineties decor books thing she does on Instagram? They always have them, so maybe it is just like a very nineties thing, but I know they’re at Pottery Barn and places like that, so I don’t know. I’m interested in our listeners, we would love to hear what you think about these sofas because I don’t know, I think it’s maybe somewhat polarizing. And if you have them, please send us a message and tell us what you think, if it’s better, if it’s hard to keep clean anything, we have no idea. We’re clueless. But yeah, I’m curious about our new home, you know, it’s like a little more traditional and I have not picked out any kinda sofa yet, and I need to, and it’s like, what do I do? I don’t know. Anyway. Okay, so my favorite moment from the whole movie, is if I were going to make a wall art of one still in the bathtub with the swans in it. 

    Emma: I knew you were gonna say that, yeah. 

    Elsie: Oh my god. Yeah, I want to be an art painter. It’s just so cute, it’s iconic.

    Emma: Yeah. It’s the moment we were like, oh man. 

    Elsie: I love it. Okay, so other cozy inspirations from the movie, can be fashion, food, drink, or anything. I honestly think Diane Keaton is like a style icon. I want to be everything about her from every age she’s ever been in her day. 

    Emma: Always and Forever. Yeah, every movie she’s ever in.

    Elsie: She’s the ultimate woman. 

    Emma: Yeah, she really is. She truly is and she looks adorable in this movie. Not surprising.

    Elsie: One of my favorite things is that the opening credits of the movie, the producer and all that is just like champagne bubbles for like five straight minutes and I don’t know, I guess I didn’t notice it in the past, but this time I was like, that’s actually so cute, like adorable.

    Emma: It is, yeah. And it really sets the scene for this movie’s about a wedding and celebration and romance, you know? Yeah. 

    Elsie: Yeah. It’s cute. The other thing is the wedding tent so ever since we have been starting to prepare to move to our new home, which does have an acre and a half. I dunno if I’ve said that before, it’s a pretty big yard. I don’t know if I would wanna say this out loud, but I will. Cuz why not? I’m obsessed that I want one of my kids to get married in our yard and I think it’s from this movie. I’m obsessed with it though and it’s like, that’s not a reasonable obsession to have because it’s not really your choice and you shouldn’t be into 

    Emma: Yeah. Forcing something like that. Maybe they will, but yeah. 

    Elsie: And it could be something else too.

    Emma: What about this though? What if we rent one of those tents for some kind of birthday party? Or, I mean, I’m gonna turn 40 in a couple more years. We could be Emma’s birthday, a 40th birthday party, or you and Jeremy have a big anniversary party if you wanted to or something where, you know?

    Elsie: I’ll make this kind of 40th birthday party the size of a wedding, that’s fine. 

    Emma: Okay, great. Great. There’s nothing I love more than a lot of attention on my birthdays. 

    Elsie: Yep. I’ll give you a 10-minute-long awkward toast just like I did at your wedding. I’ll do all of it. 

    Emma: Oh my God. All I mean is if you want one of those tents in your backyard, I bet we can come up with a reason.

    Elsie: Yeah, no, that sounds good. I agree. Like the scenes with the greenery around the doors and it’s just so cute.

    Emma: Yeah, we gotta do it in the spring or summer. It can’t be my birthday now that I’m thinking about it. That’s in January. That’s not gonna work. We gotta do something in the spring or summer, maybe for our mom. Anyway, we can find a reason to put that tent in your backyard. Don’t worry about it. 

    Elsie: Yeah, that sounds really good. 

    Emma: We could get some swans too. 

    Elsie: Could we really? 

    Emma: I’m sure we could, please. I don’t know what it costs, but yeah, I’m sure we could. 

    Elsie: It sounds great. Here’s my credit card, sign me up. Okay. 

    Emma: I love his little car, his like sports car that he drives around. I’m not really a car person.

    Elsie: What kind of car is that? 

    Emma: I don’t know, yeah, we’d have to look it up. It is so cute. I was gonna say, I’m not really much of a car person. I just drive a Subaru and I have for years and I love it. Like, I don’t care. I would never get myself a fancy little car. It’s not an indulgence that I personally want, but I do like how much he seems to like it and he’s driving around. It’s like his special little thing, clearly. And I kind of just like that vibe. I get it. And then also, I feel like this movie should get credited for like the dad shoes because he’ll wear this kind of special tennis shoes because of his shoe company. But I feel like that’s the dad shoe look and I feel like this movie might be like the origin story or something. 

    Elsie: That’s true. How come that people say that Tom Hanks is America’s dad instead of Steve Martin?

    Emma: I don’t know. Probably Steve Martin’s pissed about it. No, I don’t know. 

    Elsie: I feel like he kind of earned it. 

    Emma: You could have more than one dad. They could both be the dad. 

    Elsie: That’s true. Why not be like Mama Mia? That’s fine. Okay, so I had down, did this movie age well, or did it not age well? I think it aged very well on the spectrum of 1990s movies, which is what we’ve mostly been rewatching recently. I think it’s up there at the very top. I think it’s very watchable. Even Martin Short’s performance, I don’t know if they would put that in a movie now. But I think it’s so bad that it’s good and it kind of works. I don’t know. What do you think? 

    Emma: Yeah, I think that’s the one thing that I’m like, I don’t know about that accent choice or what kind of character he is doing exactly, but he is doing his thing, I’m not sure about that with the aging, I don’t know. And then I also think it’s just not as traditional now that, the father of the bride pays for the wedding. But I also think this movie doesn’t treat it, there are not really a lot of sexist comments about it. It’s more, I think about a man who’s aging and dealing with that and seeing his daughter grow up and stuff. So I actually think all of that age like really well and nice. But I do think if they remade it, I mean they do have a new one now, but if they’re making it right now this year, some of that would dialogue and things would probably change. But I don’t feel like anything in it makes me feel like, Ooh, this is so dated and that’s not good. I think it kind of works and ladders up to the theme of the movie. 

    Elsie: I completely agree. Okay. Do you wanna hear some trivia? 

    Emma: Yes. Always. 

    Elsie: Okay. This one is harder to find a lot of trivia on, but I will show you what I have. So the first piece of trivia is that Eugene Levy appears in both films, Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride, part two from 1995, but as different characters in each. 

    Emma: Yeah, that’s true. That’s funny. 

    Elsie: Yeah, I didn’t notice that. 

    Emma: I didn’t notice that and now you’re saying, I’m like, yeah, that’s true. That’s really funny. They just really liked working with him. They’re like, we ought to bring him back. But you know, we had this different character we need, so. Yeah. 

    Elsie: Yeah, I think if I were making a movie, I would probably pick Eugene Levy every single time, no matter what. So that makes sense. Okay, so the daughter in this movie is named Annie and in the Parent Trap, the Nancy Meyers version, the daughters are named Annie and Halle, which are the names of Nancy Meyers’s daughters. Cute, huh? Yes, so I’ve already said this earlier in the episode, but this is my number one most coveted movie house. Actually, maybe I would give it a tie for, I don’t know. I don’t know, but I’ll say, this is my number one most coveted movie house in California. This is the one, it’s just like, it’s so iconic. It’s so amazing, and I just love that it’s a real house that someone gets to live in, whoever they are, good for them. 

    Emma: I agree. Yeah, and same, it might be tied with, It’s Complicated, Meryl Streep’s house. But I don’t know. I do feel like this one feels more, like could be in the Midwest to me, not just Southern California, even though it is in California. So I don’t know, but yeah, I love this house so much. I love this kitchen so much. Everything about it. 

    Elsie: Yeah. It’s a very classic century home. Okay, so this is pretty common, but all of the interiors from the movie are a sound stage, so none of them are really in that house. All of it is just started from scratch, and I think they did a really good job. They’re like stained glass and woodwork and it feels very, very authentic for a historic home, specifically styled in the nineties. And yeah, just the right amount of clutter. Which I think makes it feel less like a movie set and more like someone’s real home.

    Emma: Agree. Yeah. They did an amazing job.

    Elsie: Okay. So this is just a micro detail that I just like love, but in the first movie there is actually, if you look closely in the kitchen behind her sink and stuff, there is actually cow print tile on the walls with little cows on it. And then when it comes back for the second movie, it is switched to neutral tile. Isn’t that cute?

    Emma: I didn’t notice the cow print tile. Yeah. Now I wanna re-watch it again just to see the tile. Yeah, I didn’t notice that. That’s interesting. 

    Elsie: When we were in high school, one of our close friends, his mom had a cow-themed kitchen that was a 10, like it was not a little bit cow themed. It was a 10 out of 10 cows-themed kitchens. 

    Emma: I had another friend whose mom had a pig kitchen. All pigs. Yeah. Why did my kitchen have a theme? What’s wrong with me? Now that I’m thinking about it? 

    Elsie: In the nineties, I think people thought of their kitchens a little bit more like a nursery where you had a theme and I don’t think people do kind of anymore. But yeah, I think the cow thing is funny because it’s become a trend, again, like a Gen Z trend recently, the last few years. And it’s not for me, but it’s like I see that it’s there and I acknowledge that it’s trending. 

    Emma: I like it for the nostalgia, I must say. But there is no way in hell if I had a whole pig kitchen, that Trey would come home and be like, this is totally fine, and I’m not gonna comment about this, there’s no chance.

    Elsie: Yeah, it’s pretty subtle though, cuz you don’t even really notice it. But now you will, now you’ll see it. 

    Yeah, the original Father of the Bride movie is from 1950 and it stars Elizabeth Taylor. So I definitely would love to watch that sometime. We’ll have to find where it’s streaming and I would love to watch that. That would be, I’ve never seen an Elizabeth Taylor movie, I don’t think. 

    Emma: I don’t think I have either, which is kind of crazy, really. Yeah. I don’t think I have.

    Elsie: We should do an Elizabeth Taylor marathon. Okay. It’s time to rate this movie from zero to five white colonial houses. What do you think, Emma? 

    Emma: Oh, it’s five white colonial houses., Maybe six max. 

    Elsie: Five outta five. But it could also be white sneakers. It is five outta five. Yeah, it’s a classic. I hope everyone watches it. I think our podcast listeners are in two camps. It’s either like, you hear these episodes and you’re like another one of these, or you hear these episodes and you’re like, my favorite part of the podcast.

    So if you’re one of those people who’s like a little bit more on the bad side, give it a try. Give it a try because this kind of thing brings joy. This is a joyful self-indulgent, just for a fun activity. That you can do for $0. I actually watched this movie on YouTube. I just searched on YouTube and it was just there, the whole movie, the whole thing. No ads or anything. I don’t know why because I was just gonna watch clips. I was like low on time and then the whole movie was there.

    Emma: Yeah. I also think these re-watches, some of them, especially this one, any Nancy Myers to me is a thing that I can kind of like have on in the background. We’re not a house where we like to have the TV on all the time necessary but there are nights where I want something on, but I only wanna watch it half-heartedly cuz I’m like, yes, making jewelry or just doing something else, like cleaning up or painting my nails, I don’t know. I’m not totally paying attention, so I don’t wanna watch something new where I really need to focus. And these are the things that I’m like, this just feels good. I just like having this on. It’s nice. 

    Elsie: Yes, absolutely. I do the same thing at the Pink House mostly. Especially when I’m there alone. I like to have movies on the kind of like all the time, it’s like a company or something when I’m eating dinner or cleaning up or just whatever you’re doing. So that’s nice. Alright. It is time for a joke from Nova. Okay. This week Goldie’s going to go first. Goldie, what’s your joke? 

    Goldie: What does a cupcake eat for dinner? 

    Elsie: What does a cupcake for dinner? I don’t know.

    Goldie: Sprinkle salad. 

    Elsie: Salad sprinkle. That was a good one. I really liked it. Okay. Nova, do you have a joke for us this week?

    Nova: What does ice cream love to eat? 

    Elsie: What does ice cream love to eat? I don’t know. 

    Nova: Ice. Get it to keep them cool. 

    Elsie: Oh, nice. 

    Nova: Have a wonderful week everyone. 

    Goldie: I was in it. 

    Emma: Yes, we hope you enjoy this new episode format. We’re gonna be doing about one of these a month or so all through the summer. So please send us your request and for everyone who’s already sent us requests, we’ve heard you, you can send ’em again. But we are listening and some of them are coming up. 

    Elsie: The list is getting very long. 

    Emma: It’s getting very long, yes. But keep ’em coming because we’re interested. We’ll consider pretty much anything and if you have things for Halloween, Christmas, or certain seasons, you can send that anytime as well. You can email us at

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