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    We have written often about the great things you can get from doing high-intensity exercise; makes you feel great, helps reduce risk of disease, burns calories efficiently, can be fun. But there are a couple negative aspects of high intensity fitness we should note.

    1. Injury risk. There is a higher risk to injury when doing high-intensity exercise. You are more likely to strain a joint or muscle when jogging or sprinting than if you’re walking. Some high-intensity programs like CrossFit wear certain injuries like a badge of honor.

    At Cardio High we view injuries as something to be avoided at all costs. We always do a proper dynamic warmup which lowers injury risk, and we teach clients to train at their own pace and to reduce impact whenever possible. We also incorporate corrective exercises to help improve postural imbalances that can lead to injuries.

    2. Maintenance. People quit high-intensity fitness programs at higher rates than other less intense fitness programs.

    At Cardio High we believe that finding joy in fitness is key to maintaining a fitness program in the long run. It’s best to find an assortment of ways to exercise that keep you from becoming bored. Mixing high-intensity training with walking or yoga or a sport can be the best approach to creating variety and a fitness mix that helps you maintain a healthy routine. 

    -Mark G.

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