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    The weekend of April 15th, the 2023 HYROX Elite 15 rankings saw some major shakeups. After back-to-back race days in Málaga, Spain and Köln, Germany, the top spots qualifying athletes for the 2023 HYROX World Championships — set to take place on May 22-23, 2023 in Manchester, UK — are getting harder to come by. 

    After the 2023 HYROX Köln race wrapped up, the Elite 15 leaderboard saw one woman and two men get bumped out of the top as others ascended. Alina Willnow, Tobias Lautwein, and Tom Hogan have all entered the Elite 15.

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    Catch the results of the Köln race below.

    Köln Elite Men’s Division Results

    1. Tim Wenisch (GER) — 00:56:07
    2. Tobias Lautwein (GER) — 00:57:01
    3. Beau Wills (NZL) — 00:58:44
    4. Tom Hogan (IRL) — 00:58:47
    5. James Kelly (AUS) — 00:59:01
    6. Tiago Lousa (POR) — 01:01:15
    7. Peter Schiller (GER) — 01:01:15
    8. Clemens Scherbel (GER) — 01:01:49
    9. Elte Hupkes (GER) — 1:01:52
    10. Tom Franssens (BEL) — 1:02:23
    11. Thomas Tvrdik (GER) — 1:02:25
    12. Hidde Weesma (NED) — 1:02:38

    Köln Elite Women’s Division Results

    1. Mirjam Von Rohn (SUI) — 1:03:53
    2. Linda Meier (GER) — 1:05:20
    3. Alina Willnow (GER) — 1:05:39
    4. Daniela Couto (POR) — 1:08:09
    5. Carolina Silva (POR) — 1:08:43
    6. Anne Stellaard (NED) — 1:09:04
    7. Janne Thomsen (GER) — 1:09:36
    8. Carina Bungard (GER) — 1:10:24
    9. Brid Stepper (GER) — 1:13:06
    10. Seka Kiwet (GER) — 1:13:19
    11. Liv Behle(Ger) — 1:14:46
    12. Suna Hagge (GER) — 1:15:49

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    2023 HYROX Köln Recap

    The Köln race was an exciting one, but it wasn’t exactly tight on the women’s side. Still, Alina Willnow entered the 13th position on the women’s Elite 15 leaderboard, bumping Jacqueline Lippenmeyer out.

    Mirjam Von Rohn had nearly a minute and a half on the second-place finisher Linda Meier. Willnow was following closely behind, which was enough to work her way onto the Elite 15 leaderboard. Von Rohn and Meier had already secured their positions on the Elite 15 roster at events earlier in the season.

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    On the men’s side, Tobias Lautwein and Tom Hogan are names the HYROX community is familiar with — they have both had multiple outstanding performances at other races. The race in Köln was no different. They both earned spots in the Elite 15 heat. 

    Lautwein, the HYROX 2022 European Champion on the men’s side, took home second place in Köln, finishing about a minute behind victor Tim Wenisch.

    James Kelly also had an outstanding race and assumed position 17 on the leaderboard. While he has not secured a spot in the top 15, he did take part in pushing athlete Rich Ryan further down the leaderboard. Kelly is now potentially able to compete in the World Championships via rolldown should other athletes not be able to make it to Manchester. 

    Moving Forward with HYROX

    The leaderboard shifts after Málaga and Köln leave a handful of athletes scrambling to make their way back onto the leaderboard. With only eight qualifying events remaining this season — only one of which will take place in the United States — there are exciting questions and leaderboard shifts to look out for.

    Can Hogan hold onto his 15th position, or will someone like Rich Ryan get a time good enough and bump Hogan out of the Elite 15 in the HYROX Anaheim, CA race on April 22, 2023? Time will tell. Stay tuned to BarBend’s coverage to find out.

    Featured Image: @alinawii / Instagram

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