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The March theme on Wit & Delight is all about the joy of decorating with color at home. I wanted to pull together a short list of people who’ve designed colorful homes that delight me every single time I see them. Each one of these people has a different approach to using color in interior design. There’s so much we can learn from them.

Today I’m sharing what I love most about the colorful homes they’ve brought to life.

1. Gillian Lawlee –

Gillian uses color throughout her home in a very utilitarian, relaxed way. She highlights specific areas of visual interest in each room, adding pops of color that are surrounded by neutrals. She combines complementary colors in a really lovely way both on the walls and in textiles throughout her home. There’s a casual, rustic elegance to her style that I absolutely love.

2. Luke Edward Hall

Luke’s designs highlight a maximalist approach to color that creates an immersive experience. His designs are proof that the bold colors many of us might use sparsely can be used in large amounts in a really inviting, delightful way. This colorful interior design style can be seen on full display in the lovely Cotswolds farmhouse he designed with his husband, fellow designer Duncan Campbell.

Luke has two gorgeous books—Greco Design and A Kind of Magic—if you’re curious to peruse more of his designs and build out your inspiration library.

3. Brittany Watson Jepsen – The House That Lars Built

Colorful Homes and What I Love About Each One | Wit & DelightPhoto via The House That Lars Built

Brittany has always skillfully designed with color, in a way that is really personal to her and her family. She does an amazing job of highlighting the energy and joy that can come from certain color combinations. The way she infuses color in such a personal way throughout her home shows you how color can be used in lots of mediums and applications—not just by painting the walls.

If you love her approach to using color, I highly recommend her book, Craft the Rainbow.

Photo via The House That Lars Built

4. Bri Emery – @designlovefest

What I love most about Bri is that she’s a true creative in every sense of the word. I’ve always admired this about her. She is always dreaming up something that is very unique to her vision. It’s been so intriguing to see her move across the country and watch her evolve as a creative through her living spaces. What I find most inspiring about her design approach is how she creates spaces that are healing and that are designed around what she wants to do in them. She recently remodeled her kitchen and the end result is a space that’s positively made for creativity and cooking. 

5. Dabito – Old Brand New

Dabito was one of the first people I followed who designed with bold colors really, really well. What I love most about his interior design style is his layered approach. He comes up with color combinations I would never think to use and executes them so beautifully. His design instincts are different than mine and I’m always inspired by the projects he shares.

You can preorder Dabito’s interiors book, Old Brand New, here!

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