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    The recently concluded Division Day Showcase gave us an update about their upcoming mobile game. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Division Resurgence mobile game, its release date, beta dates, and more.

    For those unfamiliar with The Division Resurgence, let me explain. Resurgence is Ubisoft’s take on a mobile The Division game. It will be available on Android and iOS. This game will have all of the gameplay features veterans of the franchise are familiar with. This includes the third-person cover-based shooter mechanics, looting, going rogue, and more. It will also retain its PvPvE mechanics, meaning players can “go rogue” and fight other players for their loot. The game will also have the infamous Dark Zone, as well as various other PvP modes. A closed beta for the game was held back in December 2022.

    The recently concluded Division Day Showcase gave us more information about the upcoming mobile game. First off, they stated that players could play this game solo or with friends. Cooperative play has always been a core gameplay mechanic of the series. As such, it’s good that they decided to implement that as well. The game will also have a new campaign and storyline, which they said will bridge the gap between the stories of The Division 1 and 2.

    In terms of gameplay, the developers promised that the game will have brand-new signature weapons and gadgets, as well as new enemy factions to use said weapons and gadgets on. They didn’t specify just what these new weapons and gadgets are. As more information about the game comes out, we will be sure to update this article.

    Perhaps the biggest news they announced was that they are opening registration for an upcoming beta test phase this Summer 2023. Players interested in joining the upcoming test phase can sign up on the official website. Of course, players are not guaranteed to be chosen for the test. We will give updates about this test once more details are available. As of this article, Division Resurgence’s release date is still unknown. However, seeing how they are holding more tests, it’s safe to assume that it might be coming soon.

    That’s everything we know about The Division Resurgence, its release date, upcoming betas, and more. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.

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