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    Today, we’re talking all about skincare planners. 

    Honestly, having a skincare planner can help you in a major way. You don’t need to have any one specific routine, as long as you maintain the planner, you’re bound to see results.

    To make sure you have a good eye on how you’re taking care of your skin, let’s get into what a skincare planner is, why you need one, and which one you need to snatch up right now.

    What is a Skincare Planner?

    Think of a skincare planner as a journal and scheduler for your skincare routine. 

    You can keep track of any good and/or bad skin days, and schedule out your week so you can keep better track of your routine. Routine planners should even have a space for your thoughts on the tracking/planning as well.

    You can buy a normal planner, print out skincare planning sheets, or find skincare-specific routine planners. There are even apps you can download on your phone.

    Apps like GlowinMe: Beauty Assistant or Charm (both available on the Apple Store) can also help, especially if you’re a digital calendar type of babe. 

    Go with whatever works best for you. But keep in mind that physically writing down your routine can have a ton of benefits. 

    Okay, so we covered what a skincare planner is, but why should you care about having one? 

    Why You NEED A Skincare Planner

    It’s a really really good idea to start planning your daily & nightly skincare routine.

    Of course not everyone has the same routine because not everyone has the same skin type. But things like washing your face, applying sunscreen, serums, oils, and moisturizers, and tracking your facemasks, treatments, waxings, etc. are important regardless of your skin type.

    Even more, making sure you have an account of any sun damage, dry skin, or overly clogged pores is definitely useful. You’ll need that information just in case you decide to pay your dermatologist a visit. 

    Keeping track of any off days with your routine, or of the products you’ve tried are also good reasons to get yourself a planner ASAP. 

    Let’s dive into this a bit more. 

    The Benefits of a Skincare Planner:

    ♡ Helps you better maintain your skincare ritual.

    Maintaining your routine can make for dewy, glowy skin, and a planner can help keep you on the right track. At The Skinny Confidential, we truly believe that keeping a log of your routine will make sure you keep up with your regimen day after day. 

    Write down when you used an avocado mask, when you forgot to put on your serum, and most importantly WHEN YOU TRY A NEW PRODUCT. Write down everything. AND, write down the effects on your skin. It’s only going to help YOU.

    ♡ Helps you keep track of acne / skin condition triggers. 

    Want to be able to look back at past acne flare-up triggers? How about when you noticed that random dark spot on your cheek? Keeping an account of products used and any uninvited skin blemishes can be helpful for finding the right treatment. 

    Having notes on your skin will also make sure that your board-certified dermatologist has a better understanding of what’s going on with you and your skin. 

    ♡ Helps you determine which products are best for your skin.

    There are so many different skincare products that service different skin types and skin tones. So, knowing what products worked and which ones didn’t can be super helpful.

    Keeping a list of which face scrubs are helpful for more oily skin types might be one of the biggest game changers for your skin routine. After all, you do kind of have to be a scientist when it comes to testing new products on your skin.

    Having a skincare planner can turn the tide and help you start seeing real results from your routine. Now, the question is… where can you get the best, most effective, and most efficient skincare planner?

    The All-In-One Daily Skincare Planner of Your Dreams

    Our founder, Laruyn worked HARD AF to come up with the perfect skincare journal. The HOT MINUTE Planner is the best beauty assistant you never knew you needed. 

    It really is THE skincare planner you want to keep you on the right skin care path. It has 92 pages (that’s 184 days) to help you plan your skincare routine and health, while also giving room for jotting down daily and weekly goals, intentions, and so much more. 

    There’s even a personal letter in each planner expressing our gratitude and further explaining the benefits, along with some fun TSC stickers. It really is a planner that does it all when it comes to business, personal life, skincare and wellness. 

    You could use apps, but it’s known that journaling can help track progress, reduce stress & anxiety, and promote self-confidence. YES to all of that, please and thank you. Also, taking time to write things down is almost therapeutic? Not to mention penmanship is becoming a lost art. By actually writing in a planner, you’re killing 4 birds with one stone. 

    By tracking your skincare day to day, you will be able to pinpoint the exact causes of breakouts, skin conditions, and be more mindful about your entire skincare routine.  Remember, tracking your skincare isn’t just for product. It’s important to track new tools you use and any skin reaction to food/drink etc. 

    Have you experienced benefits from writing down your skincare routines? Let us know below.

    x, The Skinny Confidential team

    + learn more about The HOT MINUTE Planner here. 

    ++ stalk the benefits of pomegranate oil for skin.


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