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    Although bodybuilder Tom Platz never bagged a Sandow trophy, he’s still a prominent figure in the bodybuilding world. He competed in seven Mr. Olympia shows, highlighted by a third-place effort in 1981. But he didn’t need hardware to solidify his reputation — all he needed was a pair of massive legs that earned him the nickname “The Quadfather.” can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: THE SQUAT – Tom Platz | Leg Day Motivation 2020 (

    Platz’s quad development was unparalleled in his prime bodybuilding years. And aside from just looking outstanding on stage, he also accomplished incredible feats of strength with his lower body. For evidence, look no further than the famous competition when he squatted 500 pounds for 23 reps in a head-to-head “squat-off” against powerlifter Fred Hatfield in 1992. (There’s still some controversy about the legitimacy of the weights, but it’s still a fascinating piece of bodybuilding lore.)

    That was decades ago, but even today, Platz touts gigantic legs at 67 years old — and he made that known in an Instagram post from April 18, 2023:





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    A post shared by Tom Platz (@tomplatz)

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    In the post, Platz wrote that he had been recovering from an unspecified injury that happened weeks prior, but it looks like he’s on the mend now after his training and nutrition routines got a tweak.

    Tom Platz’s Legendary Leg Workout

    How did Tom Platz build such massive legs? Other than gifted genetics and a high-calorie diet, his leg workout fired every muscle fiber in his quads and hamstrings. He also had considerable flexibility and ensured he took his legs through a full range of motion for each movement. Here’s an example of how a typical leg day looked for The Quadfather in his prime:

    • Back Squat: 8-12 x 5-20
    • Hack Squat: 5 x 10-15
    • Leg Extension: 5-8 x 10-15
    • Leg Curl: 6-10 x 10-15
    • Standing Calf Raise: 3-4 x 10-15
    • Seated Calf Raise: 3-4 x 10-15

    Though every move in Platz’s workout served a purpose, he’ll forever be linked to the standard back squat. As he once wrote: “If performed correctly and with enough intensity, there’s not really much need for any other leg compound movement.”

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