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    With WrestleMania 39 almost three weeks ago, pretty much everyone has commented on the finish between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Some folks, like Kevin Nash, loved it, others, like Dax Harwood, hated it, and hopefully, the 80,000 fans who attended the show on purpose have come to terms with the moments, as there were a lot of disappointed faces leaving SoFi Stadium on that temperate Sunday night.

    But what about MJF? What did he think his former student-turned-AEW rival think about Rhodes’ efforts at “The Showcase of the Immortals?” Did he appreciate Rhodes’ efforts? Lambast him for coming up short? Or fall somewhere in between? Fortunately, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful decided to ask him that very question, and needless to say, the answer was interesting, if not illuminating.

    “Me and Cody Rhodes,’ the American Rollercodester,’ we have a very interesting past,” MJF said via Fightful. “He’s been a mentor, he’s been a friend, he’s been a mortal enemy, all wrapped into a neat cute little succinct bow. I think he came across like a top guy. I think he’s transformed his body, much like I have in the past year, but let’s be honest, I’m bigger than him and am in better shape than he is. He looked like a top guy, was presented like a top guy, had a top guy outing, had a top guy match. He just didn’t win. Unfortunately, some nights, you just don’t win. Cody Rhodes is the epitome of putting the work in. Everything that he’s accomplished is literally only because of him. He’s far too humble to admit that, he’ll pretend it’s got something to do with somebody else. He got it done himself, and he should be very proud of that. Was I happy to see him lose at Mania? I don’t know if I would have been happy if he won (or) lost. The only thing I know is that he had an incredible outing, and it was probably the best match of the entire night”

    Wow, besides the obligatory comments about being in better shape than “The American Nightmare,” that’s… actually sort of nice, like when Sting put over Ric Flair for being his mentor in a segment opposite MJF on Dynamite. While MJF could certainly turn it on his head if he needs to, saying that he would have beaten Reigns and Rhodes came up short because of his sentimentality, but in the moment, it was nice to hear Max put over someone other than himself, which is an honor Britt Baker definitely didn’t receive when she came up elsewhere in the conversation.

    .@The_MJF gave his thoughts on Cody Rhodes losing at WrestleMania

    Full interview here

    — Fightful Wrestling (@Fightful) April 18, 2023

    MJF had some less-than-kind remarks for Britt Baker and her “pillar” status.

    Speaking of Baker, SRS asked MJF about his current angle with the Four Pillars of AEW and if that number really should expand out to five, considering Britt Baker has been calling herself by that moniker for about a year in her tag team with current AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter as “The Killer and The Pillar.” This, for better or worse, did not sit well with MJF at all, who made rather… unforgettable comments about his AEW coworker.

    “She’s definitely upset because she thinks she’s a pillar, because PG Punk said so. But the fact of the matter is she’s f**king not. Even if she was, what? Is she gonna wrestle me for the world title?” MJF asked via Fightful.”I’m three times her size. I would beat the living f**king s**t out of her.

    “But I do respect the fact that she’s a dentist. Hygiene’s important. It’s very important. I know a lot of you, it’s foreign to you, people watching this, you don’t know what a dentist is. So I’m going to explain real quick. They clean your teeth. You know that thing you’re supposed to do twice a day, and you haven’t? Clean your f**king teeth, wrestling fans. Please.”

    Jeez! Not only did MJF basically say he would happily beat the you-know-what out of one of his fellow AEW stars, but then brutalized the AEW faithful for being, to borrow a phrase from Mansoor of the Maximum Male Models, unwashed mutants. That, folks, is the MJF fans have come to expect, and cheer for whenever he decides to show up on AEW television. While it may not make him the most popular dude around, and Adam Cole may have words for the World Champion at the company Christmas party, at least MJF isn’t going soft on the AEW Universe, for better or worse.

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