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Happy weekend, friends! I recently visited some friends of mine who live in Detroit and we went to the most magical used bookstore, John K. King Books. If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend it; they have it all in their four-story warehouse.

It was lovely to get away for a couple days, and also nice to be home. Here are 10 things I’ve been loving lately.

1. It’s finally Birkenstock sandal season. Lol. Every summer, I get tan lines from my sandals because I wear them so much!

2. We recently had to replace our gooseneck kettle (long story) and I’m excited for the new black one we got, as it goes with our kitchen.

3. Speaking of kitchen stuff, I’ve been eyeing this digital print to frame and hang in the bar area of ours. But I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

4. I love this set of glasses. They’re so unique!

5. Currently reading this book. A murder mystery that I did NOT realize was actually a short series of two books. Ha.

6. Bought Oscar this outfit which I wish came in my size, too.

7. I am planning to add some wallpaper to my home office. I haven’t ordered it yet, but I am thinking I’ll do this ghost wallpaper. 🙂

8. I can’t wait for inflatable pool season.

9. Should I add these hair clips to my collection?

10. I recently purchased this belt bag. I love the color and it’s perfect for long walks.

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