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Minutes after the Los Angeles Lakers‘ relatively easy Game 3 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, LeBron James made one thing clear: He’s done talking about Dillon Brooks.

In fact, in Year 20, he’s out of the business of making “statements”, altogether.

LeBron spearheaded the charge at the outset of the first full-capacity Lakers home playoff game since 2013. He scored eight quick points as his team domainted the first quarter, 35-9 (!).

The Grizzlies outscored the Lakers by 16 the rest of the way, but the game was never in jeopardy, despite a breathtaking performance from Ja Morant: 45 points (22 in a row in the fourth), 13 assists, 9 rebounds.

Of course, the story before, after, and during the pivotal Game 3 focused on the tension between Brooks and LeBron. The forwards exchanged heated words during Game 2, prompting Brooks to poke the bear and call LeBron “old.”

At practice on Friday, LeBron repeatedly declined to rebut Brooks. He cut off his media availability by exasperatedly insisting that he was “not here for the b*llsh*t” and wanted to focus on basketball.

LeBron let his play do the talking in Game 3, while Brooks let the emotions of battle get the best of him (a shocking twist, I know). James finished with a cool 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists, while Brooks … got tossed in the third quarter for hitting LeBron in the groin. Brooks was 3-of-13 at the time of his ejection.

A few possessions after the nutshot, LeBron threw down a putback a double-pump reverse.

Ham on LeBron vs. Dillon Brooks: “Anyone trying to express any doubt towards him…that just puts fire under all of us, especially him.”

“Theatrics, that’s for the fans…It’s great. It makes the game intriguing, suspenseful. But for us, it’s about taking care of our business.”

— Michael Corvo (@michaelcorvoNBA) April 23, 2023

Afterward, LeBron was peppered with questions related to Brooks. The wisened veteran, once again, refused to take the bait.

On whether he felt disrespected by Brooks’ remarks?

“I think my resume and what I’ve done for this league speaks for itself. So I don’t really get caught up in any comments like that. … My focus is to my teammates and us trying to figure out how we can beat the Memphis Grizzlies. Not how I can beat any individual on their team. If anybody know me, they should know that’s what I’ve always been about.”

On if he made a statement with his winning, level-headed performance?

“Me? Type of statement I made? I’ve been doing this too long. I’m not making no statements. We had an opportunity to come home and play well on our home floor and we did that. No statements made. We just wanted to play well. Got a win. We’ll try to do that in Game 4 as well. I don’t need to make statements.”

Finally, it looked as though he may crack and revisit some past beefs, but, alas, he kept his focus on Anthony Davis’s stellar game (31 points, 17 rebounds) and the critical victory.

“This is not my first rodeo. I’ve had this throughout my career. Certain individuals. It’s easy. It’s literally easy if you wanna — We won tonight. It’s a lot to — let me just — we won. You had a hell of a game my boy. … I’m not gonna do this. I’m not gonna do this.”

LeBron’s final words on the Dillon Brooks situation for tonight.

“This is not my first rodeo. I’ve had this throughout my career. It’s easy. It’s literally easy if you wanna – we won tonight. It’s a lot to – let me just – we won. (AD) had a helluva game…I’m not gonna do this.”

— Michael Corvo (@michaelcorvoNBA) April 23, 2023

Brooks left the arena without speaking to media and could very well be suspended for Game 4 on Monday.

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