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The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story has been out for almost a week now – check out these reviews to see if this Riot Forge title is worth your attention.

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story Review Scores 

League of Legends has gained notoriety over the years as the cesspool of toxic gamers, even amongst other multiplayer games that seem to bring out the worst in people. But The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story reviews rave about the exploration  it has done within Demacia and Runeterra, the stories it told, the gameplay it lets you experience, and the music it brings. The Mageseeker puts you in the chains of Sylas, the Unshackled, as he escapes from captivity and enacts revenge against Demacia’s Mageseekers who oppress magic users within its petricite walls.

It might have a hefty price tag on it, but check out these reviews for yourself to see if it’s worth your first (or nth) entry onto the League of Legends universe.

XboxEra’s The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story review scored it 8.8/10 citing the game’s pleasing visuals and score, gameplay that allows players to be creative in combat, and great pacing to keep the action going and avoid monotony. Points were docked for the late power ramp as well as the lack of voice acting in the game. “It’s the simplicity of the game that makes it so much fun to play—it’s just done so well. The gorgeous visuals, solid score, and strong gameplay system make The Mageseekers: A League of Legends Story so easy to recommend to anyone. This game is way too good to pass up on,” XboxEra’s Genghis Husameddin wrote.

PC Gamer gave The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story an 89 on their review and called it “a revolutionary tale told with memorable characters, excellent combat, and surprisingly forthright politics.”

The review mostly shirks the gameplay angle for a more political outlook onto Sylas and his merry band of rebels going up against their Demacian oppressors. “While The Mageseeker can feel a little bit didactic at times, its willingness to stake a clear ideological claim when so many of its contemporaries shrink like violets at the mention of politics is refreshing,” wrote Kaile Hultner. “It backs this up with compelling gameplay, an excellent soundtrack and vibrant pixel graphics. If you like media that combines high-octane action and bombastic political intrigue, The Mageseeker is well worth the time.”

Siliconera’s review of The Mageseeker landed on a 7/10 and applauds the game’s loyalty to League of Legends. Sylas has already been part of the game for years and its playerbase is already incredibly familiar with his kit. A subset of these players have also looked into Sylas as a character within Runeterra, and Siliconera’s Kazuma Hashimoto praises The Mageseeker’s dutiful implementation of his unique gameplay.

IGN also settled their The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story review score at 7/10 (Good). They too celebrated the combat and how strikingly similar Sylas’ playstyle is between the two games despite their genres being far apart.

“The Mageseeker: A League of Legends story is another solid example of Riot Forge partnering with talented developers to bring League’s rich list of champions to life in new genres to showcase more sides of their characters. The story goes to some interesting places after a slow start, picking up steam in the second half and leading to a momentous finale,” wrote Jada Griffin. “Levels are fairly straightforward and could have benefitted from additional content, like optional puzzles or bonus objectives, but the bosses and variety of abilities is enough to keep you on your toes despite some of the repetition.”

However, he brought to light the lackluster story of the game and how it contradicts with the established canon. “This is a problem with extended media for League of Legends in general, but it was a shame to see the same mistakes made in another one of of Riot Games’ Riot Forge projects.”

Nintendo Life granted The Mageseeker a review score of 8. The game is available on a wide selection of platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Life deducted points and cited frame rate issues and occasional crashes, but the game’s complex story, excellent combat, and cool magic-stealing mechanic was impressive enough that they gave it a Great 8 score anyway. “If you can get past the bugs and performance issues at launch, The Mageseeker proves itself to be yet another strong addition to Riot’s growing catalogue of intriguing spin-off games. Sylas’s bittersweet quest supplies a compelling story that nicely complements the fast-paced combat and magic-stealing action, providing fans with an enjoyable action experience that fans of 2D action games will want to take note of. We’d give The Mageseeker a high recommendation to anyone looking for another good retro hack ‘n’ slash for their collection.”

Destructoid‘s review landed The Mageseeker at 7.5/10, calling out its hard-to-ignore faults but also called it “solid and definitely has an audience… the experience is fun.”

“The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is ultimately an enjoyable experience in spite of any stumbles, though. Even when I would’ve liked it to expand more on ideas and fine-tune a bit, the highs of its narrative do work, and Digital Sun’s talent for both combat and art shine in this game,” Eric Van Allen wrote.

“Sylas’ story is a good way to experience something different in the world of Runeterra, whether that’s fresh air for the MOBA fans or a more appealing genre for those new to League. The Mageseeker meets the bar for spin-offs, expanding well and adding more to the world while putting a unique spin that Digital Sun can call its own. This burly mage adventure is definitely worth looking into if you’d prefer a League game with more action, story, and gorgeous art.”

Polygon awarded The Mageseeker its Polygon Recommends badge. “It’s very easy to fall into a Mageseeker hole and lose a few hours to its fluid gameplay loop. Levels are relatively short and snappy, punctuated by high-impact fights and challenging boss encounters. These missions are bridged by intriguing cutscenes and a much more complex plot than I had expected. The Mageseeker achieves the delicate dance of being a feast for League lore fans while still remaining approachable to new players. The only time I stopped charging forward to find more fights and plot was to stop and read some documents, or marvel at the hidden secrets of Demacia’s prisons, laboratories, and academies.”

Verdict – The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story isn’t perfect, but it has lots to like. As with the other Riot Forge titles, knowledge about League of Legends or the greater universe of Runeterra is completely optional, but does great for extra enjoyment. It has some typographical errors (like misspelling Jarvan IV’s ultimate, “Cataclysm,” into “Cataclism”) and bugs, but the story, gameplay, and score will keep you chained down enough and may serve as motivation to push through the technical issues.

Another caveat to point out is that it’s priced at $29.99, similar to the other big Riot Forge title, Ruined King. The latter game undoubtedly offers more in terms of gameplay and raw play hours as well as other aspects, and might be the better purchase if you’re looking for an entry title or operating under a budget. That being said, the two games are a wide departure from each other in terms of game genre. The Mageseeker executes Sylas in a hack-n-slash style making full use of his abilities, which could also be the deciding factor when choosing between the two Riot Forge games.

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