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Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates played a crucial role in ushering in the “mass monster” bodybuilding scene in the ‘90s. His strength was prolific, and he championed a training style that revolved around short and intense workouts, coined “Blood and Guts.”

Besides his high-intensity training scheme, “The Shadow” had other tricks in his arsenal to help spur muscle growth, especially when it came to leg hypertrophy. In an Instagram post from April 18, 2023, Yates shared a valuable tip on correctly performing lying leg curls to help increase strength and size. Check it out below:

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Dorian Yates’ Lying Leg Curls Tip

When doing hamstring curls, Yates says it’s best to do them slowly and put a strong focus on the negative.

“Performing a set of lying hamstring curls, controlled with a short squeeze at the top,” Yates wrote. “With hamstring curls, think of them as performing [biceps] curls but for your legs. As always, control the weight and use a full range of motion with a slow negative.”

Like biceps curls, doing leg curls at a slow tempo (rep speed) during the eccentric phase — the negative portion of the lift when the muscle lengthens — will stimulate the most muscle growth. Research suggests that the eccentric phase of lifting lends more muscle growth than the concentric phase (muscle contraction). (1)

The Shadow’s Post-Bodybuilding Fitness Routine

Although Yates hasn’t competed since the 1997 Mr. Olympia, he’s still in the gym weightlifting these days and maintains a muscular physique. That said, in addition to 30-minute weight sessions, he also utilizes yoga and stationary bike workouts to help with his overall well-being and longevity.

“When my bodybuilding career ended, I continued to train fairly hard and heavy, but over the years I questioned what I really needed and what I could improve upon,” Yates wrote in a February 2023 Instagram post. “So I shifted more towards working on my mobility, cardio, breathing, mental, spiritual health, and fitness.”

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