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    We are now just hours away from the start of the 2023 NFL Draft, and there has been a good deal of player movement up and down big boards and first round projections. But there is no player who has seen his stock rise during the draft process than Kentucky quarterback Will Levis.

    Reddit User Says Will Levis Will Be First Overall Pick

    Will Levis odds to go #1 overall have moved from 50/1 to 4/1 because someone on Reddit is claiming he’s telling his family and friends he is going #1 overall.

    Draft season is the best 🤣

    — Joe Pompliano (@JoePompliano) April 25, 2023

    The draft class of 2023 was always promised to be heavy on quarterback talent, especially at the top. Throughout much of the draft process, the two leading candidates to be picked first overall were CJ Stroud and Bryce Young, but Young has recently pulled away from the pack as the overall favorite.

    As it stands today, Young is sitting at -850 to be the first player selected, making him a heavy favorite. But that number has been cut and half and then some from where it sat yesterday.

    On Monday, Young was an even heavier favorite, with a -2000 designation to be the first overall pick. With just days before the draft, a number like that can make the results a foregone conclusion.

    But due to a Reddit post made by an anonymous user on Tuesday morning, Young going first to the Panthers is not the done deal that we thought it was.

    Will Levis #1 pick odds have made a MAJOR shift 😳

    — PFF Bet (@PFF_Bet) April 25, 2023

    Young Still The Favorite, But The Jump From Levis Is Impressive

    A user with the name “SaleAgreeable2834” has claimed that Will Levis is telling his friends and family that Carolina “will in fact take him on Thursday.”

    Is it credible? The sports books and oddsmakers apparently think so. Within minutes, the odds on Levis being the number one pick had plummeted, all the way from 50-1 to 4-1 at some sports books. At, the figure dropped from +1400 to +385 seemingly overnight.


    The odds are not an exact science, and Young is still the clear and overwhelming favorite to be the pick by the Panthers. His -850 designation means that there is a roughly 90% chance that he is the pick, but that is down significantly from just a day ago.

    If the lines are able to move that quickly from a Reddit post, then don’t be surprised to see more action in the final 48 hours before the event begins on Thursday. There are always 11th hour meetings and trade discussions, and this particular draft could feature a lot of moving pieces given the predicted run on quarterbacks early on.

    Will Levis will certainly be one of the first few quarterbacks selected, but could he really be the first?

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