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    Aaron Rodgers was finally traded from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets on Monday, and the sports books have adjusted accordingly.

    Most of the line movement happened six weeks ago when it became clear that Rodgers intended to play for the Jets. The team’s Super Bowl odds dropped from +2200 to +1100, pushing them into the top-5 depending on the outlet. But those numbers became solidified when the trade actually happened, and there were even new sets of proposition bets that were released as well.

    Aaron Rodgers Proposition Bets For 2023

    Although Hall-of-Fame QB Joe Namath gave Aaron Rodgers his blessing to wear No. 12, the new Jets‘ QB is expected to wear No. 8 — the number he wore in college at Cal.

    — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 24, 2023

    Over at, there are newly listed prop bets that are centered around Rodgers and how he will perform during the 2023 season.

    Over/Under 8.5 Interceptions

    The 2022 season saw Rodgers throw 12 interceptions, by far his highest total in years. He had just 13 in the previous three years combined, and it was the first time that he hit double digits since 2010. He spent the previous four seasons leading the league in interception percentage.

    Can he get his accuracy back on track? It is thought that the new crop of receivers and skill position players will give Rodgers more opportunities for success than he saw in Green Bay, and they could help curb the interception issues from a season ago. 8.5 seems right on the money for this bet, and it will certainly go under if he doesn’t play in the 65% of the required snaps.

    Over/Under 3,800.5 Passing Yards

    Last season was the first year in which Aaron Rodgers threw for less than 3,800 yards in a fully healthy season, ever. Even in 2008 in his first year as a starter, he was able to eclipse 4,000 yards. So the sports books are claiming that he will have one of the worst statistical seasons of his career, or he will miss time and won’t be able to get to the milestone numbers with more limited snaps.

    Rodgers threw for 3,965 yards in 2022, and the oddsmakers think that he’ll regress even further from that number.

    Over/Under 29.5 Touchdown Passes

    Touchdown totals have been all over the board for Aaron Rodgers in his career, and this may be one of the more difficult propositions to predict correctly. Over the last 5 fully healthy seasons, Rodgers has finished with touchdown totals of 25, 26, 48, 37, and 26, which is not exactly the model of consistency. This may be the wager to stay away from out of the bunch.

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