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    In Episode 130 of the “Celtic Warrior Workouts,” WWE Superstar Sheamus was joined by fellow grappler, Bron Breakker (real name: Bronson Rechsteiner).

    As the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner and the nephew of fellow HOFer Scott Steiner, 25-year-old Breakker has all the tools to be the next big thing in pro wrestling. With a background in football (he was signed to the Baltimore Ravens at one point) and amateur wrestling (winning a Georgia state championship in 2016), the two-time NXT title holder is already a force to be reckoned with both in the ring and in the gym, as demonstrated during this epic arm workout.

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    Bron Breakker’s “Arm Breakkers” Workout

    Here is the workout, filmed at Hybrid Gym in Los Angeles, CA, followed by a breakdown of the session.



    The Finisher

    * All to failure

    Workout Breakdown

    For starters, Breakker and Sheamus work through five sets of hammer curls and triceps pushdowns on the cable machine to warm up. The two perform 20 reps per set and swap machines back and forth with no rest in between.

    The strategy here, according to Breakker, is to fatigue the muscles before moving to the heavier working sets next. This allows him to get a better pump when all is said and done.

    Superset 1: Straight Bar Biceps Curl + Seated Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extensions

    “This is a staple for me,” Breakker says of the straight bar biceps curls. “I do this almost every time I do arms.”

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    As they progress, Breakker and Sheamus use an EZ curl bar for the triceps extensions. Sheamus has often been an advocate of lowering a weight rather than “swinging it around,” and as he reaches his limit on the biceps curls, he leaves his ego at the door to take some plates off so that he can execute his reps better.

    Superset 2: Dumbbell Preacher Curl + Cable Pulldowns

    “This set’s probably gonna be where it gets tough,” Breakker says.

    With little rest between sets, Breakker’s workout will improve cardiovascular conditioning in addition to strength and muscle size. The second-generation pro wrestler is a fan of old-school heavy training, and despite foregoing rest and hammering multiple sets, the man-mountain increases the weight with every set until nearing or reaching failure.

    Breakker builds up to the full stack of 225 pounds on the triceps pulldowns and then jumps up an additional 10 pounds (to 45-pound dumbbells) on his preacher curls at the end of this set.

    Superset 3: Cable Preacher Curl + Assisted Triceps Dip

    Breakker squeezes his biceps while executing each cable preacher curl, looking to increase the size of the peak.

    “That’s brutal,” he says as he rounds out the first set.

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    The WWE duo then moves on to assisted triceps dips to hit those muscles from another angle while working the shoulders for good measure. Both men provide each other with encouragement as they near the end of the main portion of the workout.

    The Finisher

    Ever dedicated to placing maximum fatigue on the muscles, Breakker takes Sheamus through the finisher, where both men work their biceps and triceps one last time with a resistance band, with each set going to failure.

    “I can’t even feel my arm(s) now,” Breakker quips.

    The duo plows on to the end, with Sheamus collapsing into a heap after his final rep. Though he says he typically throws arm day in with back or shoulder workouts, Sheamus notes that Breakker’s superset scheme kicked the intensity up to a new level.

    “I’m a big believer in mental toughness and breaking your body down — and the next time you come [into the gym], you try to go further than you did the time before,” Breakker says toward the end of the video.

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