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The Tennessee Titans are looking to find an answer at the quarterback position. With Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis already in the fold, they drafted Will Levis in the 2023 NFL Draft. Mike Vrabel has quite the decision to make

At least for the time being, the Titans aren’t making huge changes to their depth chart at the quarterback spot. Vrabel said that Tannehill will remain the starter and Levis will be third behind second-year QB Malik Willis, according to Bobby Kownack of NFL Network.

“Ryan will be the starting quarterback on Monday,” Vrabel said, via NFL Media. “Malik will be the backup. Will will be the third quarterback. And what I’ve told them is whatever happens after that will be up to the players. That’s what it’s always been here. That’s what we always want it to be…That’s our job is to bring in competition at every position. It’s not a secret. I hope that by now that everybody understands that we have to prove our value to this football team each and every day.”

Tannehill has been the Titans’ starting QB since 2019. The team used a third-round pick on Willis in last year’s draft but the former Liberty standout did little to impress. Levis was projected by many to be a first-rounder but a foot injury played a part in him sliding to the beginning of the second round, where the Titans traded up to get him.

Levis knows the battle to earn playing time is uphill. The former Kentucky standout is ready to compete with and learn from the guys ahead of him on the depth chart.

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