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Happy almost May. I’ve spent most of the weekend power washing my 100-year-old house; specifically the old paint on the wood trim of the exterior. It doesn’t get any more hashtag homeownership than this! Haha.

Honestly, I’m excited to have projects like these to work on—it’s a new chapter for me and I truly never have a reason to be bored while living here.

1. I’ve been asked a few times if my living room light fixture is new or vintage (big compliment!). Here’s a link if you’re curious.

2. I’m so excited to watch the new Judy Blume documentary. Have you seen it?

3. Speaking of, I know I’m not the only one who was influenced by this book when I was younger.

4. I’m thinking about buying this outdoor rug. The outside of my house is made of stone, so I want to add a lot of color to the porch.

5. My Birkenstock dupes. I’ve been wearing these a lot lately—with and without socks. :))

6. I love this art print. Did I have a Quija board on display in my high school bedroom? Yes.

7. Target is tempting me (once again) with this trail mix.

8. Anthropologie is having a Mother’s Day gift sale. I love this recipe box and cozy blanket.

9. SO excited about these taper candles. Here’s what they look like in my dining room.

10. My favorite jeans of all time. I treated myself to a new pair because I’ve worn the other pair so much over the years.

P.S. Here are a some recent posts in case you missed them!

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