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    After securing a shockingly clean win on The Usos in a rematch of the main event of Night 1 of WrestleMania 39, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were in relatively good spirits, or at least as good spirits as a certified curmudgeon like KO can get at this stage in his career. Sitting down for an interview with Megan Morant on SmackDown LowDown to discuss what it means to remain champs, how they’re preparing for the draft, and what to expect for Backlash, Zayn agreed that there is a lot going on, but he feels pretty good about where things are.

    “Yeah, well, you’re right, what you’re saying, there is a lot going on, but for once, I feel like there isn’t a lot to say,” Zayn said. “A lot of it’s already been said. Tonight, we put that to rest. We did what we said we would do. We said we would retain these in a WrestleMania main event rematch, and we did. Yeah, there’s a lot going on, but right now, I’m personally not looking much further than that.”

    Owens cut in next, and he, too, felt like there wasn’t much to say… before going on to say a lot.

    “I’m so sick of talking. So sick of talking,” Owens added. “But I’ll say this: it doesn’t matter where we get drafted, wherever we go, we’re the best tag team in WWE. We have these titles to prove it. And Backlash, guess what? I’m really looking forward to one thing: getting Solo in the ring. Solo, the man whose name is a synonym with being alone, who can never stay out of other people’s business.”

    After Zayn begged Owens not to continue on with his schtick about Solo’s name, which seemingly has occurred on multiple occasions, Owens refused, talking some serious smack on his Backlash foes.

    “His name should be ‘I have a lot of friends that I love being with!’ We’re gonna kick his a**,” Owens declared. “But he won’t be alone. More than one a**. Three a**es. Yeah I know you’re gonna bleep it, doesn’t matter. A**! Bleep it as much as you want.”

    They did bleep him, every single time, with great comedic effect.

    Where will KO and Zayn call home moving forward? Fans will find out Monday night, with their pal Riddle already on RAW and their arch-rivals, The Bloodline, on SmackDown, but before they ship off to their new home on May 10th or 14th, they’ll first need to take out Solo and co, who won’t be alone at Backlash.

    Kevin Owens isn’t the only performer looking for revenge on The Bloodline.

    While Kevin Owens really wants revenge on The Bloodline, especially Solo Sikoa, for giving him a hard time, not to mention dozens of bumps and bruises over the past six months or so, he isn’t alone, as, while on a European tour for WWE, Cody Rhodes cut a promo informing the audience in Belfast that he’s far from finished with his feud against Roman Reigns.

    “Tonight, back in the United States, is the WWE Draft,” Rhodes told the crowd. “I could end up on Friday Night SmackDown, I could stay on Monday Night RAW; wherever that is, what happened to me at WrestleMania in Hollywood, is an injustice that I 100% intend on avenging. It doesn’t matter what brand I’m on, doesn’t matter where it happens, I still intend to finish the story, and part of finishing the story is coming back to Belfast as champion!”

    Unfortunately for Rhodes, he did get drafted to a different brand than Reigns, with Roman heading to SmackDown and “The American Nightmare” staying on RAW as picks one and two in the proceedings. While Rhodes could still challenge for the Universal Championship at some point down the line, be that at Survivor Series, as the Money in the Bank winner, or even the winner of the 2024 Royal Rumble, for now, it would appear his best chance to become a champion is either by unseating Gunther as the Intercontinental Championship, assuming he keeps that belt on RAW, or by going for bronze gold at Night of Champions at the end of May, when the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be decided as the top belt on RAW.

    Is that a bit of a copout? Eh, maybe a little bit, as having Reigns lose to decide on a new champion certainly would have made for a more compelling angle than a tournament that he is ineligible for, but hey, Rhodes can still return to Belfast as a champion if he wins the new belt, even if it’s not the one he’s been gunning for.

    “What happened to me at #WrestleMania in Hollywood, is an injustice that I 100% intend on avenging. It doesn’t matter what brand I’m on.”@CodyRhodes might be at #WWEBelfast, but he’s keeping a close eye on the start of the #WWEDraft tonight 👀 #SmackDown

    — WWE (@WWE) April 28, 2023

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