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Will Levis was one of the most talked about stories of the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, even though he technically didn’t take part in it. The entire night passed by without a team selecting the Kentucky quarterback, but he apparently almost didn’t make it out of the top five.

Irsay Says Colts Considered Will Levis At #4

Will Levis’ reaction when he was drafted by the Titans 🙏

(via @NFL)pic.twitter.com/kL7gTmCNi6

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) April 29, 2023

The first two picks went as most predicted, with Bryce Young and CJ Stroud being selected by the quarterback-hungry Panthers and Texans. Houston shocked everyone by trading up to get the third pick and take defensive lineman Will Anderson Jr., and then it was the Colts turn.

There were rumors linking Levis to Indianapolis throughout the draft process, and there was still belief that he would be the pick when the Colts were on the clock. But in a somewhat surprising move, they instead opted for Anthony Richardson, the NFL Draft prospect with raw talent but immense athletic ability.

Levis not only fell out of the top-5 and top-10, but he fell out of the first round altogether. But according to Jim Irsay in his post-draft press conference, they would have taken the Kentucky QB if Richardson had been off of the board.

Irsay says the #Colts likely would have taken Will Levis if Anthony Richardson had gone 3.

— Kevin Bowen (@KBowen1070) April 29, 2023

Barring a trade-up from a quarterback hungry team to the #3 spot, Richardson was always going to be available to the Colts with the 4th pick regardless, so the point is somewhat moot. But the fact that Will Levis was highly-regarded enough for a team to take him with one of the first five picks and ultimately fell to the 33rd pick is interesting enough.

Irsay was also asked about when exactly Richardson would play, and he left that up to new head coach Shane Steichen. Though he did add that “These guys got to play to get better.”

Irsay said it’ll be Shane Steichen’s call when Richardson plays in 2023.


“These guys got to play to get better.”

— Kevin Bowen (@KBowen1070) April 29, 2023

Gardner Minshew is currently the quarterback that is listed first on the depth chart, with Nick Foles and Sam Ehlinger on the roster as well. It is unlikely that all four of them will remain with the Colts after the conclusion of training camp.

The NFL Draft wrapped up on Saturday afternoon. The next “event” for the league will be the release of the schedule for the 2023 season. That typically happens during the second week of May, and a date has not yet been announced.

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