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    Masters powerlifter Rudy Kadlub is known for celebrating his birthday every year by pulling a new personal best deadlift. On Friday, April 28, 2023, Kadlub continued that tradition for his 74th birthday by deadlifting a 237.6-kilogram (524-pound) raw double — one pound more than he pulled on his 73rd birthday and four pounds more than he pulled on his 72nd birthday.

    The lifts can be seen in his post below, courtesy of his Instagram page:





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    A post shared by Rudy Kadlub (@rudykadlub)

    After taking a sip of whiskey, Kadlub used a sumo stance as his Kabuki Strength business partner, Chris Duffin, referred to this as an annual Kabuki event. Kadlub wore a weightlifting belt and used a mixed grip when he took hold of the barbell.

    The first rep went up quickly. After a brief pause at the bottom, Kadlub made the second attempt. He struggled more with the second rep but reached the top before putting the bar down.

    Kadlub set several IPL world records in his career. One of his signature performances came at the 2021 IPL World Championships, where he set four IPL world records raw with wraps in the Masters 70-74, 100-kilogram category. His best lifts on that day can be seen below:

    2021 IPL World Championships Results — Rudy Kadlub | 100KG, Raw

    • Squat — 204.5 kilograms (451 pounds)
    • Bench Press — 142.4 kilograms (314 pounds)
    • Deadlift — 232.1 kilograms (512 pounds)
    • Total — 579.1 kilograms (1,277 pounds)

    According to Open Powerlifting, as of April 2023, Kadlub has the all-time raw with wraps world record totals in the 90-kilogram and 110-kilogram categories. In 2019, Kadlub totaled 557.3 kilograms (1,229 pounds) at the IPL Drug Tested World Championships to set the 90-kilogram record.





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    A post shared by Rudy Kadlub (@rudykadlub)

    The 110-kilogram record of 567.3 kilograms (1,251 pounds) was set at the 2020 USPA Drug Tested North American Championships. Kadlub’s personal best raw competition deadlift was 234.9 kilograms (518 pounds), scored at the 2020 meet, where he set his record.

    After the 74th birthday PR double, Kadlub said he needs to reconsider his goals and how he will spend his 75th birthday in 2024.

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