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Last week’s installment of Succession ended with the Roy siblings bagging a bigger deal from Lukas Matsson than what they expected. Even if that’s the case, Roman and Kendall’s initial plan of rejecting Matsson’s offer fell through once the GoJo founder gave them a better offer. This week, though, we see the fallout from previous chapters that revolve around Logan Roy’s demise and Matsson’s imminent takeover of Waystar Royco. We learn more from this Succession season 4 episode 6 ending explained.

Succession season 4 episode 6 ending explained

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In this Succession season 4 episode 6 recap, the latest chapter starts with Kendall watching Logan Roy shooting a promotional video for Living+ and getting mad after one of the people asked him to be more enthusiastic about his spiel. The prologue ends with Logan comparing the people around him to his kids and telling them they’re all useless.

After the intro, we see Shiv brush Matsson off during the refueling of her jet. Not one to be pushed aside, Matsson enters and asks her about the product launch of Living+. He adds that once the deal has been finalized, Living+ won’t be pursued anymore. Once again, Shiv brushes him off by saying she might tell her brothers what the GoJo founder said.

Over in Los Angeles, Kendall oversees Waystar Royco’s senior management team as they prepare for Investor Day. He and Roman then proceed to tell those present about their meeting with Matsson during the previous episode in Sweden. Gerri and the others share their belief that the deal should push through, even if Matsson’s personality is different from the rest. With this, the team leaves, with Shiv, Roman, and Kendall staying in the room. Shiv then reprimands her brothers by saying they’re sabotaging the deal.

Even with an apology from her brothers, Shiv abruptly leaves and goes on to cry by herself inside a room. Without any warning, Greg and Tom enter, with the former leaving right away. Tom consoles Shiv, who is currently undergoing a lot of stress from the death of his father and the ongoing deal with Matsson. They end up kissing one another while alone in the conference room. Meanwhile, Kendall convenes with Roman to discuss their Investor Day presentation. Roman leaves shortly after to speak to the executive having trouble handling Kalispitron, one of Waystar Studios‘ big film projects.

Roman meets with Joy Palmer to talk about Kalispitron, and they end up talking about ATN’s coverage on Jeryd Mencken. After showing some hesitance to fix the film’s problems, Roman fires Joy on the spot and leaves. As this is happening, Kendall speaks to the production staff behind the upcoming Investor Day and pitches several ideas. Roman arrives, and Kendall tells him what he’s thinking about for the said event.

During the investor reception, Shiv approaches Tom, and they talk about their relationship and specific events that affected their marriage. Shiv then teasingly asks Tom to play a biting game, a contest the latter wins. Back in another room, Kendall pitches unbelievable growth to Roman, an idea that will drive the company’s price up, making it impossible for Matsson to buy Waystar Royco. Kendall adds that Living+ is the way to make this a reality. Gerri then enters the room and takes Roman away to talk about Joy Palmer’s recent termination and how it has created more problems for them. After feeling disrespected, Roman fires Gerri and proceeds to discuss the upcoming event with Kendall. Once the emotion has passed by, Roman confesses that he fired Gerri and needs him to fix the problem he created. Surprisingly, Kendall backs him with his decision.

In a private room, Shiv and Tom just finished making love, and they talk about the Matsson deal. Tom then confesses that he wants her back, a proposal Shiv surprisingly accepts. Meanwhile, Greg tells an editor to make Logan say ‘double earnings’ in his video for Living+. As this is happening, Kendall speaks to an analyst about profit projections and gets a promising number to present to the investors.

The following day, Shiv takes an online call from Matsson while Tom is in the room and tells him that Living+ will still be pushed. Meanwhile, Kendall oversees the production team for their work on his presentation. While seated in the empty audience, Roman questions him about where he got the big numbers to present to investors. Shiv arrives and expresses her concern about Kendall’s projections. For his part, Roman tells his sister that it’s a high-risk move and they should support Kendall.

Right before the presentation, Roman says they shouldn’t go through with it as he’s afraid to mess up the whole thing before a lot of people, leaving him to do the presentation by himself. Just as he’s heading to the stage, Karl reminds him not to mess the whole deal up, or else he’s going to go public with everything he knows about the company and the Roys.

During the presentation itself, Kendall gets through the initial nerves and shows a video of Logan to the investors. This leads his team, Roman, and Shiv to be frustrated as this was not part of the plan. Kendall then presents Living+, what’s it all about, and a video of Logan saying it can provide double earnings to investors. To everyone’s surprise, the presentation itself is a success. Meanwhile, Matsson, tweets a Holocaust joke roasting Kendall’s recent appearance. As audience members are given a chance to ask questions, one tells Kendall about Matsson’s tweet and how he feels about it. He checks the tweet while on stage and apologizes to the investors on Matsson’s behalf.

After his speech, the team congratulates Kendall for his presentation’s positive reaction. This led Waystar Royco’s price to skyrocket, causing Karl and the others to cheer him on. For his part, Roman leaves and watches the unedited video of his father mocking him by saying he always gets it wrong. In another car, Tom and Shiv talk about their relationship and how it will benefit them individually.

Right before the episode ends, Kendall visits the beach, contemplating what just happened.

What just happened? A Succession season 4 episode 6 recap

In this Succession season 4 episode 6 recap, we see the fallout from the recent installment when the Roy brothers effectively increased Matsson’s offer. During Investor Day, we see Roman handle several executives, including Gerri, for failing to respect his new position as co-CEO. Kendall is busy with his presentation of Living+, much to the worry of Waystar’s senior management team. While this is happening, Tom and Shiv return to good terms as the latter continues communicating with Matsson.

In the end, Kendall ends up doing the presentation alone and promises to make Living+ a success. This generates a lot of positive reaction from the public, causing the price of Waystar Royco to go up. At the same time, Matsson tweets a Holocaust joke roasting the planned venture, but contributes to the presentation’s success. The episode ends with Kendall gaining a lot of power in the company while Roman and Shiv are left to strategize on what they’re going to do next. Stay tuned next week to see what happens in Succession and how it’ll lead to the much-awaited series finale.

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