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Today, we’re talking to the NEW World’s Strongest Man, Mitchell Hooper. Mitchell is actually joining the podcast for a second time! He’s the first Canadian athlete to ever hold the title of World’s Strongest Man, and he did it in a Finals packed with former champions. Did we mention it’s only his SECOND year as a pro strongman?

Mitchell updates us on 24 hours in the life of a new World’s Strongest Man, along with how his goals and outlook on the sport have shifted since we last chatted. He also talks about getting back to his day job — yes, he has a full time job outside of strongman! — and the media circus that started right after he hoisted the famous trophy.

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In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Mitchell Hooper about:

  • Has Mitchell’s victory sunk in yet? (1:30)
  • Diving right back into the media circus post-victory (2:00)
  • Weaknesses Mitchell drilled in pre-comp training, including circus dumbbell (4:40)
  • Going head-to-head with previous champions (8:30)
  • The thrill of victory and sharing it with his fiancé (11:25)
  • Has Mitchell had THE fastest rise in pro strongman history? And what would he change about the sport? (14:00)
  • Mitchell’s clinical practice and day job (16:00)
  • Can Mitchell complete the first-ever men’s pro strongman sweep? (17:00)

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  • Follow David Thomas Tao on Instagram and Twitter


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