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    Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) reveals its latest new and upcoming expansion, Pokemon Card 151, which features the original 151 Pokemon hailing from Kanto. This set is expected to be released on June 16, 2023.

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    The first 151 Pokemon which start from Bulbasaur all the way to Mew will see its new reprinted versions in the Pokemon Card 151. This set will include a new Kadabra set which was held back for 20 years given its unique situation that it had an ongoing case with the illusionist Uri Geller. Just a few years ago, Uri Geller finally withdrew his complaint and publicly apologized to fans and has set to donate his PSA-graded Kadabra cards to local museums in Jaffa, Israel.

    While there are no updates on when the English version of the cards’ release will be, let’s take a quick look at the evolved forms of the Kanto starters. Take note that the images below are the translated, unofficial version of the cards provided by Twitter user @pyroGale for practice use only.

    Venusaur ex

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    Type: Pokemon, Grass
    HP: 340
    Weakness: Fire x2
    Retreat Cost: Normal Energy x4

    Soothing Bloom
    Once during your turn, if this Pokemon is in the Active Spot, you may heal 60 damage from 1 of your Pokemon.

    Potent Whip
    Damage: 150
    Energy Cost: Grass Energy x2, Normal Energy x1
    Description: Your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Poisoned and Confused.

    One of the highest HP in a Pokemon card, Venusaur ex is very useful in terms of sustaining in a game since it has the Soothing Bloom Ability that can heal 60 HP on one of your Pokemon. This makes it a little difficult to Knock Out especially if you have multiple Venusaur ex set up since, as of writing, the card doesn’t really specify that you can only do this once per turn. With this Ability, you can last longer from 2 turns to maybe even 3 turns. Its attack, Potent Whip is not really much of a threat but the Poison and Confused Special Conditions would definitely help annoy your opponents and prolong the battle into the number of turns you’ll need to Knock Out your opponent’s Active Pokemon.


    Charizard ex

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    Type: Pokemon, Fire
    HP: 330
    Weakness: Water x2
    Retreat Cost: Normal Energy x2

    Resolute Wings
    Damage: 60+
    Energy Cost: Fire Energy x1
    Description: If this Pokemon has any damage counters on it, this attack does 100 more damage.

    Explosive Vortex
    Damage: 330
    Energy Cost: Fire Energy x4
    Description: Discard 3 Energy from this Pokemon.

    Charizard ex, possibly another Charizard card that collectors will be looking for, does have the most explosive damage output with its move Explosive Vortex which does 330 damage – Enough damage to Knock Out most Pokemon ex, Pokemon V, and of course basic Pokemon cards in play. While this may be the case, having to ramp up four Fire Energy and discarding three may be a challenge but there are cards and engines like the Charizard from Pokemon GO (PGO) that have the Burn Brightly Ability which provides two Fire Energy for each one that is attached. Although, the downside to it is that you have to play two Stage 2 Pokemon to make this work which may be a bit clunky in our opinion. Of course, Magma Basin can also work perfectly in place of the Charizard from Pokemon GO (PGO).


    Blastoise ex

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    Type: Pokemon, Water
    HP: 330
    Weakness: Electric x2
    Retreat Cost: Normal Energy x3

    Solid Shell
    This Pokemon takes 30 less damage from attacks (after applying Weakness and Resistance).

    Twin Cannons
    Damage: 140
    Energy Cost: Water Energy x2
    Description: Discard up to 2 Basic Water Energy cards from your hand. This attack does 140 damage for each card discarded in this way.

    Of all three evolved Kanto starters, Blastoise proves to be the most efficient. With only 2 energy cards from your hand needed to deal 280 damage output against your opponent’s Active Pokemon, you can easily Knock Out most of the Pokemon cards that are in the meta which are basically all Pokemon V, Stage 1 ex, and of course basic Pokemon in play. You can pair this Blastoise engine with the Chien-Pao and Baxcalibur engines to make it more effective and be the ultimate bane of your opponents but then again, similar to the Charizard ex engine, this may be a bit too clunky and would take so long to work since there are a lot of set-ups required to run this deck. Another downside to this engine is going against a Koraidon ex and Regileki V deck, this would be an uphill battle given that they are Electric Pokemon, the weakness of this Blastoise ex.

    Notable Trainer Cards in the Upcoming Pokemon TCG Expansion

    Besides the original 151 Kanto Pokemon cards that will be having new prints and varieties, we are also getting new Trainer Cards that are pretty nifty to use in the new Pokemon TCG expansion. Check out the upcoming Pokemon TCG expansion’s notable Trainer Cards below.

    Snatch Arm

    Card type: Trainer, Item
    Description: Look at your opponent’s hand. Choose a Pokemon you find there and put it at the bottom of your opponent’s deck. (You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn).

    Do you know how annoying it is when your opponent is on a roll and is about to snowball you with their Pokemon being set up to hit you hard in the next turn? Well, this card stops them in their tracks by bringing back the card that they just called in to evolve for the next turn. You will take the card, put it back to the bottom of the deck and disrupt the flow of your opponent’s momentum. Of course, they could just Ultra Ball or use a similar Trainer card again but we can just do the same process anyway. We say this card is pretty nifty when you are in a pinch. Perfect for annoying your opponent to wit’s end.


    Card type: Trainer, Pokemon Tool
    Description: If the Pokemon this card is attached to is your Active Pokemon, at the end of your turn, heal 20 damage from that Pokemon. (You may attach any number of Pokemon Tools to your Pokemon during your turn. You may attach only 1 Pokemon Tool to each Pokemon, and it stays attached).

    20 damage healed isn’t really that much but pairing this with the right Pokemon will definitely help you make great strides. A good example that you can attach this Pokemon Tool to is Venusaur ex since it already has the Soothing Bloom Ability that already heals you 60 damage, by adding the Leftovers Pokemon Tool, it is increased by 20 and heals you 80 damage – More than enough to make you last longer in battle and just swat your opponent’s Active Pokemon with Potent Whip.

    Erika’s Invitation

    Card type: Trainer, Supporter
    Description: Your opponent reveals their hand. Choose a Basic Pokemon you find there and put it on their Bench. Then, switch that Pokemon to the Active Spot. (You may only play 1 Supporter card during your turn).

    When you find yourself in situations where you only need one last Knock Out to win the match but is having a hard time against your opponent’s beefed-up Active Pokemon, this may be the one for you. Similar to how Boss’ Orders is done but when it’s still not the best option for you, you may use Erika’s Invitation to place a basic Pokemon and just hit it with everything you have to get that W. Of course, you have to be pretty careful as this may be a gamble given that you can only play one Supporter card per turn – Make informed decisions and get that win.

    We are excited to see the release of these amazing cards and more! Make sure to check in on ClutchPoints Gaming to know more about the latest news, updates, and events on anything and everything Pokemon like this Pokemon Card 151 expansion, new Pokemon Card 151 TCG expansion, and upcoming Pokemon TCG expansions in the future.

    Best of luck, Trainers!

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