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    The first steps to a lean physique and weight loss are a calculated diet and an organized training split. Neglect those two essential points, and no number of fat-burning pills will inch you closer to being ripped. However, if your diet and training are dialed in, then a fat burner can help to push you over the finish line. Of course, you need to know what you’re buying and, more importantly, why. 

    We took the guesswork out of the process by listing out the best fat burner supplements on the market based on our experience and research. They contain ingredients that have been shown to aid in fat loss (when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise) — plus, most of these picks shouldn’t break the bank. If you want to get more into the nitty gritty, we also explain how fat burners work and dive a bit deeper into the ingredients that are in them. 

     Best Fat Burners

    Editor’s note: The content on BarBend is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as medical advice. The opinions and articles on this site are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before beginning a new fitness, nutritional, and/or supplement routine. 

    Best Fat Burners Video Review

    Be sure to check out our best fat burners video for an even more in-depth analysis of this supplement. 

    The Best Overall Fat Burner

    A successful cut means losing fat and retaining some energy to help you hit the gym to gain as much muscle and strength as possible — some formulas are better equipped for this task than others.

    Jacked Factory BURN-XT Max

    Jacked Factory BURN-XT Max has ingredients to satisfy nearly anyone in its formula. It contains common fat-burning ingredients — such as 1,000 mg of l-carnitine, which may help the body turn fat into energy, and 500mg of green tea leaf extract, which may help with weight loss and blood sugar. Each serving also provides 250mg of caffeine, which can help with fat burning and energy levels, while 250mg of cayenne pepper fruit extract is intended to help boost metabolism. 

    Jacked Factory Burn XT Max

    Jacked Factory Burn XT Max

    Jacked Factory’s formula will save you money, but not at the expense of quality and efficacy. Each bottle contains three-capsule servings that each provide 1,000 milligrams of acetyl-l-carnitine along with some ingredients for energy like 250mg of caffeine and 500mg of green tea extract. If you need help focusing Burn XT Max also contains 200mcg of Huperzine A.

    This product contains no fillers or dyes, though each dose requires you to take three capsules. Depending on your personal experience level with fat burners, you may want to start off with a smaller dose to assess your tolerance. For optimal digestion, Jacked Factory recommends consuming the capsules with a meal. Each 30-serving bottle costs about $39.99 or around $1.33 per serving, making this fat burner fairly cheap compared to many others.

    Who Should Take Jacked Factory BURN-XT Max

    • Athletes and bodybuilders who want to potentially increase their metabolism while also building muscle and are looking for a supplement that may help with that.
    • Those who are vegan since this product is made with veggie capsules. 
    • Anyone who values a transparent label — all of the ingredients in this supplement are listed on the label. 

    Who Shouldn’t Take Jacked Factory BURN-XT Max

    • People who don’t want to have to take their supplement with a meal. 
    • Folks who are allergic to caffeine or want a non-stim fat burner — this product contains 125mg per capsule.
    • Anyone who wants a more robust formula with more active ingredients may want to check out other options on this list.

    If you’re looking for a fat burner supplement that contains both ingredients with potential fat-burning properties and caffeine for an energy boost, BURN-XT Max is a well-rounded product to start with.

    Best Fat Burner for Men

    If you’re looking to cut but still retain the muscle you build in the gym, a fat burner can potentially help you. This pick is one of the best for men who are focusing on keeping their gains strong. 

    Instant Knockout

    Though a healthy diet, exercise, and a caloric deficit are still the most important factors during a cut, a fat burner may also help you retain the muscle mass you built while shaving off a little extra fat. Instant Knockout contains green tea extract (which can help with fat oxidation), as well as cayenne pepper seeds, which may increase metabolism.

    Instant Knockout

    Instant Knockout

    Instant Knockout is a comprehensive fat burner that contains green tea extract, as well as cayenne pepper seeds and glucomannan. Plus, this supplement also includes caffeine, theanine, and black pepper extract.  

    This supplement also includes ingredients like caffeine, which can help with energy, and theanine, which can help prevent you from crashing throughout the day (and during your workouts). Each serving is four capsules, and the black pepper extract should be able to help you absorb all of these ingredients a little better.

    Instant Knockout PillsJake shows what Instant Knockout Pills look like

    Who Should Take Instant Knockout

    • Men who are looking to trim down in the gym during a cut — this product may help both with energy during your workouts and fat loss. 
    • Anyone who wants to buy in bulk, as this brand offers multiple packages to choose from. 
    • Folks who want a potential boost in absorption will appreciate the black pepper extract here. 

    Who Shouldn’t Take Instant Knockout

    • If you’re looking for a full pre-workout supplement that contains fat-burning ingredients, you’ll want to look elsewhere. 
    • Those who want a powder fat burner should opt for another product, as this pick comes in capsule form. 
    • Men who may not want additional caffeine in their supplements since this product includes 300mg of caffeine anhydrous per four-capsule serving.

    If you’re already following a healthy diet and hitting a calorie deficit, a fat burner can be a solid supplement to add to your regimen as you near your fat loss finish line. Instant Knockout is a great option for men in the cutting phase. 

    Read our full review of Instant Knockout.

    Best Fat Burner For Women

    This fat burner is formulated with eight active ingredients to potentially help you burn fat through thermogenesis, which is the process of generating heat in the body that can potentially increase your metabolism. Geared specifically toward women, this pick contains ingredients designed to reduce cravings and increase energy without causing caffeine jitters.

    Hourglass Fit

    This formula includes potentially effective fat-burning ingredients, including 125mcg of chromium and 100mg of cayenne pepper extract, as well as ingredients like 3,000mg of glucomannan and 150mg of 5-HTP to help reduce food cravings. 

    Hourglass Fit Fat Burner

    Hourglass Fit Fat Burner

    This product contains 3,000mg of glucomannan, which can help you feel fuller to potentially reduce your appetite. It also contains cayenne pepper extract, 5-HTP, and black pepper extract (which can help you absorb all these ingredients). 

    The addition of chromium here has been suggested to decrease BMI, fasting insulin, and free testosterone. (2) The 1.7mg of vitamin B6 may also be another helpful ingredient for weight loss as it may normalize metabolism and BMI. (3) Hourglass Fit requires you to take one capsule and can work best if you take it four times daily with a glass of water.

    Who Should Take Hourglass Fit

    • Those who want to approach fat loss from a multifaceted approach will like that this product’s glucomannan, cayenne pepper, and chromium may help boost metabolism and increase thermogenesis. 
    • Women who are sensitive to caffeine will like the minimal amount of caffeine in this fat burner. 
    • Those who want a fairly simple formula as this product only contains natural ingredients. 

    Who Shouldn’t Take Hourglass Fit

    • Those who want a more robust fat burner will have to look elsewhere, as this doesn’t have tingle-inducing ingredients like beta-alanine.
    • Women who want a fat burner with caffeine since this one is low in caffeine. 
    • Those who aren’t great at taking pills. This requires one pill up to four times a day. 

    Hourglass Fit may be an excellent fat burner for women who are looking to minimize food cravings and decrease body fat. Chromium and vitamin B6 may be helpful ingredients to potentially aid in regulating your BMI and metabolism.

    Fastest Working Fat Burner

    Portion control is one of the hardest things to manage during a cut, so the dose of glucomannan here can help eliminate months of trying to cut back on bigger portion sizes by reducing your appetite naturally.

    Instant Knockout 

    It’s a fact: you can’t out-train your diet. If you’re looking to burn fat quickly, then you need to focus on your appetite and implement a calorie deficit — fast. Since many people struggle with portion control, consuming a high amount of fiber daily can help you control those portions naturally through appetite suppression.

    Instant Knockout

    Instant Knockout

    Instant Knockout is a comprehensive fat burner that contains green tea extract, as well as cayenne pepper seeds and glucomannan. Plus, this supplement also includes caffeine, theanine, and black pepper extract.  

    The glucomannan in Instant Knockout is incredibly effective here. This product is also packed with a ton of fat-burning ingredients like cayenne pepper seeds, green tea extract, caffeine, B vitamins, and theanine. Plus, the black pepper extract here can potentially boost absorption, which can allow for all of these ingredients to do their job more effectively. 

    Instant KnockoutInstant Knockout at the BarBend garage gym being tested by Jake.

    Who Should Take Instant Knockout

    • Athletes who want a fat burner that can potentially help with their appetite suppression quicker, so they don’t have to spend months working on portion control. 
    • Anyone who is looking for a solid dose of caffeine will like the 300mg here. 
    • If you want thermogenic ingredients, you’ll appreciate the cayenne pepper extract in this supplement. 

    Who Shouldn’t Take Instant Knockout

    • Buyers on a budget — this is fairly expensive compared to the rest of the market. 
    • People who don’t want stimulants in their fat burner will want to look elsewhere. 
    • If you don’t want to have to take a lot of capsules, you’ll want to avoid this product, as it requires four per serving. 

    Though nothing is going to make your fat burn happen with the snap of a finger, this product may be able to help you get your portion sizes under control — which in turn, may help you reach your calorie deficit more efficiently than a fat burner that doesn’t contain fiber. 

    The Best Fat Burner for the Money

    Expensive isn’t always synonymous with high quality. We found a product that will fit most people’s budgets while still boasting great fat burning ingredients. 

    Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    The ingredient list is pretty robust (especially for the cost), but most of the ingredients are geared toward thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a fat loss method that fat-burning supplements use. It works by picking ingredients that raise the body’s internal temperature to burn more calories (as it requires energy to cool down).

    Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    The ingredient list is pretty robust, but most of the ingredients are geared towards thermogenesis. Some of the ingredients that help with this are green tea leaf extract, cayenne pepper, caffeine, cocoa extract, and garcinia cambogia.

    Some of the ingredients that help with this are green tea leaf extract, cayenne pepper, caffeine, cocoa extract, and garcinia cambogia. Though some fat-burning supplements boast extra mood-enhancers or fatigue-fighting ingredients, this product sticks to the basics of fat burn and focuses on metabolism and metabolic health.

    Swolverine ThermSwolverine Therm at the BarBend garage before testing

    Who Should Take Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    • People who want a fat burner that won’t break the bank will like the price tag on this supp.
    • Folks who are looking for a robust ingredients list even at a lower price point. 
    • If you prefer ingredients focused on thermogenesis to burn fat, you’ll like the ingredients list on this product.

    Who Shouldn’t Take Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    • People who want a simpler label — there are quite a few ingredients here. 
    • Those who like other ingredients that may help with mood enhancement can find other options out there.

    Fat burners can be fairly expensive, so if you are looking for a reasonably-priced product that still boasts thermogenic ingredients, like cayenne pepper extract and green tea leaf extract, this pick is the way to go. 

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    Best Belly Fat Burner

    This pick has an effective list of ingredients that can help increase your metabolism and burn fat. Belly fat can be stubborn, so having multiple ingredients that can help you work toward fat burn is especially important in this case.

    Huge Supplements Exterminate

    When it comes to targeting belly fat, having multiple ingredients that can potentially boost fat burn doesn’t hurt. Huge Supplements Exterminate is a thermogenic fat burner that includes green tea extract, which contains caffeine that can work by raising your body’s temperature to potentially increase your metabolism. You’ll also find naringin and white willow extract, both of which can help with fat loss.

    Huge Supplements Exterminate

    Huge Supplements Exterminate

    Huge Supplements Exterminate green tea extract, which can potentially increase your metabolism. It also includes naringin and white willow extract, both of which can help with fat loss and weight management. 

    In addition to the fat burning ingredients, Huge Supplements also includes black pepper extract to potentially boost absorption. The capsules do contain gelatin, which means they aren’t vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, but you only have to take three once a day — some fat burners require upwards of six capsules a day. 

    Huge Supplements Exterminate PillsJake shows what Huge Supplements Exterminate pills look like at the BarBend garage before testing

    Who Should Take Huge Supplements Exterminate

    • Athletes who are working hard in the gym to eliminate belly fat, and want a supplement that contains multiple ingredients that may help with fat loss. 
    • If you want ingredients with thermogenic properties, you’ll appreciate the green tea extract here. 
    • Anyone who only wants to take their fat burner once a day. Though you do have to take three pills, you only have to do it once in the morning while other fat burners recommend you take capsules three different times a day. 

    Who Shouldn’t Take Huge Supplements Exterminate

    • Folks who want their ingredients explained in depth will want to look elsewhere as Huge Supplements does not provide their research for you to read on their site. 
    • If you’re looking for cayenne pepper or capsicum extract, you’ll want to opt for a different product on this list. 

    When it comes to belly fat, it doesn’t hurt to have a supplement with multiple ingredients targeting fat loss — and the green tea extract here may have the thermogenic properties that many customers seek out in a fat burner. 

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    Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

    Thermogenic fat burners are those that are touted to increase metabolism (through heat production) in order to burn fat. This product boasts a solid dose of capsicum fruit extract, which can play a key role in this process. 

    Huge Supplements Eliminate

    The capsicum fruit extract in this supplement may help with weight loss via thermogenesis — capsicum extract can potentially raise your body’s temperature, helping your metabolism speed up in the process. You’ll also find forskolin here, which may help release fatty acids from fat tissue, and green tea extract — another thermogenic ingredient.

    Huge Supplements Eliminate

    Huge Supplements Eliminate

    Packed with carnitine, 5-HTP, theanine, caffeine, and green coffee bean extract, this product is a great option for those who want a robust list of ingredients in their supplement — it contains 13 dedicated fat burning ingredients.  

    This supp’s caffeine can help with metabolism and energy, while the black pepper extract can help boost the absorption of all of these ingredients. Huge Supplements recommends you take four of these capsules right when you wake up in the morning, though — which may be a lot to swallow for some.

    Huge Supplements Eliminate PillsJake shows what Huge Supplements Eliminate pills look like at the BarBend garage

    Who Should Take Huge Supplements Eliminate

    • Anyone looking for a fat burner that can increase your metabolism and help the body use fat to create usable energy. 
    • People who value black pepper extract, which may help with the absorption and digestion of their supplement. 
    • Athletes who want a high dose of caffeine to help with their energy levels in the gym. 

    Who Shouldn’t Take Huge Supplements Eliminate

    • Folks who are allergic to black pepper — this product does include 5mg of this ingredient. 
    • Anyone who is trying to limit their caffeine intake.
    • If you’re pill averse, the four capsule dose here may be a bit much for you. 

    Thermogenic fat burners are ideal if you want a supplement that can help increase your metabolism and encourage your body to use fat to create energy. This product includes capsicum fruit extract for this purpose, along with ingredients that may help with fat burn and energy.

    Best Non-Stim Fat Burner

    If you prefer a non-stimulant formula because you work out at night or get the jitters, this pick comes sans caffeine, but that doesn’t stop it from being a potentially effective fat-burning supplement. 

    Jacked Factory Lean-XT

    Jacked Factory makes Lean-XT free of stimulants so that you may reap the potential benefits of a fat burner without caffeine making you jittery or disrupting your sleep schedule. Leading off the lineup is 750mg of acetyl-l-carnitine to potentially aid in burning fat and boosting metabolism. Each serving also contains 500mg of green tea extract, which may increase fat loss and provide clean energy.

    Jacked Factory Lean XT

    Jacked Factory Lean XT

    This product contains 750mg of l-carnitine, 500mg of green tea extract, and 180mg of coleus forskohlii and forskolin. Plus, it has Bioperine to potentially help with absorption. 

    Forskolin root dosed at 150mg might help boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and regulate blood sugar. With the intention of aiding in absorption and maximizing the effects of each ingredient, each two-capsule serving contains five milligrams of black pepper fruit extract as well. If you want to pick up a 30-serving bottle, you’ll only have to spend about $34.99, which works out to around $1.17 per serving — rather cost-effective for a fat burner.

    Who Should Take Jacked Factory Lean-XT

    • People who are sensitive to caffeine and prefer their fat burner to be stimulant-free. Lean-XT may provide natural energy from the green tea extract but won’t give you the jitters.
    • If you have trouble taking pills, the two-capsule serving may be easier to take than other fat burners, which can require upwards of four or even six capsules per day.
    • Those who are on a budget will appreciate that this fat burner is cost-effective.

    Who Shouldn’t Take Jacked Factory Lean-XT

    • Anyone who wants a fat burner that has stimulants in it will want to check out other options on this list.
    • If you want a fat burner with a more robust formula, you may appreciate some other options in this round-up with longer ingredients lists.
    • Those who don’t want to take fat burner pills. There are powdered options and ready-to-drink liquids as well.

    The formula on this stim-free fat burner is rather short but to the point. Each ingredient is intentional and attacks fat burning from multiple angles. There are components to potentially aid in boosting metabolism, burning fat, controlling hunger, and increasing energy naturally.

    Best Transparent Fat Burner 

    Some brands hide quality ingredients in blends, so you don’t really know what or how much you’re getting. This is why brands that value transparency — in ingredients and dosing — are valuable. 

    Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    Swolverine Therm Fat Burner offers up quality in the right quantity. There are ingredients such as green tea extract, which we like since it increases fat oxidation and thermogenesis, along with cayenne pepper and garcinia cambogia. (5) In addition to listing the full doses, Swolverine also provides in-depth explanations of the ingredients’ efficacy.

    Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    The ingredient list is pretty robust, but most of the ingredients are geared towards thermogenesis. Some of the ingredients that help with this are green tea leaf extract, cayenne pepper, caffeine, cocoa extract, and garcinia cambogia.

    Plus, Swolverine only requires one tablet per serving, which is one of the lowest numbers we’ve seen on the market (as some brands require up to six capsules per serving).

    Swolverine Therm PillsJake shows what Swolverine Therm Pills look like at the BarBend garage

    Who Should Take Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    • People who value full transparency from a company about both the ingredients and dosing. 
    • For what you get, this fat burner is pretty affordable and fairly priced. 
    • Folks who like having thermogenic ingredients in their fat burner will like the formula here.

    Who Shouldn’t Take Swolverine Therm Fat Burner

    • Folks who want a shorter ingredients list can find simpler products out there. 
    • Anyone who wants their fat burner within a pre-workout powder, or maybe just wants a powder supp in general will not like this tablet product. 

    For anyone who values a clear and transparent label, Swolverine Therm Fat Burner lists the full doses of each ingredient in plain sight, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. 

    The Best Fat Burner for Suppressing Appetite

    There’s no way around it; eating to lose weight can suck and often leave you feeling hungry. The right fat burner can help to curb those cravings. 


    Pretty much all of the ingredients on this list are status quo, but Leanbean differentiates itself by overcoming hunger cravings. This formula uses a dietary fiber called glucomannan, which swells the stomach slightly to create a feeling of fullness. Leanbean offers up three grams of the specific fiber, which is more than you’ll find in other brands.



    This fat burner, geared towards women, promotes fullness with three grams of Glucomannan, and has B vitamins for more energy and focus. Plus, you’ll find 50mg of caffeine for a subtle boost in energy. 

    It’s worth noting that this product is marketed specifically to women though, so if you’re a man who’s looking for something that caters more toward male customers, you may want to go a different direction.

    LeanbeanLeanbean being tested at the BarBend garage

    Who Should Take Leanbean

    • People who want a basic fat burner that also includes fiber for digestion and satiety.
    • Folks who experience cravings. Glucomannan can act similarly to a hunger suppressant to help keep you full. 
    • Women may appreciate that this product is marketed specifically to them. 

    Who Shouldn’t Take Leanbean 

    • Penny pinchers. This formula is more expensive than some others on this list. 
    • People with digestive issues. The extra fiber may be disruptive to some. 
    • Those who are averse to taking multiple pills in a single serving (Leanbean is six pills per serving). 

    If you’re trying to limit your grazing or eat smaller meals to stay in a calorie deficit, this product’s glucomannan may help swell the stomach, so you feel fuller. 

    Read our full review of Leanbean.

    Best Premium Fat Burner

    Sometimes (read: almost always) quality will cost you. However, this fat burner boasts great ingredients with useful extras, and actually comes at a fairly reasonable price. 

    Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

    This is a pretty complete fat burner. It’s got Thai ginseng, 5-HTP, Caralluma Fimbriata, and forskolin, which all can help decrease your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and burn fat. In addition to these less common ingredients, this fat burner also contains 200mg of caffeine, and a dose of B vitamins, which are more common in fat burners. Plus, you’ll find a kick of L-DOPA, which can help increase focus and reduce brain fog — a great asset if you are hitting your workouts hard in the gym.

    Legion Phoenix

    Legion Phoenix

    Legion’s Phoenix comes with an extra absorbable form of synephrine and a high dosage of EGCG to promote its fat-burning properties. Each five-capsule serving provides 834 milligrams of Citrus Aurantium.

    An added perk with this product is that if you want to go stim-free, you have the option to remove the caffeine at checkout. And when it comes down to it, this premium fat burner really won’t cost you much more than your average fat burner, which is great for those on a budget. 

    Legion Phoenix PillsJake shows what Legion Phoenix Pills look like at the BarBend garage

    Who Should Take Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

    • Serious fitness enthusiasts who want to take a fat burner with both tried-and-true ingredients and a few extras.
    • People who may benefit from focus-enhancing ingredients will like the L-DOPA in this product. 
    • Folks who want the option of ordering their fat burner with or without caffeine.

    Who Shouldn’t Take Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

    • If you’re looking for big hitters like cayenne pepper extract or green tea extract, you won’t find them here.
    • People who don’t want or require a more robust ingredient list can find more basic fat burners on our list.

    Legion Phoenix boasts unique ingredients like Caralluma Fimbriata and L-DOPA that many basic fat burners do not. Plus, you have the option to buy this product with or without caffeine — a choice you don’t get with many fat burners on the market.

    Read our full review of Legion Phoenix Fat Burner.

    Benefits of Fat Burners

    There are three primary ways that a fat burner can be beneficial and help to drive fat loss. Here’s a breakdown of each.

    Fat Oxidation

    A fat burner won’t actually burn fat off of your body. That said, fat is an energy source that your body stores to use. Having your macros dialed in and training consistently should always come first and foremost, but certain ingredients in fat burners have been shown to coax your body into using (or oxidizing) stored fat. Specifically, green tea extract — well, the compound EGCG, found in green tea — and L-carnitine. 


    Your body burns calories (necessary for fat loss) simply by regulating normal functions, such as breathing, your organ’s functions, and your internal temperature. Most fat burners include capsaicin (extracted from chili peppers) and caffeine to increase your body’s internal temperature. In doing so, your body will work with higher intensity to cool down and burn more calories. The amount of extra calories you can burn from thermogenesis isn’t many, but they can add up over time. This is especially true if you’re already in a caloric deficit and don’t want to reduce your food intake anymore. At that point, an extra 50 to 100 calories a day may help. 

    Appetite Suppression

    You need to eat fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. There’s no way around that. And eating a calorie deficit can be tough, especially when you need to keep up with training too. This is why many fat burners contain ingredients like 5-HTP, fiber, and psyllium to help you feel full. That way, you’re less likely to give in to bored and mindless eating.

    How We Chose the Best Fat Burners

    When selecting the best fat burners for this list, we took into account ingredients and dosing based on research and how much a fat burner actually costs. We’ll admit that fat burners aren’t an absolute necessity, but if you’re in the market for them, then we’re still going to dig deep to find the best options available. 


    If an ingredient is solid, but it’s in an amount that is five times less than what the science says is effective — then what good is that? We strive to choose products that offer the right ingredients in the right doses that are priced accordingly. We’ve further broken down the proper dosages here. 

    Proprietary Blends

    If we don’t know the dose, it’s hard to know just how effective the fat burner is. For that reason, we favored fat burners that rely on transparent labeling vs products with proprietary blends. We want you to know what you’re getting and exactly how much.


    The price tag of your fat burner will depend on the ingredients in the bottle. A more expensive fat burner most likely contains more ingredients and a higher dose of those ingredients as well. We aimed to showcase fat burners mostly in the middle, but with premium and budget options, too.

    How Much Do Fat Burners Cost?

    Fat burners are fairly inexpensive — though if you just look at the cost of the container you’re buying, you may not think so. You need to weigh the cost of the container against the number of servings you’re getting in that container. This number will usually come out somewhere around $0.50 to $1.00 per serving (though the premium fat burners cost around $2.00 per serving). 

    Best Fat Burner Overall Jacked Factory Burn XT Max $39.99

    $1.33 per serving

    Best Fat Burner for Men Instant Knockout $65.00

    $2.10 per serving

    Best Fat Burner for Women Hourglass Fit $60.00

    $2.00 per serving

    Fastest Working Fat Burner Instant Knockout $65.00

    $2.10 per serving

    Best Fat Burner for the Money Swolverine Therm Fat Burner $34.99

    $0.38 per serving

    Best Belly Fat Burner  Huge Supplements Exterminate $49.95

    $1.66 per serving

    Best Thermogenic Fat Burner Huge Supplements Eliminate $49.95

    $1.66 per serving

    Best Non-Stim Fat Burner Jacked Factory Lean-XT $34.99

    $1.17 per serving

    Best Transparent Fat Burner  Swolverine Therm Fat Burner $34.99

    $0.38 per serving

    Best Fat Burner for Suppressing Appetite Leanbean $59.99

    $2.00 per serving

    Best Premium Fat Burner Legion Phoenix Fat Burner $49.99

    $1.66 per serving

    The cost of a fat burner goes up when you add extra ingredients to the fat burning blend. While most fat burners will include a blend of fat burner basics like cayenne pepper extract, caffeine, and green tea extract, the more expensive products will add in ingredients like DMAE, which can improve mood. If added boosts aren’t important to you, one of the basic, less-expensive options on this list should do just fine.

    When Should I Take Fat Burners?

    It’s best to take fat burners in the morning about 30 minutes before you eat breakfast. Since your metabolism typically slows overnight as you sleep, taking a fat burner right in the morning could help jumpstart it for the day. 

    man running on treadmillStefanovic Mina/Shutterstock

    You can also take your fat burner about 30 minutes before your workout. Since fat burners contain a lot of ingredients that can help supply energy (like caffeine), it may be beneficial to take them pre-workout for an added jolt of energy. (6)(7)

    What’s In Your Fat Burner?

    Before purchasing any fat burner, be on the lookout for common ingredients like caffeine, CLA, and HMB, among others.


    Most fat burners offer up caffeine in doses between 100 to 200 milligrams because of its ability to increase thermogenesis and boost energy. One study found that by taking caffeine, your body may burn extra calories each day (though only 100 or less, but that can add up). (8)

    man running on treadmillCat Act Art/Shutterstock

    Some people prefer to get their caffeine from another source, so they have control over when they take it. Say you take your fat burner in the morning but train at night; then, it makes sense to save your pre-workout for before your workout. 


    Capsaicin is a compound in chili peppers that may increase your body’s internal temperature, adding up to another five to 50 calories burned per day. (9)

    HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate)

    You won’t find this in many fat burners, but HMB, a chemical produced when the body breaks down the amino acid leucine, may help preserve muscle tissue when you’re in a caloric deficit. (10) You can also buy this supplement separately and take it in tandem with a fat burner. 

    Green tea extract itself may benefit your brain and heart, making it generally beneficial when it comes to your overall well-being. (11)(12) However, green tea extract contains a compound called EGCG, specifically shown to increase fat oxidation (albeit, in obese individuals). (13) Some fat burners offer just EGCG while some list green tea extract. 

    CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

    CLA is an omega fatty acid. It’s popular in the fitness community for its ability to aid in weight loss. Though no adverse effects have been noted, additional research is still needed on the long-term use of CLA. (14)

    What to Consider Before Buying a Fat Burner

    As with most supplements, it’s important to consider your personal goals before buying a product. In this case, you’ll want to weigh the types of ingredients you’re looking for, the time at which you’ll be taking your fat burner and/or exercising, and the price you’re willing to pay.


    First and foremost, you’ll want to consider the type of potential fat burn you are looking for. As we discussed, fat burners use ingredients that may help with fat oxidation, thermogenesis, and appetite suppression. While many fat burners include ingredients that do all three of these things, oftentimes a product will lean more heavily toward one of the three in particular. Before you decide which fat burner you want to buy, you should consider which of these processes you want to prioritize. 

    A person doing a cable flye.Image via Shutterstock / andreonegin

    You’ll also want to look out for proprietary blends of ingredients. We recommend sticking to products that disclose the dosage of every ingredient in their fat burner. If a product lists a proprietary blend without the dosage, you have no way of knowing what you’re getting in your supplement or if the dosage you’re getting can be effective. 


    Though you can take your fat burner when you wake up in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism, many people choose to take their fat burners before they workout. If you are one of these people, you’ll want to consider the stimulants — like caffeine — in your fat burner. If you’re a morning workout person, great — you’re good to go. However, if you prefer to workout late at night, you may want to opt for a fat burner that doesn’t contain any stimulants. If you take a fat burner with caffeine too late in the day, it could potentially mess with your sleep.


    Most fat burners will include the typical big hitters — cayenne pepper, caffeine, and green tea — but if you’re willing to dish out a little extra cash, some fat burners may also include extras like HMB or DMAE that can help with things outside of fat burn (in this case, muscle retention and mood).

    Final Word

    While a healthy diet, caloric deficit, and consistent exercise regimen are the best tools you can have for losing weight, fat burners can be helpful supplements. If your nutrition and workout routine are on point, fat burners may help you suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, and burn a little extra fat.

    Before you start on a fat burning supplement, it’s important to speak with your physician to see if this supplement could be right for you. Once you’ve picked out the ingredients you’re looking for and settled on a price point, this list can help you with the rest.


    Are fat burners safe?

    Because they’re a supplement, fat burners aren’t regulated by the FDA. That said, most fat burners include common ingredients in reasonable doses. What you shouldn’t do is stray from the recommended dosage and take more. That won’t get you ripped faster, but it may make you ill.

    What’s the best fat burner?

    There are tons of different fat burner options, each with its own ingredients intended to help with burning fat. They take different approaches to reach this goal, but our current favorite is Jacked Factory Burn XT Max. Its transparent label, simple yet effective formula, and multifaceted approach make it the best available right now, in our opinion.

    How much do fat burners cost?

    Fat burners can range in price from around $30 to $70 (or more) depending on the formula, brand, and other factors. The label price doesn’t tell the whole story though, as we tend to focus more on the cost per serving. The most cost-effective fat burners (which may be more straightforward with a simpler formula) can cost around $0.35 to $0.75 per serving while more expensive and robust fat burners can cost $1.50 to $2.50 per serving.

    Do I need a fat burner?

    Nope. Following your macros, training hard, and even upping your daily step count should come first. You cannot — we repeat, cannot — take a pill or powder and see results. If you eat well and train a few times a week, however, a fat burner may help expedite the process a little bit.

    Should I take a fat burner before my cheat meal to offset the damage.

    Again, no. If you’re going to have a cheat meal, then have your cheat meal. If you feel like you need to offset the damage of a single meal, then maybe a better question to ask yourself is, “Should I be eating this?”


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