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The Golden State Warriors, despite entering their second-round series against the Los Angeles Lakers as slight favorites, know better than to underestimate a LeBron James-led squad. Even with James struggling, this Lakers squad, which has emerged as one of the best teams in the NBA since the trade deadline, is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the likes of Stephen Curry. And for much of the second half, the Lakers were in control, taking a double-digit lead late into the contest.

However, the Warriors simply don’t know when to quit. They came roaring back from a 12-point deficit thanks to some timely buckets from Curry, Klay Thompson, and even Jordan Poole, someone who has struggled for much of the 2023 NBA Playoffs. However, Poole’s three-pointer to cut the lead to three may have given him some irrational, if admirable confidence that ended up shooting the Warriors on the foot.

With the Lakers clinging on to just a three point lead following a LeBron James free-throw miss, the Warriors had chances to tie the game up or, at the very least, inch closer. However, Poole took it upon himself to try to be the hero for the Warriors… and all he did was become a zero.

Jordan Poole missed a layup with 41 seconds remaining, and most egregiously, the Warriors guard missed what would have been a game-tying triple with nine seconds left, which proved to be the final nail in their coffin for Game 1.

Warriors fans, as a result of Poole’s failed heroics, couldn’t help but express their frustration that the ball didn’t end up in Stephen Curry’s hands with the game still hanging in the balance.

Jordan poole cannot make that shot. Sorry. Steph makes that one.

— Jonathan Mace (@MaceJonathan) May 3, 2023

jordan poole. JORDAN POOLE. I hate this man so much why does Kerr put him in the fourth quarter knowing damn well this man cannot shoot at all oh my god I’ve had it this dumbass thinks he’s Steph curry HE’S NOT

— sean (@seanela_) May 3, 2023

Jordan Poole should never see another minute in a game ever. The fuck? You ain’t Steph. You’ll
Never be Steph. You’re the step brother. Poole is GARBAGE

— NateDogg92 (@NateDogg0811) May 3, 2023

Until Jordan Poole realizes he is not Steph they got no chance

— Harp (@DeeHarp) May 3, 2023

Some fans also pointed out that even Stephen Curry appeared flabbergasted in the immediate aftermath of Jordan Poole’s audaciously deep attempt from beyond the arc that ended up clanking off the side iron. Curry put his hands on his knees and hung his head, clearly frustrated over the events that recently transpired before his very eyes.

The audacity poole had to
Take that shot. Even Steph knew. Wow

— NateDogg92 (@NateDogg0811) May 3, 2023

Steph already over it 🤣🤣🤣 Poole bout to get that “under any circumstance” treatment https://t.co/XyitgCruu3

— 👑 triLL edward (@ReeZyRAW) May 3, 2023

Jordan Poole may be feeling the pressure of wanting to earn the $140 million deal he signed this past offseason, but in those moments, he better leave the onus of making that shot to his more experienced and more clutch teammates.

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