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    The wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy contains different fantastic beasts that the player will encounter throughout their gameplay. In Hogwarts Legacy, players will be playing as a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As a student of Hogwarts, players will be able to explore the world from the Wizarding World franchise and get to go to the locations in the franchise and get to explore them. During the exploration of these various locations, players will be able to encounter the fantastic beasts from the franchise.

    There are different types of fantastic beasts that the player can encounter throughout the players’ exploration of these locations. The fantastic beasts of Hogwarts Legacy include fearsome dragons all the way to the adorable Nifflers. These beasts can be found in various locations outside Hogwarts Castle. When exploring the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy, the fantastic beasts that the player will encounter will have different ranges of disposition depending on the different conditions that they are found in. Some of these beasts will be hostile due to being corrupted by mysterious dark magic. This means that they will be highly aggressive toward the player and could potentially harm the player as well. On the other hand, the other beasts could be much tamer which means that they are on the tamer side and the player could potentially have an interaction with them.

    While the fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy can be found in the wild, it is possible for the player to rescue them. When these beasts are rescued, it will become possible for the player to create a menagerie inside the Room of Requirements. This sanctuary will enable the player to interact with the rescued beasts. These interactions will allow the player to do things with them such as petting them. In addition, other tamed beasts can also be used as mounts for faster transport. However, as of the moment, it seems that there are only two types of beasts that could become a mount. These would be the Hippogriffs and Thestrals.

    With all that said, let’s dive into the guide and see what these fantastic beasts are all about.

    To start interacting with these beasts, it is imperative that the player first complete the quest Beast Class. This quest is important as it is what unlocks the initial interactions with the fantastic beasts. To start this quest, the player must go to Professor Howin’s Beast Class. In this class, Professor Hawin will teach the player about the fantastic beasts. This class will also teach the player the various basics of handling these creatures.

    The first thing that is taught in this class is caring for the beast by petting them with a specific brush. This quest will give a beast petting brush to the player which they will then be required to use on one of the beasts in the classroom. The second step involves learning how to feed the fantastic beast. Just like the brush, a feeding item will be given to the player to give out to the beast provided. While these two steps are done, there will be a change in icons on top of the beast. These are indicators regarding care and hunger. Ordinarily, these will be colored gray but when the beast is cared for and fed properly, they will turn color green. This means that the beast is cared and fed for appropriately.

    Once this initial stage is finished, Professor Howin will move on to the next stage of the quest where the player will be made to interact with other beasts. From here, one of the quest NPCs will call out to the player and introduce them to a Hippogriff. Just like the previous beasts, the player must interact with the beast. This means showing them appropriate care and feeding them a proper amount.

    Once this objective has been completed, the player will now be able to encounter these fantastic beasts in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy and tame them. With that said let’s get into the different kinds of fantastical beasts and the locations where they can be found.

    Enemy Beasts of Hogwarts Legacy


    Centaurs are considered part of the selection of magical creatures despite possessing human intelligence and having the ability to communicate with wizards without a problem. They are fantastic beasts that possess a human torso and the lower half of a horse. Unlike the other fantastic beasts, they cannot be tamed like normal as they are considered enemy beasts in the game. They possess considerable skills in archery, healing magic, divination, and astronomy.

    These Centaurs are located in the forbidden forest nearby Hogwarts Castle. They are typically hostile toward the players.


    Although trolls look like they could possess some form of intelligence, they are not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Despite this lack of intelligence, they have a lot of raw brute strength that could potentially threaten players. Just like the Centaurs, Trolls are considered beasts and cannot be tamed.

    When looking for Trolls, they are typically located in Troll Lairs which are marked around the map. Some of these Troll Lairs are located at the East of Feldcroft on the far eastern side of the map and at the East of Poidsear Castle Floo Flame on the southern part of the map. Typically, approaching trolls will get them to automatically be hostile to the player.


    Dragons are one of the most hyped-up fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. However, just like in the other media from the Wizarding World, Dragons are typically ferocious and dangerous. They are able to take to the skies and breathe fire down on their opponents.  Currently, it seems that just the previously mentioned fantastic beasts, Dragons cannot be tamed.

    When looking for Dragons in Hogwarts Legacy, it can be difficult to come across them as they are extremely rare. However, they are known to be involved in side quests throughout the game. Typically, these beasts are known to be highly aggressive especially when their eggs are threatened.


    The Acromantula at its core is just a gigantic spider. They exhibit some form of intelligence as they typically like to guard their homes as well as different kinds of treasure. They are very hostile toward the player as they have a particular taste towards human flesh.

    These gigantic spiders are typically located in the forbidden forest and will usually try to harm a player at first sight. Because of this, it is recommended to be wary especially when exploring the forbidden forest.


    The Inferi is an atypical fantastic beast in Hogwarts Legacy as it is considered undead. Because they are undead, they have no brains. Because of this, they do not exactly think about who or what they attack. However, despite this lack of thinking, they are still a force to be reckoned with as they can become a threat just like any fantastic beast.

    They are typically located south of Hogwarts at an Inferi hideout nearby. More precisely, they can be spotted along the river in Keenbridge near a cemetery. They are typically aggressive and hostile against the players.

    Vivarium Beasts

    Vivarium Beasts are fantastic beasts that the player can easily tame. When tamed, they can be brought back to the Room of Requirement to interact with them. It is imperative that these tamed beasts constantly be cared for and fed properly. With that said, below is a list of the tameable fantastic beasts and where to find them.

    Diricawl – At the Ruins Northwest of Keenbridge, Southwest of Poidsear Coast, Southwest of Marunweem

    Giant Purple Toad – North Ford Bog, Forbidden Forest, Southeast of Upper Hogsfield, North of Aranshire, South of Northern Sea Bog Floo Station, Center Island of Marunweem Lake, Island between Clagmar Coast and Manor Cape

    Graphorn – Clagmar Coast (Mount)

    Fwooper – Northeast of Poidsear Coast

    Jobberknoll – Most Northwestern point of Forbidden Forest

    Kneazle – Southwest of BrocBurrow, South of Northern South Sea Bog, Southwest of Muaruweem, Northwest of Cragcroft, Southwest of Clagmar Coast

    Mooncalf – Northwest of Hogwarts, Southwest of San Bakar’s Tower, South of Feldcroft, Entrance of Poidsear Coast

    Niffler – Northwest of North Ford Bog, Southeast of Feldcroft, East of Keenbridge, Near Phoenix Mountain Cave, Southeast of Cragcroft, Middle of Manor Cape

    Puffskein – Near Hogsmeade Region, North of Feldcroft, Poidsear Coast, Manor Cape, Southern Clagmar Coast

    Unicorn – Hidden in Forbidden Forest

    Mountable Beasts

    So far, the only fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy that can be mounted are the Hippogriff which is befriended through a quest, and a Graphorn when it is tamed. So far, no other mountable fantastic beast has been found.

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