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    One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you could add to your home gym is a solid weight bench, as it can provide the means to perform exercises like the bench press, dumbbell rows, and Bulgarian split squats. However, available space is always a limiting factor, which is why the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench could be a necessary purchase for those who struggle in that regard. This bench is forged from high-quality 11-gauge steel, features legs that fold into the padding, only weighs 48 pounds, and comes with a wall mount for easy storage. 

    With a height of 17 inches, this bench meets the IPF height standards, making it a viable option for competitors who want to prep from home. However, Rogue doesn’t disclose the weight capacity, so it might be best to avoid any attempts to break the bench press world record. That said, 11-gauge steel weight benches can typically hold up to 1,000 pounds. Due to this bench’s high-quality construction and space-saving nature, we think the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench could be a solid addition to your home gym. 

    Main Takeaways

    • The Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench features a collapsable design and a wall mount for easy storage.
    • Rogue used 11-gauge steel to craft this bench, making it professional quality.
    • This bench weighs only 48 pounds, so you can easily move it around your personal space.

    Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench

    Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench

    The Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench is made from high-quality 11-gauge, 2×3-inch steel, as one would expect from Rogue. The thick neoprene pad offers a comfortable pressing surface, and the folding legs fold down quickly to easily stowe it on the included bench hanger.

    Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench Highlights

    The beauty of a weight bench is that it can be used by all athletes, regardless if you’re a newbie or a seasoned vet. While you can perform a wide range of exercises with this bench, it’s important to note that this one is not adjustable. So it won’t provide extra support on your back for shoulder presses, and you’ll need to stack a weight plate under the front or back feet to incorporate some incline or decline bench presses. 

    Since it only weighs 48 pounds, moving it around your space is effortless, and it only sticks out about eight inches from the wall when stored via the wall mount. The top of the pad measures 17 inches from the floor, it’s 47 inches long, and including the legs, it’s only 14 inches wide.

    When the bench is folded, the height shrinks to 1.5 inches, meaning you can easily store it in a closet or under a bed if you can’t utilize the wall mount. Despite the smaller stature, Rogue still charges about $320 for this bench before shipping, which is around the same price as a solid adjustable bench.

    Who Should Buy the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench

    • Anyone tight on space in their home gym should target this bench as it features a small footprint and is easy to store.
    • Powerlifting competitors who want to practice from home as this bench meets the IPF height standards.
    • Folks searching for a high-quality bench will appreciate the 11-gauge steel used here.

    Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench

    • Anyone searching for an adjustable bench, as this is a strictly flat bench. 
    • Those on a tight budget can find a cheaper alternative.
    • Athletes with a broad back may find the 12-inch wide pad on this bench to be too narrow.


    The Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench is available for $320, but shipping and taxes bring the final price tag to about $380. While this may be money well spent for those challenged with their available space, this is about the same price you’d pay for a beefier adjustable bench. So if you have plenty of room to work with, you might be better off sourcing an adjustable one. Rogue does offer some financing options you might want to check out if you’d rather make monthly payments through PayLater or Affirm.

    Overall Build and Quality

    While the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench weighs only 48 pounds, the 11-gauge steel makes it sturdy. It’s a bit of a bummer that the weight capacity is not listed anywhere, but weight benches that feature steel of this caliber can typically withstand up to 1,000 pounds. The foldability and small footprint are the two key components of this bench, as both aspects ensure that it can be housed in virtually any home gym. 


    Aside from the ability to fold, the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench doesn’t have very many features due to it being a flat bench. Since it can fold, two pins are located in each of the legs to secure them into place, and because it only weighs 48 pounds, it’s extremely portable.

    Foldable Legs

    Both legs on this weight bench fold into the padding, allowing you to store it virtually anywhere. This is made possible by a pin that secures into one of two holes on the framework of the bench. To fold the legs, remove the pin from the bottom hole, fold the hinge, and place the pin in the other hole to secure it into place. Perform these steps in reverse order to unfold the legs before working out.

    Due to the hinges, you’ll experience a little bit of a wobble with the padding from side to side and with the legs from front to back when you first place the bench on your home gym flooring. While the side-to-side movement might be a bit of a turn-off for some, you can work around the leg movement by pulling one away from the bench. This locks the legs into place, creating a sturdy feel. 


    This is strictly a flat bench, meaning the back pad does not adjust to provide any incline or decline angles. You can still get creative by placing some weight plates under either foot to manipulate the angles you’re working with.


    While the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench doesn’t feature wheels, it’s still highly portable since it only weighs 48 pounds. So whether you’re moving it into a power rack to perform a barbell bench press or moving it out to work on your back squats, it’ll only take seconds.

    Color Options

    This bench is only available in Black. So if you’re looking for your bench to sport a specific color, you’ll have to keep searching.

    Product Specs

    When thinking of the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench, saving space is the first thing that comes to mind. The dimensions are smaller than most weight benches, and the foldability aspect allows you to store it virtually anywhere. Rogue uses the same 11-gauge steel to craft this bench as they do on their other benches, and the 2.5-inch textured padding will prevent you from sliding around as you start to sweat. 


    Rogue uses a 2.5-inch thick textured padding on this bench that is comfortable to lay on and provides some grip so you aren’t slipping and sliding around while repping some dumbbell bench presses. One thing worth remembering is that the padding is 12 inches wide, which might be too narrow for those with a wide back, and you can’t swap it out for a wider one. 


    The Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench is forged from 11-gauge steel. Most of the time, you’ll find the equipment at a professional gym to be made from this caliber steel, so it’s nice knowing you’re getting the best quality you could ask for.

    Dimensions and Storage 

    This bench is 47 inches long, sits 17 inches off the ground, and is 14 inches wide, including the feet. If you choose to use the included wall mount, you can expect it to stick out about eight inches when stored. Since the height shrinks to about 7.5 inches when folded, you can easily slide this bench under your bed or fit it in a closet if you can’t drill into the walls of your home or garage. 

    Weight Capacity

    While the weight capacity of this bench is not listed on Rogue’s website, weight benches that feature 11-gauge steel typically can support up to 1,000 pounds. We haven’t tested the weight limit yet, but hopefully, we will get the chance soon.


    With your purchase, Rogue includes a lifetime structural warranty covering any manufacturing defects of the framework of this bench.

    Places to Buy

    You can purchase the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench directly through the Rogue Fitness website.

    Company Information

    Since 2006, Rogue has been one of the leading manufacturers in the fitness space. If you need to contact their customer support team, you can reach them at 614-358-6190.

    Final Word

    Building a home gym is a tough task. Not only do you have to choose from the endless amount of equipment out there, but you also have to ensure it all fits in your personal space. This is where products like the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench come in handy. It features a smaller footprint than most weight benches, and the ability to fold down to about 7.5 inches tall allows you to store it almost anywhere. The 11-gauge steel is of the highest quality you could ask for, and the 2.5-inch textured padding can prevent sliding. 

    While the weight capacity is unknown, weight benches that feature this gauge of steel can typically hold up to 1,000 pounds. So odds are, you’ll be able to hit your heavy lifts without hesitation. This bench is a solid option to consider for many reasons, the obvious one is that it allows you to make the most of your space. But since it also meets the IPF height requirements, competitors can easily prep for their next competition from home. So if you’re looking for a high-quality, space-saving weight bench to add to your home gym, we think this is your best bet.


    How much does the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench cost?

    The base price for this bench is $320, but after shipping and taxes, the price jumps to around $380. While this will likely be money well spent for those struggling with available space, those with plenty of room to work with can find an FID bench for roughly the same price.

    Is the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench an adjustable weight bench?

    No, this is strictly a flat bench. However, you can easily manipulate the angle of the padding by placing a weight plate or two under the feet to create additional angles.

    How can I store the Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench?

    The beauty of this bench is that it can be stored in a multitude of places. While it’s intended to be stored with the included wall mount, you can also slide it under your bed or put it in a closet since it’s only 7.5 inches tall when folded.

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