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    The 1st Phorm St. Louis Pro was held on Saturday, May 6, 2023, in St. Louis, MO. It featured IFBB Pro League Men’s Physique and Women’s Physique competitions. Sixteen athletes competed in the Men’s Physique contest, and 11 athletes competed in the Women’s Physique contest.

    On the men’s side, Benquil Marigny took the victory and the 2023 Men’s Physique Olympia qualification that came with it. The Women’s Physique winner was Pamela Canfield, and her name was added to the list of qualified athletes for the 2023 Women’s Physique Olympia.

    1st Phorm St. Louis Pro Results

    The top 10 for both contests are below:

    Men’s Physique

    1. Benquil Marigny
    2. Anthony Gilkes
    3. Puwanat Putoya
    4. Quincey Whittington
    5. Dustin Alvis
    6. Brett Mario Jackson
    7. Andres Ramos
    8. Roberto Lima
    9. Jamal Everette
    10. Damar Turner

    Women’s Physique

    1. Pamela Canfield
    2. Emilija Martic
    3. Daniely Castilho
    4. Donna Williams
    5. Nadia Henriquez
    6. Elina Aviles Romero
    7. Marianne Von Gierke
    8. Marika Jones
    9. Jessica Belt
    10. Stacey A. Lewis

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    Men’s Physique Winner — Benquil Marigny

    Marigny has tried qualifying for the Olympia all season, but he needed a pro show win. This was his fourth pro show of 2023, and he finally placed first. His previous three appearances this season resulted in two silvers and a bronze.

    This marks Marigny’s fourth career pro victory. If he competes in the Olympia on the weekend of Nov. 2-5, 2023, in Orlando, FL, it will be his second time being scored by the judges on that stage. He finished out of the top 15 in 2022.

    Second Place — Anthony Gilkes

    This was Gilkes’ 2023 debut and may have been the best he’s looked onstage in several seasons. He only lost the show by one point, meaning some judges had him winning the contest — the highest and lowest scores are thrown out to determine final placement. If Gilkes chooses to compete again in 2023, he would surely be in the mix for a potential win.

    Third Place — Puwanat Putoya

    This was Putoya’s third pro show and the second of the 2023 season. He placed fifth in the 2023 Boston Pro in March. This is his highest finish as a pro in his two-year career. Like Gilkes, it would not be a surprise to see Putoya on another pro stage vying for an Olympia qualification.

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    Women’s Physique Winner — Pamela Canfield

    Canfield has sought her first pro win since earning IFBB Pro League status in 2020, and she finally earned it in St. Louis. This qualifies her for the Women’s Physique Olympia for the first time, as the judges had her comfortably in first place overall.

    Second Place — Emilija Martic

    This is Martic’s fourth straight second-place finish in the last two seasons. She was runner-up at the 2023 Vancouver Island Showdown Pro one week prior to this contest.

    Consistently placing that high is obviously good, but she needs that first pro win to reach the grandest stage in bodybuilding. There are plenty more opportunities to compete in 2023, so the question now is which show Martic will contend in next.

    Third Place — Daniely Castilho

    Castilho made her first appearance of 2023 at this show and was considered by many to be the favorite. She has Olympia experience, placing sixth in the 2020 contest, but this wasn’t her day, and requalifying for the Olympia will have to wait until a future show. Her last pro win came at the 2021 Mr. Big Evolution Pro.

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