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On the weekend of May 6th, the 2023 HYROX Elite 15 rankings saw shakeups on both the men’s and women’s leaderboards. Graham Halliday of the UK saw an improved time but was already on the Elite 15 leaderboard. However, German athlete Peter Schiller finished with a time of 00:58:21, fast enough for the 14th spot in the Elite 15, bumping Irish athlete Tom Hogan out. It’s a rough blow for Hogan as he had qualified a few weeks prior at HYROX Köln.

On the women’s side, French athlete Jezabel Kremer, who placed second at 2023 HYROX Barcelona, was bumped from position 15 to 16 when German athlete Janne Thomsen got a time of 01:04:31. This moved Thomsen into 10th on the Elite 15 leaderboard. Catch the results of the Hannover race below:

Hannover Elite Men’s Division Results

  1. Graham Halliday (GBR) — 00:57:35
  2. Peter Schiller (GER) — 00:58:21
  3. Rubén Patiño Vieites (ESP) — 00:59:04
  4. Jannik Czapla (GER) — 00:59:05
  5. Hidde Weersma (NED) — 00:59:26
  6. Dominic Molzahn (GER) — 00:59:54
  7. Dieter Schwarzkopf (GER) — 01:01:23
  8. Pär Bergsman (SWE) — 01:01:50
  9. Markus Pütz (GER) — 01:03:38
  10. Jaafar Moumen (GER) — 01:03:38
  11. Janik Hoffmann (GER) — 01:05:27
  12. Julian Krüger (GER) — 01:05:30

Hannover Elite Women’s Division Results

  1. Janne Thomsen (GER) — 01:04:31
  2. Petra Arvela (ESP) — 01:08:51
  3. Sabrina Röthig (GER) — 01:09:38
  4. Antje Hardes (GER) — 01:10:14
  5. Tatjana Kasper (GER )—  01:10:48
  6. Janina Mentzel (GER )— 01:11:15
  7. Celina Tank (GER) — 01:13:24
  8. Julia Reusch (GER) — 01:15:19
  9. Bonnie Lohmann (GER) — 01:15:42
  10. Sonia Petrarca (GER) — 01:17:38
  11. Jule Rüter (GER) — 01:18:15
  12. Martina Görz (GER) — 01:18:29

With HYROX Copenhagen canceled, there are few chances left for athletes to qualify for the 2023 HYROX World Championships via the Elite 15 leaderboard. Only three race weekends remain before the HYROX World Championships on May 22-23, 2023, in Manchester, UK. 

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2023 HYROX Hannover Recap

Hannover was close on the men’s side. The women’s side displayed a much larger gap between first and second place, as Janne Thomsen recorded an impressive race. Even without competition close by, she scored a personal best time to enter the women’s Elite 15 leaderboard in the 10th position, leaving Jezabel Kremer out of the World Championships unless Kremer posts a sufficient finish in the next two weeks. 

Graham Halliday and Peter Schiller battled it out for first and second place and finished less than a minute apart. Since both athletes are consistent podium contenders, it is no surprise both secured World Championships spots.

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Rubén Patiño Vieites of Spain rounded out the podium in third place. Although he did not make the Elite 15, he pushed US athlete Rich Ryan further down the leaderboard with his time of 00:59:04. Fourth place finisher Jannik Czapla from Germany logged an excellent time of 00:59:05 for 20th overall on the Elite leaderboard.

What’s Next with HYROX

There are not many opportunities left for athletes to qualify for the 2023 HYROX World Championships. There are two qualifying events left for the 2023 season — a tenuous time for athletes who already plan to compete at World’s but could be knocked out with less than a fortnight to go. 

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