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    This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, entitled MLS Season Pass Impasse, is presented by Sling.

    You speak, we listen. Your feedback about MLS Season Pass and what you like or don’t like about the streaming service has blown up our comments section and in-boxes. On this episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, we share your experiences of MLS Season Pass thus far. And it appears that the service has hit an impasse for many of you.

    We wish we could have included more of your feedback in the episode about MLS Season Pass. However, we included as much as we could within the time we had.

    In addition to discussing the issues that Major League Soccer faces, we also dive into a round-up of the top action from around the European leagues, as well as our continued frustration with the inconsistencies of VAR.

    Last but not least, we discuss whether the Red Bull coaching system has largely been a failure when used in the English Premier League.

    MLS Season Pass impasse: Hear the episode

    Listen to the podcast episode below:

    Launched in 2006, the World Soccer Talk Podcast is the longest running podcast on the planet. Every week, we share the latest news about watching soccer on television and streaming, in addition to discussing what we like and dislike, and featuring your questions and feedback in our Listener Mailbag segment. Christopher Harris and Kartik Krishnaiyer host the show.

    Send in your questions, comments and feedback via e-mail to, via Twitter (@worldsoccertalk) or Facebook. We’ll read them out on-air in the next episode. Or call our voicemail line and leave a message at 561-247-4625.

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