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    Exercise bikes are an excellent way to implement cardio into your workout routine without putting excess stress on your joints. While they come in many forms, the Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike resembles what you’d see in a spin class and is an awesome option for a dedicated cyclist to consider. The dual-sided pedals feature SPDⓇ clips on one side and toe cages on the other. This bike offers up to 100 levels of magnetic resistance from the 40-pound flywheel, and while the LCD display is simple, it still tracks your metrics. Plus, the designated tablet holder is an ideal way to stream from your favorite apps while riding. 

    With your purchase, you’ll receive a two-month trial of JRNYⓇ. This interactive app offers immersive on-demand classes for your rides with the bike, various strength training programs with some dumbbells, a kettlebell, or your bodyweight. Plus, there are classes for yoga, pilates, and core work. The included armband heart rate monitor is ideal for those who want to monitor their HRV, and a pair of three-pound dumbbells is positioned under the dual water bottle holders. Due to the $800 price, the compatibility with SPDⓇ cleats, and the high-quality build, we think the Bowflex C6 could be an excellent addition to your home gym.

    Main Takeaways

    • The 40-pound flywheel offers 100 resistance levels.
    • The dual-sided pedals are compatible with SPDⓇ cleats and cycling shoes.
    • With your purchase, you’ll receive a two-month trial for the JRNYⓇ app.

    Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike

    Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike

    This exercise bike from Bowflex features an affordable price tag, a steel frame, and a 40-pound flywheel with 100 levels of resistance. 

    Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike Highlights

    With an $800 price tag, the Bowflex C6 is a solid choice for those who want a well-built and budget-friendly alternative to more expensive exercise bikes. Flywheels are a crucial aspect of exercise bikes as they provide a smooth ride, and the heavier they are, the harder it is to start and stop. Thanks to the C6’s 40-pound flywheel, your rides will be smoother and more challenging than a bike with a lighter one. This heavier flywheel also offers 100 resistance levels, allowing you to gradually increase the difficulty of your rides. 

    Tracking your metrics is easily done on the LCD display, and the free armband heart rate monitor is an added perk for those who want to track their HRV during cardio sessions. Bowflex opted for a tablet holder for streaming classes rather than incorporating a large touchscreen monitor into the C6, but we don’t view that as a negative as it keeps the price significantly lower.

    While the C6 is excellent for general fitness enthusiasts, we think dedicated cyclists will love it for the ability to wear their SPDⓇ cleats or cycling shoes while riding. But one thing worth noting here is that this bike has no programmed workouts, nor are there any incline or decline settings. So if those are make-or-break aspects for you, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

    Who Should Buy the Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike

    • Those looking for a high-quality exercise bike without overspending will enjoy the $800 price tag of the C6.
    • Cyclists looking for a bike that allows them to wear their cleats or shoes will be pumped about the dual-sided pedals on this bike.
    • Since the C6 has no fancy features, this is a great option for anyone who wants a straightforward product.

    Who Shouldn’t Buy the Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike

    • Folks who want their exercise bike to have a more luxurious feel with a fully integrated touchscreen monitor or automatic adjustments will need to explore other options.
    • Anyone looking for a bike with incline and decline settings will have to keep searching, as the C6 doesn’t offer those settings.
    • Athletes who want their exercise bike to have programmed workouts will need to look elsewhere, as this bike doesn’t offer any. 


    You can purchase the C6 Exercise Bike for around $800 on Bowflex’s website. This is about half the price of some competitors’ bikes, and we think it’s a solid deal considering the overall quality. Like all equipment, you can always find a cheaper alternative, but those will likely be of lesser quality than the C6. If you’d rather finance the bike, Bowflex will allow you to make monthly payments of about $45 until you pay it off. 

    Overall Build and Quality

    The Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike is comprised of a welded steel frame, leading to a durable and stable product. Weighing in at 112 pounds, it’s about 52 inches tall, a tick over 55 inches long, a shade under 30 inches wide, and has a 330-pound weight capacity. With your purchase, you’ll receive a 10-year warranty on the frame, a three-year warranty on parts and electronics, and a one-year labor warranty.


    The C6 may not have the modern luxuries you’ll find on competing bikes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We think the lack of an integrated touchscreen display is a positive as it keeps the price down — plus, you can still use your phone or tablet to stream classes if desired. You’re able to track all of your metrics on the LCD display. The complimentary heart rate monitor is an added bonus, and the dual water bottle holders allow you to stay hydrated during your cardio sweat sessions. 

    Stat Tracking and Display

    Monitoring your stats during your cardio sessions is a great way to keep track of your overall progression. While the C6 only offers a simple LCD display, it allows you to easily calculate your burned calories and track your RPM, time, distance, speed, heart rate, and resistance level. 

    Included Workouts

    There are no programmed workouts on the C6, but you do receive a free two-month trial to JRNYⓇ.

    Workout Apps and Subscription Options

    There are a handful of apps (like Zwift and Rouvy) that can integrate with the C6, but the JRNYⓇ app is the best fit here. This interactive app contains trainer-led workouts ranging from strength training to cardio. The workouts designed for the C6 feature an immersive experience with rides in various cities worldwide.

    After your two-month free trial runs out, you’ll have two options to choose from if you want to pay for a full-time membership. Bowflex products that feature an integrated monitor require an all-access membership, which will run you around $20 a month or about $150 a year. But for the C6, you’re better off going with the mobile-only membership. This version is about $12 a month or $100 a year.

    Ride Feel and Comfort

    Thanks to the 40-pound flywheel on the C6, you can expect a smooth ride during your cardio sessions. If you aren’t aware, flywheels create force as you pedal against them, and the heavier they are, the harder they are to start and stop. Since 40 pounds is on the heavier side of things, it’s perfect for those who want a challenge, but the weight can also help maintain your momentum while riding. 

    Heart Rate Monitoring

    While there aren’t any built-in heart rate sensors on the handlebars of the C6, Bowflex includes an armband heart rate monitor with your purchase that connects to the bike via Bluetooth. 


    Since there aren’t any fans included in the build of this bike, you might want to keep an oscillating fan nearby to keep you cool.


    There aren’t any speakers with the C6, so you’ll need to use a Bluetooth speaker or your Bluetooth earbuds to listen to your favorite workout music or to follow along with your trainer during one of the JRNYⓇ workouts.

    Water Bottle, Cup Holders, Tablet and Phone Holders

    The dual water bottle holders on the Bowflex C6 are perfect for keeping your hydration levels high with your shaker bottle or water bottle full of your favorite electrolyte supplement nearby.

    A lot of high-end cardio equipment integrates large touchscreens to display guided workouts, but that can really jack up the price. Bowflex’s decision to let you stream your workouts on your device via the tablet holder keeps this bike on the more reasonable end of the price spectrum. 

    Bluetooth Capabilities

    The Bowflex C6 features Bluetooth connectivity for your cycling app and heart rate monitor.

    HDMI, USB, and Other Inputs

    This bike has no plug-ins, so we suggest charging your devices before riding. 

    Product Specs

    The Bowflex C6 resembles what you’d find in a spin class. The 40-pound flywheel paired with 100 levels of resistance provides the necessary stimulus needed for a brutal workout, and the dual-sided pedals are compatible with SPD cleats and cycling shoes. The seat and handlebars are both adjustable; the C6 weighs 112 pounds and has a 330-pound weight capacity.

    Bike Type

    The Bowflex C6 is a classic spin bike. Since it’s an upright bike, it might not be the best option for those with lower back ailments, in which case you may be better off with a recumbent bike.


    The Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike features 100 levels of magnetic resistance from the 40-pound flywheel. Magnetic resistance has become the norm for most cardio equipment as it’s the quietest form available. To adjust the resistance, simply turn the knob in the desired direction, and your chosen level will be displayed on the LCD screen. 


    The dual-sided pedals on the C6 are an added perk for those who have their own cycling shoes or SPD cleats, as they’re compatible with your gear. If you don’t own any, don’t worry, you can still wear your favorite running shoes. 

    Seat and Handlebars

    The seat on the C6 is pretty standard for an exercise bike. It adjusts vertically and horizontally to meet your requirements, and Bowflex states this bike accommodates heights ranging from 4’6” to 6’6”.

    The handlebars also adjust vertically and horizontally for you to find a comfortable setting. A pair of three-pound dumbbells are located underneath if you want to get a quick pump in while riding. 

    Dimensions and Weight

    Since this is an upright bike, it doesn’t require as much space as a recumbent bike or other cardio equipment, like a treadmill or an elliptical. The C6 is about 52 inches tall, about 55 inches long, just under 30 inches wide, and weighs 112 pounds. 

    Weight Capacity

    The C6 has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, which is a solid number for an exercise bike.


    While there isn’t a designated handle on the back of this bike to grab as you move it, the wheels on the front make for easy portability, so you can easily roll it outside on a pretty day if desired. 

    Electrical Requirements

    The Bowflex C6 requires a 110v outlet to be powered, which is the standard outlet in your home. 


    Since this bike uses magnetic resistance and no friction occurs while riding, you won’t experience much noise during your workouts. 


    Bowflex provides a 10-year warranty on the frame of the C6, three years on parts and electronics, and a one-year labor warranty. 

    Places to Buy

    You can buy this bike directly through the Bowflex website. 

    Company Information

    Bowflex has been a staple in the game of fitness equipment manufacturing. For 30 years, they’ve produced just about everything under the sun, from bikes to ellipticals, free weights, home gyms, and treadmills. If you need to speak to their support team, you can call them at 1-800-605-3369.

    Final Word

    The Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike is a budget-friendly alternative to some of the more expensive spin bikes. But don’t worry about sacrificing quality, as the welded steel frame creates a sturdy product. The 40-pound flywheel paired with 100 levels of resistance provides a high level of difficulty for your workouts and the means for a smooth ride. The tablet holder is ideal for those who don’t want to worry about dealing with outdated technology after only a few years, and the LCD screen displays all of your metrics.

    The included armband heart rate monitor is a nice perk for those who want to monitor their HRV, and the dual-sided pedals are perfect for those who want to ride with their cycling shoes or SPD cleats at home. You’ll also receive a two-month free trial of JRNYⓇ with your purchase, which grants you access to all of the trainer-led workout classes you could ask for. While there aren’t any incline or decline settings available, and you won’t find any workouts programmed to the console, we think the Bowflex C6 could make for an excellent addition to your home gym with its low price tag, high-quality feel, and stout flywheel.


    How much does the Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike cost?

    This bike will run you around $800. This is a pretty solid deal considering the quality is similar to what you’d find in a bike that is double the price.

    How heavy is the flywheel on the Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike?

    The C6 features a 40-pound flywheel. Flywheels are a crucial aspect to exercise bikes as it determines the degree of difficulty to start and stop riding and the smoothness of each ride. A 40-pound flywheel is on the higher end of things, which just adds to the value of this bike.

    Does the Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike offer any programmed workouts?

    No. Besides the two-month free trial of JRNYⓇ, the C6 has no programmed workouts.

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