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    According to some Honkai Star Rail leaks, Xueyi will be a playable character. Check out Xueyi’s leaked skills and abilities here.

    Honkai Star Rail – Leaked Xueyi Skills 

    Note that the information below does not come from an official source and may not represent Xueyi upon her release. Details below are subject to changes.


    Xueyi is a 4-star Quantum Destruction character, with an unknown release date. To jog your memory, we meet her in Xianzhou Luofu, and is a judge for the Ten-Lords Commision.


    Xueyi deals Quantum DMG to a specific enemy equal to ?% of her ATK,
    nearby enemies take Quantum DMG equal to ?% of her ATK.


    Xueyi deals Quantum DMG equal to ?% of her attack to a specific enemy, which ignores a portion of DEF and applies DEF Reduction. Each layer of “Vendetta” obtained during this attack increases the damage dealt by ?%, up to a maximum increase of ?%.


    When Xueyi deals damage to an enemy, she gains up to 6 stacks of “Vendetta.” When she gains full stacks, Xueyi immediately launches an additional attack, dealing three instances of Quantum DMG to a random enemy equal to ?% of her attack. If the target’s weakness is Quantum, the damage dealt by this attack is increased by ?%.


    Xueyi immediately attacks a random enemy, dealing Quantum DMG equal to 80% of her attack to all enemies upon entering battle.

    Xueyi does not have an expected release date yet as a playable character. That being said, we know of her existence in the game as an NPC during our time in the Xianzhou Luofu. In the meantime, you can view the upcoming characters for the next few banners here. It will be quite easy to slot her into any of these banners, especially those featuring Xianzhou Luofu characters, due to her being a 4-star character.

    We also see a glimpse of Xueyi in the release trailer. We see her in battle alongside our other allies, which implies she will eventually become playable as the Trailblazer’s story onboard the Xianzhou Luofu unfolds. A safe bet would be her releasing as a playable character before the next planet or destination unlocks.

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