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In Episode 132 of WWE Superstar Sheamus’ “Celtic Warrior Workouts” on YouTube, the “Fighting Irishman” was joined by guest trainer and fellow grappler Santos Escobar of the newly rebooted Latino World Order stable. Escobar is a second-generation lucha libre wrestler, following in the footsteps of his father, the legendary “Fantasma.”

In this workout, Escobar explained that, at 39, his training has evolved since undergoing back and knee surgery in addition to the significant wear and tear that comes with being a professional wrestler.

“So, I try to lift smart,” he said. “I’ve done the heavy lifting, back in the day. I’ve done the ‘beast mode’ back in the day, but nowadays, (with) the rigors of what we do, being a WWE Superstar, putting smiles on peoples’ faces, I take that very seriously. And I need to look the part — but to look the part, you have to train smart.

You can check out how Escobar stays in ring shape today in the video below.

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Santos Escobar’s “EL Workout Del Fantasma”

Here is the workout, named in honor of Escobar’s other wrestling stable, “Legado Del Fantasma.” The session was filmed on location at Iron Society Strength and Fitness in Fort Wayne, IN.



Each of the following exercises was performed with four sets of descending reps of 15, 12, 10, and eight.

The Finisher

Workout Breakdown

Here’s a closer look at the exercises the WWE duo performed throughout the workout.

Warm-up: Pull-ups

Escobar warms up thoroughly before every workout, and on this day, he went with pull-ups to get started.

“A good warm-up is gonna bring you there, okay?” he said. “It’s gonna help you get the pump. It’s going to help you get the blood flowing…”

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He shared that sometimes he doesn’t want to train at all, but after a good warm-up, he becomes motivated to complete a great session.

“Once I start vascularizing, once I start feeling it, I can’t stop and I shouldn’t stop,” he said.

Dumbbell Curl

Each working set was performed with four sets of descending reps, starting with 15, 12, 10, and ending with eight. To start, the duo tackled the classic dumbbell curls. For his sets, Escobar kept his palms up throughout each rep and held his arms in front of his body, never resting them at his sides. This allows for better isolation of the biceps.

Barbell Drag Curl

Drag curls are a variation of the classic curl that involves “dragging” the barbell across your torso. In doing so, you put more of an emphasis on the long head of your biceps while also hitting your rear delts.

Incline Dumbbell Preacher Curl

Preacher curls provide excellent isolation of the biceps and are one of the best exercises around to build the size you’re looking for. Escobar performs his preacher curls on an incline bench, rather than a traditional preacher curl station, but the objective is the same: Get a full range of motion and concentrate on lifting the dumbbell with your arm, rather than bringing any back movement into it.

Dumbbell Row

The classic dumbbell row is a unilateral exercise targeting the lats, biceps, and forearms. It’s key in developing the vaunted V-taper shape, but it’s important to focus on lifting (or rowing, really) the weight with your back muscles, rather than recruiting too much arm movement into the reps.

T-Bar Row

T-bar rows also primarily work the back but will recruit your shoulders and arms as well. Though this move is a staple for many, it’s important to maintain strict form since it can put a strain on the lower back.

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Escobar demonstrated great form by keeping his back straight and neutral, executing the lift with a narrow grip while keeping the weight at a moderate level.

The Finisher

Rounding out the workout with further volume, Escobar took Sheamus through a finisher, including “21s” with dumbbells.

The principle here is to perform seven curls from the bottom of the lift to the halfway point. Then seven more curls from the halfway point to the top of the lift, and close with seven full curls.

Next up was the dumbbell shoulder press, followed by the dumbbell flye. Sheamus, who does not usually train with this rep protocol, stuck with Escobar every step of the way.

“This has been awesome man,” he told his fellow Superstar. “… I’ve never done a workout quite like this.”

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