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First Take analyst Stephen A Smith made a mockery of Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis on Thursday after he took a nasty elbow from Kevon Looney Wednesday, resulting in him leaving Game 5 early with a possible concussion. Thankfully AD is just fine and will likely play in Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors, but Lakers fans still came with the smoke after Stephen A’s ignorant take.

Because of all the backlash for these comments, Smith publicly apologized on Twitter, admitting he was downright wrong:

“Blow back is Blow back. Comes with the territory, peeps. I was in no way minimizing the seriousness of a concussion. I was questioning whether Anthony Davis really had one, considering the play I saw & other hits I’ve seen him absorb. But, bottom line, it was wrong for me to do. Period! My bad.”

AD got hit in the face by Looney and ended up going back to the locker room in a wheelchair because of how dizzy he was. Certainly not something to laugh about either, as Shaq and Charles Barkley did on Inside the NBA, which also made Twitter furious.

Basically, Stephen A Smith was trying to say he didn’t see any way Davis sustained a concussion on that particular play. Regardless, he came off as insensitive.

Davis finished Game 5 with 23 points and nine rebounds before departing mid-way through the fourth quarter. The Lakers will need him at his absolute best Friday if they’re going to close out the defending champions at Arena.

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