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    Ahead of his fight this weekend against Joe Fournier, boxing fans want to know a little bit more about the personal life of KSI. Here is everything you need to know about the YouTuber’s personal life, including whether he has a girlfriend and his dating history.

    Who Is KSI’s Girlfriend?

    KSI is one of the most recognisable figures in the UK. He boasts over 40 million YouTube followers across his two channels, as well as being famous for his music, acting and of course his current boxing career.

    The 29-year-old is back in action this weekend, as he faces Joe Fournier at Misfits & DAZN: X Series 007 in London, England. This will be KSI’s seventh fight in his career, and could yet be his toughest test to date.

    Ahead of the fight, fans want to know a bit more about KSI and his personal life. Well, here at SportsLens we aim to do just that as we take a deep dive into the dating history of KSI and whether he is currently in a relationship, or single.

    It is unknown whether KSI is currently in a relationship or not. If KSI does indeed have a girlfriend, then it is being kept very private and away from the spotlight. Of course, KSI has previously been in relationships and has ex-girlfriends, but more on that later.

    However, in an Amazon Prime documentary that launched back in January giving fans more of an insight into his personal life, KSI revealed that he did have a ‘secret girlfriend’. This was public knowledge before, but it was reported that KSI had split with the mystery girl.

    However, in the documentary about KSI’s life, he revealed that he has got back with his secret girlfriend. After previously revealing he broke up with his girlfriend in a YouTube video, we know that the couple is back together.

    In another YouTube video in the past, ‘The Nightmare’ explained that his girlfriend was the one who wanted to keep it a secret and the pair have done a very good job of it. Therefore, there is no information about who the girl could be.

    KSI Dating History

    In terms of dating history, it is well documented that KSI has been in a few previous relationships. KSI’s first relationship was his most popular. He dated a girl named Seana Cuthbert. The couple reportedly dated since high school and broke up in 2014 after a long-term relationship.

    However, given that Seana and KSI dated when he was still on the rise, Seana appeared in many of his YouTube videos. Their relationship was public and therefore, the breakup was also public. We suspect the aftermath of breaking up with Seana is one of the reasons why KSI now keeps his relationship status and personal life away from the public eye.

    Other reports suggested the KSI also dated a girl called Lois Sharpe. A report by Metro says that the girl appeared in a video titled ‘Mauritius with my girlfriend.’ However, he has since deleted the video. It is unknown for how long KSI and Sharpe dated, but it wasn’t too long.

    According to other reports, KSI also dated internet personality, Nia Pickering. Neither party confirmed nor denied the rumors. The pair allegedly dated between 2018 and 2019 but again, if this was the case it was kept under wraps and all very hush hush.

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    There were rumours doing the rounds not long ago that KSI was in fact dating famous musician Anne Marie. This rumour came about after the pair released a song together and consequently appeared on several talk shows and at numerous events together, of course promoting their new track.

    They also performed together at the Capital Summertime Ball in 2022, singing their song together to thousands of fans in the crowd. Fans noticed the apparent chemistry between the two and speculated that Anne Marie could potentially be the ‘secret girlfriend’ that KSI was referring to.

    Despite the conspiracies and rumors, KSI confirmed in a YouTube video that Anne Marie was not the secret girlfriend. He laughed off the rumors and said the fans need to calm down. So to this day it is still unknown who KSI’s secret girlfriend was and whether or not if he is still in a relationship or not.

    If you are interested in who KSI’s opponent this weekend is dating, then check out our article on who Joe Fournier’s girlfriend is.

    For now though, it’s great to see that regardless of whether he is in a relationship or not, that KSI is certainly winning at life. He is a multi-millionaire, a successful boxer, a world famous YouTuber and seems like a generally good guy. Fair play to him, he has done well for himself.

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