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    Finding a solid elliptical for your home gym can be essential for those who want to skip out on the stress that running can have on your joints, and one of our favorites is the Sole E20. This front-drive elliptical offers a 14.4-pound flywheel, an 18-inch stride length, and built-in pulse grips. The 5.5-inch LED display tracks your time, distance, calories, heart rate, and RPM. You also have eight programmed workouts: Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, HIIT, and two heart rate programs.

    This elliptical is available at a cost-effective price tag of $600, and the built-in tablet holder is an awesome addition for those who like streaming during their cardio workouts. The 300-pound weight limit is impressive for a budget-friendly elliptical, and it features Bluetooth speakers. Due to the wide range of workouts and rock-solid build, we think the Sole E20 is the best bang for your buck elliptical on the market, and it could make for a solid addition to your home gym build.

    Main Takeaways

    • The Sole E20 features an affordable price tag of $600.
    • The built-in tablet holder is ideal for streaming from your favorite apps or following a workout program.
    • The 5.5-inch LED display tracks your metrics, and pulse sensors make it easy to monitor your HRV.

    Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical

    Sole Fitness E20 Elliptical

    This elliptical packs in the premium features without the premium price tag. Select from 20 levels of resistance and three levels of manual incline for your workout. Pair the Sole Fitness E20 with a Studio membership, and you’re ready to start crushing it.

    Sole E20 Elliptical Highlights

    The E20 is one of the most affordable ellipticals on the market that still offers premium quality. Typically, ellipticals in this price range don’t offer many features or workout programs, but that’s not the case here. With eight separate programs available, you won’t have a shortage of options to choose from. The pulse sensors and Bluetooth speakers are both an added perk, especially since there are more expensive ellipticals that don’t offer either of those features.

    That said, there are a few things that might not be the most ideal for all athletes. Mainly the 14.4 flywheel, as it might not provide the ideal amount of resistance you’re looking for. The 18-inch stride length is also on the shorter side of things compared to other models out there, so it won’t be ideal for anyone over six feet tall. And with only three incline levels, you might not be able to strengthen your posterior chain how you’d like. That said, the E20 still offers great value to those looking for a starter elliptical or those who just don’t want to spend much money on cardio equipment.

    Who Should Buy the Sole E20 Elliptical

    • Those on a tight budget will find the $600 price tag approachable.
    • Anyone looking for a simple elliptical to get their body moving will appreciate the straightforward approach of the E20.
    • Folks who want to stream their favorite apps during their cardio workouts will enjoy the tablet holder.

    Who Shouldn’t Buy the Sole E20 Elliptical

    • More advanced athletes likely won’t find the 14.4-pound flywheel to provide enough resistance to their workouts and will need to target another option.
    • Folks who want to mimic a steep hike might be bummed that the E20 only offers three incline levels.
    • Anyone over six feet tall will want to find an elliptical with a longer stride.


    With a $600 price tag, the Sole E20 is one of the more affordable, high-quality options on the market. This is a great option for those who want to get their body moving without spending $1,000 (or more). 

    Overall Build and Quality

    The Sole E20 weighs 175 pounds, has a 300-pound weight capacity, and features a lifetime warranty on the frame. This is a front-drive elliptical, so the 14.4-pound flywheel is located at the front of the frame. Front-drive ellipticals typically offer a steeper incline than center- and rear-drive models, but the E20 only offers three incline levels. 


    The Sole E20 is pretty basic compared to its counterparts, but that could be ideal for some people. The 5.5-inch LED display showcases your metrics like calories and distance. The integrated tablet holder is ideal for streaming purposes. The pulse sensors make monitoring your heart rate variability easy, and Bluetooth speakers allow you to skip out on the Bluetooth earbuds or headphones.

    Stat Tracking and Display

    The 5.5-inch LED display is about as straightforward as you could ask. It clearly lays out your stats while working out, such as time, calculating your burned calories, tracking your distance, heart rate, and RPM. This is perfect for those who don’t care about a large monitor in their face at all times.

    Included workouts

    The Sole E20 Elliptical includes eight programmed workouts. Two are focused on your heart rate, while the other six are Fat Burn, Hill, Cardio, Manual, Strength, and High Intensity Interval Training.

    Heart Rate Monitoring

    There are two ways to monitor your heart rate on the E20 — the pulse sensors on the handlebars or a chest strap. The pulse sensors are the easiest since they’re always there, ready to track your heart rate on a whim. We view this as a massive bonus since there are more expensive options available that do not feature pulse sensors.


    Since there isn’t a fan built into the E20’s console, you might want to consider snagging an oscillating fan if you sweat a lot while working out.

    Bluetooth and Audio Options

    This may be a surprise considering the low price tag, but the Sole E20 sports Bluetooth-compatible speakers and connectivity for a heart rate monitor. 

    Water Bottle, Cup Holders, Tablet and Phone Holders

    Positioned under the pulse sensors is a decent-sized cup holder that lets you keep your trusty water bottle with your favorite electrolyte supplement on deck. We also think the integrated tablet holder is a nice addition to this elliptical, as it allows you to easily stream from your preferred apps. 

    HDMI, USB and Other Inputs

    The Sole E20 Elliptical offers a single USB port that will come in handy if you plan on streaming during your body conditioning efforts. 

    Product Specs

    The Sole E20 is one of the most affordable front-drive ellipticals we’ve reviewed. The heavy-duty frame can support up to 300 pounds, and the 15-inch pedals should meet most people’s requirements. This product has a couple of downsides, though, mainly the 14.4-pound flywheel and the 18-inch stride length. Let’s dig into the specifics below. 

    Elliptical Type and Materials

    The E20 is a front-drive elliptical, which means the flywheel is at the front. This typically leads to more incline settings than you’d find on a center- and rear-drive model, but that’s not the case here. The frame consists of the same durable steel build that Sole features with their more expensive models, meaning it’s stable and durable.

    Max Resistance and Incline

    The Sole E20 offers 20 resistance levels for your cardio sessions but only features three incline levels. While you can certainly get a solid workout in, the incline might not be ideal for all athletes. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can only manually adjust the incline, so you must hop off the elliptical to adjust your setting.

    Pedals and Arms

    Similar to the rest of the market, the arms and pedals on the E20 move in unison, which provides a natural feel. The 15-inch pedals should be large enough for most people, and they feature a two-degree inward slope to reduce the stress on your knees and ankles. The arms don’t feature pulse sensors, but there are two stationary handlebars positioned in front of the console that do.

    Dimensions and Weight

    The Sole E20 is just under six feet long, about two feet wide, and just over five feet tall. It also weighs about 175 pounds. 

    Weight Capacity

    The E20 has an average weight capacity of 300 pounds. 

    Foldability and Portability

    The Sole E20 cannot fold, and while it doesn’t have a dedicated handle like other models, it does have a set of wheels to help you move it around your personal space.

    Electrical Requirements

    The E20 requires the standard 110v outlet that’s found in most homes. 


    The Sole E20 Elliptical uses magnetic resistance. There are magnets on either side of the flywheel, but since there isn’t contact made between the parts, it offers a quiet workout experience.

    Workout Apps and Subscription Options

    You’ll receive a free 90-day trial to Sole’s “Studio” — their subscription service with over 3,000 live and on-demand workouts, ranging from cardio to strength training and mobility. This will cost you around $20 a month or $200 yearly if you want to save some money. You can also download the Sole Fitness app to keep track of your progress.

    The beauty of this product not having an integrated monitor is that you’re not tied to Sole’s proprietary programming. You’re free to follow along with any other online workout program and stream those classes with your phone or tablet resting on the tablet holder. 


    With your purchase, Sole will toss in a lifetime warranty on the frame, a three-year warranty on electronics, and a one-year warranty covering parts and labor.

    Places to Buy

    You can purchase the E20 directly through the Sole Fitness website.

    Company Information

    Sole has made a name for itself from its extensive line of easy-to-use and durable cardio equipment. They include a 30-day money-back guarantee with your purchase, so you’re eligible for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied. To find out more information or to speak to their team, you can contact them at 877-441-8433.

    Final Word

    The Sole E20 Elliptical is one of the best-valued options on the market despite it not having many fancy features. This front-drive elliptical offers 20 levels of magnetic resistance and is available for around $600. The 5.5-inch LED display is not the most immersive, but it does provide basic stat tracking, and the built-in tablet holder allows you to stream from your preferred apps while working out.

    The 14.4-pound flywheel, 18-inch stride length, and three levels of incline are under the market average, but they can still allow you to burn a good number of calories during your cardio sessions. Plus, the console has eight workout programs, which is a nice perk for an elliptical of this price tag. If you’re on a tight budget and searching for a reliable elliptical, we think the E20 could make for a nice addition to your personal workout space.


    How much does the Sole E20 Elliptical cost?

    This elliptical will run you around $600, making it one of the more affordable options.

    How many levels of incline are on the Sole E20 Elliptical?

    The E20 only has three levels of incline to work with, and it has to be manually adjusted. While this still provides an extra stimulus to help you burn more calories than working out on a flat plane, it might not be enough for all athletes.

    How heavy is the flywheel on the Sole E20 Elliptical?

    This front-drive elliptical features a 14.4-pound flywheel. This might not be enough for everyone, but the average person should still be able to get a solid workout in.

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