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Happy weekend, everyone! I spent some time in STL this weekend with family and it was awesome. Feeling thankful. And speaking of family, here’s a portrait of my great-grandfather, Rafael Vegas.

You might remember we had this hanging above our fireplace in our last home. Now he’s in our dining room, just off of our kitchen. I see him often while I cook. Anyway, here are 10 things I’ve been loving lately. Enjoy!

1. One of my favorite authors came out with another book! I’ve haven’t gotten to crack open my copy of Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club by J. Ryan Stadal, but I’m excited to soon.

I still think about the dinner parties from his first novel, Kitchens of the Great Midwest.

2. With jacket season feeling mostly over where I live, I am back to the fanny pack worn over the chest life. It’s so great for a hands-free bag that feels secure and accessible. Great for garage sales and carrying toddlers around. 🙂

3. If you are looking for a gift for a traveler or really anyone who’s visited NYC, I love Art Hiding in New York which is an illustrated guide to the city’s secret masterpieces. It’s an adorable coffee table book that you’ll actually want to flip through.

4. I recently bought the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s from here and now I’m on the lookout for cropped sweater tanks. Just feels like a vibe.

5. Gearing up for a Cars-themed birthday for Oscar next month. I’m going to make a Thunder Hollow dirt track cake with this tutorial, and I bought these figures and these candles for it.

6. Love these classic sunglasses. While I always look at the more fun, colorful sunglasses out there, I find I tend to wear something really simple and classic more.

Here’s a similar version that’s cheaper (in case you lose sunglasses as often as I do).

7. Recently, I decided to get hypnotized to try and help with my goal to quit biting my nails for good. It’s only been a couple weeks since my session, but so far so good.

I might talk about it on our podcast sometime. It’s pretty weird to some, I guess, but I’d try anything at this point (anything safe).

8. I really love this gemstone soap kit. We have a similar soap DIY on the blog, too.

9. While summer may not seem like candle season, I still burn candles every evening. Lol. This is my favorite scent this time of year.

10. In case you are curious, here’s the chandelier in our dining room that you can partially see in this photo.

P.S. Here are some recent posts in case you missed them!

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