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    Returning after an almost three-month absence, bodybuilder Keone “The Prodigy” Pearson published an informative vlog detailing a full day of eating as preps to compete at the 2023 Texas Pro on Aug. 19, 2023, to his YouTube channel on May 6.

    The bodybuilder weighed 201 pounds on stage at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, where he competed in the 212 division. He has since bulked up to 221 pounds in the off-season this year. Now, the work begins to become as shredded as possible to reveal all that muscle.

    The majority of calories and macros Pearson consumed came from natural foods rather than processed. He even prefers his whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows. Check out the breakdown below:

    What Keone “Prodigy” Pearson eats during contest prep

    Pearson performs morning with fasted cardio: walking his dog followed by an additional 45 minutes on the hit the treadmill and ab training. Finally, it’s time for his first meal of the day — all of Pearson’s food is weighed raw. Below is the tale of the tape, along with the estimated macros and calorie values for each meal.

    Note: the macro and calories have been determined via Fat Secret (

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    Meal One

    • Oats — 80 grams
    • Whey Protein — 30 grams 
    • One Banana
    • Ground Beef — 100 grams 


    • Protein — 58 grams
    • Fat — 12 grams
    • Carbs — 83 grams
    • Calories — 663

    Meal Two — Pre-Workout

    • Diced Chicken Breast — 200 grams 
    • Jasmine rice — 75 grams


    • Protein — 51 grams
    • Fat — Four grams
    • Carbs — 24 grams
    • Calories — 339

    Pre-Workout Drink

    Note: scoop sizes differ from product to product

    • BCAAs and EAAs (Axe & Sledge: The Grind) — One Scoop (16 grams)
    • Pre-workout powder (Axe & Sledge Hydraulic) — Two Scoops (20 grams)
    • Pre-workout powder (Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch) — One Scoop (five grams)
    • Sea salt
    • Calories — less than five calories

    Pearson added some sea salt to the mix to help his pump. Following meal two, Pearson trained chest and practiced posing. Later in the video, he noted that he eats a different amount of food depending on the type of workout that he is doing. He explained that chest day is considered a high-carb day as far as food consumption, but legs are a lower-carb day.

    Meal Three — Post-Workout

    • Whey Isolate (Axe & Sledge Farm Fed) — 30 grams 
    • Diced Pineapple — 50 grams 
    • Jasmine Rice — 25 grams
    • Lean Ground Beef — 200 grams


    • Protein — 66 grams
    • Carbs — 17 grams
    • Fat — 12 grams
    • Calories — 450

    Meal Four

    • Cream of Rice — 75 grams
    • Diced Chicken — 200 grams 


    • Protein — 52 grams
    • Carbs — 61 grams
    • Fat — Three grams
    • Calories — 479

    Meal Five

    • Salmon (with skin) — 200 grams 
    • Red Potatoes (with skin and Adobo seasoning) — 200 grams 


    • Protein — 47 grams
    • Carbs — 32 grams
    • Fat — 12 grams
    • Calories — 436

    Meal Six

    • Oats — 50 grams
    • Whey Isolate — 30 grams
    • Almond Butter — 30 grams


    • Protein — 35 grams
    • Carbs — 43 grams
    • Fat — 22 grams
    • Calories — 494

    Tally It Up

    Pearson consumed an estimated 2,860 calories. This breaks down as a whopping 309 grams of protein, 260 grams of carbs, and 65 grams of fat. Pearson further shared his current dietary routine with a low-carb day of eating on May 13, 2023. We’ll see how well the cut works for Pearson when he retakes the stage at the 2023 Texas Pro and, should he emerge victorious, earn his 2023 Olympia qualification.

    Featured image: @keone_prodigy on Instagram

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