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    Seth Rollins has been a member of the WWE Universe for over a decade.

    Initially debuting in 2012 following a successful run on the indies and in Ring of Honor as Tyler Black, Rollins was the first NXT Champion, a member of one of the most important factions of the last decade, and a multi-time champion on the main roster, including one he won via arguably the most memorable Money in the Bank briefcase cash-in of all time. Need a reliable match? Call Rollins. Need someone to work alongside a raw celebrity or giants like Logan Paul or Omos? Rollins can do that too. And what about breaking up one of the top groups in all of wrestling to usher in three new singles stars? Well, with one fall swing of a steel chair, Rollins did that, breaking up The Shield and setting up a path that would eventually lead him to become a finalist for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which will be decided at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia.

    Sitting down for a special interview with Corey Graves to help set up his forthcoming match with AJ Styles for the newly-christened championship on RAW, Rollins explained how, in his career, nothing good has come without taking risks, even if that means breaking up The Shield in the process.

    “To this day, of everything I have ever done, (I get asked) why did you do that, why did you turn on The Shield?” Rollins noted. “We had beaten everyone there was to beat, and, at some point, if you want to reach the ultimate success, you’ve got to take risks. If I hadn’t put that chair in Roman’s back, what would the future have looked like?”

    Asked about his current character within the WWE Universe, Rollins noted his special relationship with the fans, as they are truly allowing him to be the most authentic version of himself.

    “‘The Visionary,’ my friend, Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins,” Rollins said. “Man, this approach, my hands are off the wheel. That’s the fun part; we’re in this crazy, synergistic experience with the WWE Universe, and I get to experience it for the first time in my career; the most authentic version of myself.”

    Why, Graves asked, are fans connecting with Rollins so much now? Rollins wasn’t sure, but he loves it nonetheless.

    “Man, maybe it’s the equity,” Rollins said. “Maybe it’s the time, the hard work, I don’t know, but there’s some organic relationship. For the first time in my career, I’m not the one forcing the change. The WWE Universe has been the catalyst for the change in me.”

    So, with all of that preamble out of the way, Graves asked Rollins the questions fans wanted to know: why is it time for a new WWE World Championship? Well, because, in Rollins’ opinion, the company needs someone who is going to push wrestling forward, instead of skirting opportunities in order to keep their belt.

    “I hate to say it, but we need a change again,” Rollins declared. “I don’t feel like anyone at the top wants to take any risks with the titles they are holding; I think they’re more about protecting themselves than about pushing the industry forward. And so now is the perfect time for a new for a new World Heavyweight Championship. And we can do it the way it’s supposed to be done.”

    Though fans will have to wait until next week for the conclusion of Rollins’ interview with Graves, with “The Visionary” set to explain his feeling about Reigns’ championship reign, it’s safe to say the fans have a favorite heading into Night of Champions, even if AJ Styles is technically the babyface in the match.

    Seth Rollins’ interview was pre-taped for a reason.

    So why, you may ask, did Rollins have a pre-tapped interview session with Graves instead of talking to the crowd or having a traditional backstage session with Cathy Kelley or Byron Saton? Well, according to Wrestling Inc., Rollins’ session was prerecorded because he’s currently away in Atlanta filming for the new Captain America movie.

    “Last night’s “WWE Raw” saw Seth Rollins participate in a sit-down interview with Corey Graves regarding his upcoming WWE World Heavyweight Championship match later this month. According to wrestling insider account WRKD Wrestling on Twitter, the segment was pre-taped to allow Rollins to be on-set for an apparent role in the next Captain America movie. The report stated that, while there are people backstage excited for Rollins, there is ‘hesitancy’ to have him win the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship if he intends to continue acting. Rollins is currently scheduled to face AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions on May 27 in Saudi Arabia,” Nick Miller of Wrestling Inc. wrote.

    “Rollins appeared to be filming alongside a scene partner dressed in a similar costume, as well as someone else in more casual clothing, who may be a stand-in for another actor. It’s currently unknown who Rollins will be playing in “Captain America: New World Order,” as well as how long his scenes will take to film.”

    Whoa, excluding the section about WWE being “hesitant” to put the new strap on Rollins because of his acting ambitions, which feels like conjecture more than anything else, that’s some pretty interesting news indeed, as not only does it mean “The Visionary” will be in the next Captain America movie, which is very cool, but explains why the typically present Superstar had the rare absence. Still, good on WWE for figuring out a way to get Rollins on the show and make it feel like he was in Greensboro, even if he was instead watching the show from 330 miles away in Atlanta.

    Seth Rollins on the set of the of new Captain America Film: New World Order 🔥🔥

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