10 Things I Love Sunday Fitness & Sports

    Last week, I drove to a little town about 30 minutes from my house and went to a some flea markets and an old cafe.

    Small towns (this one has a population of 700) are really therapeutic for me—life seems more simple, carefree, and easy. Like stepping back in time. It was a good reminder to slow down a little!

    1. I used a leaf shine spray on my indoor plants yesterday. They look so good! It was very satisfying.

    2. I’ve been making Emma’s roasted cauliflower at least once a week. If you think cauliflower is boring, try this recipe!

    3. Speaking of food, I wrote a post with a bunch of easy picnic food ideas. Give me all the comforting side dishes, please.

    4. I’m still loving my butterfly doormat.

    5. I replaced the old cabinet knobs in my kitchen with these. Someday, I want to do a big renovation, but I’m changing little things here and there.

    6. I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for summer. I’m currently using this one, but I can’t resist that glowy skin look.

    7. The best sunglasses ever. They’re affordable and they last! I have this color, too.

    8. My favorite sparkling water flavor.

    9. I’m tempted to buy these mules. The reviews say they are super lightweight and comfy …and they look fun.

    10. I don’t buy hand soap very often, but when I do, I love having this one in my kitchen.

    P.S. Here are a some recent posts in case you missed them!

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