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    The New York Jets have seen one of the biggest fluctuations of any team in terms of 2024 Super Bowl odds.

    They had one of the youngest and most talented rosters in the NFL last season, but shaky quarterback play kept them out of the late-season playoff push. They entered the off-season with middling Super Bowl odds, landing somewhere in the +2200 range, depending on the outlet.

    Jets See Super Bowl Odds Increase After Rodgers’ Arrival

    An updated look at each team’s betting market implied chance to win the Super Bowl

    — SumerSports (@sumersports) May 19, 2023

    But as the possibility of acquiring Aaron Rodgers grew, their odds began to shrink. When it got to the point when it was clear that Rodgers would either choose the Jets or retire, their Super Bowl likelihood dropped all the way down to +1000. It gave them the 5th-best odds of any team.

    Somehow, since the arrival of the former MVP quarterback, the Jets have seen their odds increase. At the time of writing, New York came in with a designation of +1400. They are now the 7th ranked team in terms of championship odds, tied with the Dallas Cowboys.

    There are a couple of factors that may have affected their chances. The 2023 NFL Draft has come and gone, and there were teams that improved their rosters through that process.


    But perhaps the biggest reason for the change is the news of Lamar Jackson remaining with the Ravens. Baltimore had a listing of roughly +2400 during the early stages of the off-season, but saw their numbers change drastically when their former MVP quarterback signed a long-term deal. The Ravens shot all the way up to 8th on the list, coming in at +1800.

    There hasn’t been much change at the top. The Chiefs entered the off-season as the favorites, and they remain so at +650. Their Super Bowl opponent from last season, the Philadelphia Eagles, aren’t far behind at +800. There are two teams tied for the next spot, with the Bills and Bengals both receiving designations of +850. The 49ers round out the top-5 at +1000.

    The numbers are subject to change even further. There are still roster decisions to be made and team-building to be done during the summer, so the Jets might not enter the 2023 season as the 7th ranked team.

    Three of the nine teams with the shortest Super Bowl odds come from the AFC East.

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