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Recent footage of Nate Diaz preparing for Jake Paul emerged on social media and it’s safe to say it wasn’t received well by Twitter.

Diaz makes his professional boxing debut when he takes on the YouTuber-turned-boxer in an eight-round match set for Aug. 5 in Dallas, Texas.

For some, they believe Diaz — despite being past his prime — represents a different sort of threat compared to the previous former UFC fighters Paul had been beating in the past as he actually has a legitimate boxing background and has helped world champions such as Andre Ward prepare for fights.

For others, its another foregone conclusion as Paul looks to bounce back from his first professional defeat to Tommy Fury by going back to his tried and tested formula of boxing MMA fighters past their prime.

If many were in the camp of the former, they might just change their mind now after footage circulated on Twitter of Diaz doing pad work at the Brickhouse Boxing Club in Los Angeles.

Nate Diaz hitting the pads ahead of his bout against Jake Paul‼️🥊

— IFN (@IfnBoxing) May 20, 2023

While Diaz didn’t look extremely slow, he didn’t exactly look fast with his strikes either leading many on Twitter to now be fully confident that Paul beats him when they clash in the ring.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

Mannnn, he looks worse than Joe fournier

— FeTTi (@FeTTi_PEEP) May 20, 2023

Is he drunk, stoned or both? He looks awful

— Felly (@FellyOnYT) May 21, 2023

Oh dear…this video might just lose him some ppv 😂😂😂

— Samuel (@Yatesee7) May 21, 2023

This fight is gonna be incredibly easy for jake and then people will somehow still act surprised that a retired mma guy who’s never boxed lost again

— Sami Dayal (@DayalSami) May 21, 2023

Reminds me of ben askren 😂

— Luke Whyatt (@LK_LUKEWHYATT) May 20, 2023

This looks terrible wtf 😭😭😭

— D.S.Production 🤴🏾🎥 (@_Ope_O) May 21, 2023

Nobody really thinks he’s beating Jake Paul right? This is all a money stunt from bro lol. Bout to take his L and be much much more rich.

— 🖤 (@Quay15__) May 21, 2023

he getting smoked

— CORBINO (@MadlibEnjoyer) May 20, 2023

Lets be honest he doesnt care hes just there for the money, hes gonna be high as a kite and not know where he is🤣 jake will win within 3 rounds

— Mag (@17_17_MA) May 21, 2023

One user pointed out that there was no reason for Diaz to really “look good” in any training footage put out leading up to the fight.

While that could be a tactic to deceive Paul and keep his guard down, the same has been said in the past for the likes of Ben Askren and Chuck Liddell (in his trilogy fight against Tito Ortiz) and it certainly didn’t end up being a tactic.

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