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Fight back against the heroes and take back what is rightfully yours. Here are the details for Evil Wizard, including its release date, gameplay, and story.

Evil Wizard Release Date: May 25, 2023

The game comes out on May 25, 2023. It will be available on Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC.

Evil Wizard Gameplay

This game is a top-down role-playing game. Players must explore various levels, slowly making their way to the end to fight the final boss. The player can use a variety of spells, weapons, and skills to fight against the various enemies they will encounter. As the player progresses, the player will unlock stronger powers, allowing them to take on even stronger enemies. Wield fire, ice, voice, lightning, and earth in your fight, combining them to unleash even more devastating attacks.

The player can specialize and fine-tune in a variety of ways, allowing them to take on the game’s multiple bosses and enemies with ease. Should a certain tactic not work, the player can then take their time to refine their character and make the fights easier than before.

As the player makes his way through the game, they will encounter various puzzles that they will need to solve to progress. There are a variety of puzzles, including block-pushing puzzles and button puzzles. There are also some puzzles that require the player to use their powers to solve. The player must also find and free their subordinates. This can give the player rewards, unlock buffs, and more.

Evil Wizard Story

The game follows the story of the titular Evil Wizard, the final boss of a castle. After an army of so-called heroes attack the castle, the wizard finds himself defeated, and close to death. The heroes celebrate, but the wizard manages to escape. Without his powers, they must slowly make their way up again, finding ways to regain their powers, relearn and unleash devastating spells, and take the castle back from the hands of the heroes that overthrew him. As far as you are concerned, the heroes are celebrating their victory too early.

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