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The 2023 Optimum Classic Pro show was held in Shreveport, LA, on Saturday, May 20. Four IFBB Pro League divisions held contests featuring over 40 athletes vying for 2023 Olympia qualifications.

Two men’s champions and two women’s champions were crowned. Eric Wildberger Lisboa and Derrick Stevenson took the Classic Physique and Men’s Physique titles, respectively. On the ladies’ side, Elena Aviles Romero won the Women’s Physique show, and the Bikini division victory went to Sierra Swann.

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2023 Optimum Classic Pro Results

The top 10 for the four contested divisions are as follows:

Classic Physique

  1. Eric Wildberger Lisboa 
  2. Tomas Adame-Hernandez 
  3. Barry Irving 
  4. Luca Corrado 
  5. Caleb Robinson
  6. Bernardo Costa
  7. Keith Jenkins
  8. Stephen Thames
  9. Harold Bright Jr.
  10. Taj Parham

Men’s Physique

  1. Derrick Stevenson
  2. Benquil Marigny
  3. Bhuwan Chauhan 
  4. Furkan Er 
  5. Marcus Champion 
  6. Mark Robinson
  7. Gary Cooper
  8. Da’Marchityz T. White
  9. John Ezra Dew
  10. Zach Savoie

Women’s Physique

  1. Elena Aviles Romero 
  2. Marie-Solange Essoh 
  3. Ana Harias 
  4. Emilija Martic
  5. Yarelis Ramos Perez 
  6. Donna Williams
  7. Marika Jones
  8. Alyssa Coppolino
  9. Jessica Martin
  10. Toni McMurtre


  1. Sierra Swann 
  2. Tamekia Carter 
  3. Gina Scafoglio 
  4. Racquel Hutchinson 
  5. Lucia Malavaze 
  6. Lauren Kralovec
  7. Marina Maliden
  8. Tianna Weymouth
  9. Kimber Bonilla
  10. Shey Webb

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Classic Physique Winner — Eric Wildberger Lisboa

Wildberger Lisboa was second place to Michael Daboul at the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro one week prior to this contest. He was not to be denied back-to-back weekends and will advance to the 2023 Olympia.

Prejudging was the only round scored in this contest, and Wildberger Lisboa was given a perfect score. He joins Daboul, defending Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead, and the rest of the already-qualified field set to compete at the 2023 Olympia weekend on Nov. 2-5 in Orlando, FL.

Second Place — Tomas Adame-Hernandez

This was Adame-Hernandez’s fourth show of the 2023 season, and it’s his second runner-up finish. He was also second in the Charlotte Pro, won by Daniil Famponte.

Adame-Hernandez has competed as a pro since 2020 but has yet to earn a pro show win. This has been his most active and successful season so far in his career, so if he continues to further upon his improvements, that elusive pro win and Olympia qualification will likely be achieved sooner than later.

Third Place — Barry Irving

Irving made his pro debut at the Charlotte Pro, and he finished in ninth place. He made significant improvements at this show, which is why he jumped six places.

If Irving received feedback from the judges and applies it, a pro show win is likely in his future. He has the proportions and shape necessary to succeed in the Classic Physique division.

Other Notes

Derrick Stevenson pulled off an upset to win his first Men’s Physique show at this contest. He ranked ahead of second-place finisher Benquil Marigny, who is already qualified for the 2023 Olympia. This was Elena Aviles Romero’s first pro win in the Women’s Physique division as well.

The next pro contest to feature the Classic Physique division is the Toronto Pro Supershow in Toronto, ON, Canada, on June 4, 2023.

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