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    As the Sacramento Kings dominate the court, off the court, all eyes are on the radiant Shashana Rosen, the wife of Domantas Sabonis. A former Laker Girls dancer and founder of The Movement-LA, Shashana’s captivating presence is inspiring Domantas, the Kings’ star player, to embark on a profound spiritual journey – conversion to Judaism.

    Who is Domantas Sabonis’ Wife, Shashana Rosen?

    Shashana Rosen, 30, is a force to be reckoned with. Dancing for the LA Lakers’ cheerleading squad, the Laker Girls, she honed her skills and used them to establish The Movement-LA. This venture offers high-energy dance classes for kids in Hollywood, Bel Air, and Beverly Hills locations. This entrepreneur is not only a trailblazer in her career but also a doting mother to their adorable son, Tiger. And the couple seems to be expecting another child soon, judging on recent Instagram posts, where Shashana poses while pregnant.

    The couple’s love story could be a script straight out of a Hollywood movie. From a beach proposal to a unique double-wedding celebration (“So nice I married him twice”), their union has been anything but conventional. And their journey is only getting more intriguing as Sabonis dives deep into exploring Judaism, inspired by his wife’s faith.

    Sabonis’ Spiritual Journey Leads to Judaism, Following His Wife’s Faith

    During the tumultuous times of the pandemic, Shashana introduced Domantas to Rabbi Erez Sherman of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, setting the stage for Sabonis’ spiritual journey. And it’s no casual exploration – Sabonis often found reaching out to Rabbi Sherman, in between games and interviews, to learn more about Judaism. Such commitment, as noted by Rabbi Sherman, reflects Sabonis’ genuine interest in understanding and adopting the faith that his wife cherishes.

    As Sabonis journeys towards his spiritual transformation, the couple balances their faith practices with the busy life of an NBA star. However, despite the hectic NBA schedule, they ensure to honor Jewish traditions, participating in festive Friday dinners and Passover seders. Their faith is even intertwined with their professional life, as evidenced by Sabonis sponsoring a Sufganiyot giveaway at a Kings home game.

    As this chapter of Domantas Sabonis’ remarkable journey concludes, his conversion signifies not just a personal transformation, but a testament to the power of love and understanding. It’s a story that transcends the boundaries of the basketball court, revealing a man dedicated not just to his sport, but also to embracing the faith and traditions of his wife.

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