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    In 1983, there was a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth. During her visit to the US, authorities learned of an Irish Republican Army sympathizer wished to kill her during her tour of California. The FBI recently declassified these documents, per People.

    The Queen and Prince Philip were invited by former President Ronald Reagan to see his home state forty years ago. Weeks before their arrival, the FBI discovered an alleged sympathizer of the Irish Republican Army had plans to kill her.

    According to the files, a San Francisco police officer was contacted by another officer who “is a regular patron and regular acquainted with [an unidentified patron] of the Dovre Club.” The Dovre Club has a popular reputation as a republican bar and often sympathizers of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) flocked there. The unidentified patron said that his daughter had been killed in Northern Ireland, and he wanted to secure justice by murdering the Queen.

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