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    After securing a statement win in the penultimate match of Double or Nothing, MJF took his talents to the backstage area of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to basically shoot on everyone in AEW like he’s become accustomed to in media scrums, all the while Tony Khan watched on in horror wondering where he went wrong.

    “Alright, let’s talk. Best singles dog collar match of all time, check. Best Iron Man match of all time, f**kin’ check. Best f**ckin’ four-way match, f**kin’ triple check. But the people are still going to hate; they can’t help themselves. Look, I get it; who the f**k wants to look in the mirror and go, ‘yeah, there’s a 27-year-old child who is the best professional wrestler in the world when I’ve accomplished close to nothing in my f**king life.’ So I get why AEW fans are so f**king hot, I get it, Tony, I really do. But I don’t f**king feel bad for you. It’s not my fault; I was just born to do this. Am I supposed to apologize for that, Tony Khan? I don’t think so; that was a f**king rhetorical question. What I would like is non-rhetorical questions; that’s what I would love,” MJF said.

    “Also, did anyone see what I beat Darby Allin with for a second time? Can somebody remind me in the room what was the maneuver? Oh, that’s right, I beat Darby Allin twice with a f**king Headlock Takeover. Holy s**t, that’s embarrassing. You know, it’s funny; it’s getting to the point where I feel like me beating my competition with a Headlock Takeover sort of summarizes my competition in general in this company. You’re running out of mother f**kers to get that belt off of me, no offense, and it’s getting f**king sad.”

    Goodness gracious, talk about being a not-so-grateful winner. But wait, it gets better, as MJF commented on his future, too, and needless to say, it will garner plenty of reactions from fans over the long weekend.

    That title belt holder is the biggest villain of these media scrums.

    First Jay White and now MJF. LMFAO.

    — Drainmaker 🌧️ 💵 (@DrainBamager) May 29, 2023

    MJF pitches himself to WWE… or retirement.

    Taking questions from the assembled media, MJF was asked what it would take to elevate his stock even further in order to become one of the all-time best to ever do it and let it be known that he’s already there. Based on everything that has happened in his career to date, MJF let it be known that he’d happily retire tomorrow or leave for WWE if he gets the right money offer without it affecting his conscious one bit.

    “I’m already there, MJF said via Fightful. “I’m dead serious. If I literally retire today, this is not hyperbole, I’ve had one of the best professional wrestling runs in the history of the business, that’s a fact. Best oratory exhibitions, best Iron Man match, best singles dog collar match, tonight I had the best four-way. Also, some of the best rivalries in the history of the sport; Cody Rhodes, Wardlow, CM Punk, Danielson, and that’s just to name a few. I’m pretty sure if I called it quits, I’ve had a Hall of Fame career, which is why, quite frankly, when I say ‘take my ball and go home,’ earmuffs Tony, everybody thinks I’m talking about WWE. Now, does Nick Khan want me to work in his company? Sure. Does Triple H want me to work in his company? Sure. [Looking at Tony], calm down, it’s fine, or maybe it’s not, but I’m kind of bored of this sport and I’m bored of the lack of respect from professional wrestling fans, so when I say ‘take my ball and go home,’ I mean literally, just hang it up, and fuck up the lineage of this title. Frankly, I don’t know if anybody is worthy of beating me for this thing. Now, I’m not just going to hand it away, why would I do that? I earned this thing. Please, by all means, take it off of me, somebody put me out of my misery. Until then, we’ll see what happens.”

    Will MJF actually leave professional wrestling in the past to pursue other ventures outside of the ring? Or would he take a massive pay raise from WWE to go through the motions with his legacy set in order to further fill up his bank account for the next 60-odd years of his life? It’s impossible to know, but after less than a year with the title, MJF is already developing that Roman Reigns apathy, which certainly isn’t ideal for a young challenger brand looking to take shots at the legacy promotion with their younger, hipper product.

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