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    Two Olympia qualifications were on the line in Warsaw, Poland.

    Last updated on May 27th, 2024

    The 2024 Everest Muscle Show was held in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday, May 25, 2024. The main events of this show were the IFBB Pro League Men’s Physique and Wellness division contests. The winners of each show earned invites to compete in the 2024 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024, if they were not already qualified.

    Adama Jammeh (Men’s Physique) and Valquiria Lopes (Wellness) were crowned champions.

    2024 Everest Muscle Show Results

    The final standings for both contests are below:

    Men’s Physique

    1. Adama Jammeh (United Kingdom)
    2. Mauro Fialho Sales (Spain)
    3. Andrea Amato (Italy)
    4. Tobias Rasheed Abdoul Hamid (Germany)
    5. Jaime Maso Lopez (Spain)
    6. Mikael Lega (Belgium)
    7. Dawid Wachelka (Poland)
    8. Rui Liu (China)
    9. Happy Edodo Ogieva (Spain)
    10. Patrick Walczuk (Poland)
    11. Hachemi Hemza (Algeria)
    12. Pamuke Kisala (Germany)
    13. Ruben Marques (Portugal)
    14. Mishal Alhassan (Saudi Arabia)
    15. Simon Pietro Arena (Italy)

    Tied for 16th

    • Yoann Gomes (France)
    • Enrique Gutierrez Caro (Spain)
    • Aldo Martini (Italy)


    1. Valquiria Lopes (Brazil)
    2. Danai Theodoropoulou (Greece)
    3. Klaudia Vanessza Csuri (Ukraine)
    4. Ruth Petizco (Spain)
    5. Lania Fernandes (Portugal)
    6. Anna Mroczkowska (Poland)
    7. Sara Gabriele Pereira (Spain)
    8. Paulina Zawlocka (Poland)
    9. Anna Ercolano (Italy)
    10. Eleni Printezi (Greece)
    11. Mafalda Teixeira (Portugal)
    12. Natalia Gorska (Poland)
    13. Antonia Liliana Licciardi (Italy)

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    Men’s Physique Winner — Adama Jammeh

    This was a big upset victory for Adama Jammeh. Many fans did not see him coming when looking at predictions, but he was the clear favorite of the judges based on his perfect score for the prejudging round — the only scored round for this event.

    Jammeh made his 2024 season debut at this contest and left the stage with his first win and Olympia qualification. He is a second-year pro. His best pro finish in 2023 was eighth at the Sheru Classic Italy Pro.

    Wellness Winner — Valquiria Lopes

    Valquiria Lopes entered this, her third pro show of 2024, with two runner-up finishes. She ranked second in the 2024 California Supplements Pro and the 2024 Arnold South America contests.

    Lopes was better here than in those events, and the judges rewarded her with gold. It is her first pro win and Olympia qualification.

    Featured Image: @valquirialopes on Instagram

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